Office Rentals


Moving your business, or even just moving in to your first office can be a daunting task. The logistics are huge. Making sure you have all the bases covered, from security, to the plumbing, to the furniture is essential. But what business owner wants to deal with this, even hiring an office manager can leave you exhausted by logistics and planning.

So Why Bother?

Business office rental in Glendale, CA is cost effective, easy to purchase and hassle free. Why worry about Internet downtime when you could be making money, when you can get it all handled for you in one simple package?

The Hollywood Production Center handles everything you need, setting you up with an office suited to your needs, your business, and your time requirements. Flexible short term as well as long term leases is catered for. You don’t need to worry about things that are essential to your businesses day to day life. Instead you can focus on building, running and making your business succeed.

When you run your business, an office rental can make life simple, it handles three key areas:

The Infrastructure

Running a business needs more than just space. Hollywood Production Center sets up the office from the ground up, giving you high speed Internet, phones and utilities. Don’t worry about the basics, Hollywood PC makes sure that your Glendale office rental goes smoothly.


Once you have an office, there is a lot that needs to be done to keep things running. Keeping the office clean, coffee machines working and the office secure are essential, we manage all these services and more to help keep your office performing, and looking, great.

The Luxuries and Amenities

There are ways to make your office shine with success. Need an onsite gym? Pet grooming? Car wash?

Get it handled, and give your employees something to love you for, your competitors to envy, and your customers to drool over.

You can get long or short-term business office rental in Glendale CA hassle-free and at competitive rates. Never have to worry about the dreary side of business again and contact us now for more information.