Production & Post Production Office Facilities

Production & Post Production Office Facilities near Universal City, CA

Are you looking for the perfect location to write, produce, film, and edit your movie or television show? Look no further than Hollywood Production Center, the premier all-in-one filmmaking location. With a long list of amenities and services available to our clients, our clean, professional, and state-of-the-art facilities make the filmmaking process as easy and comfortable as possible.

Our location near Universal City, CA is sure to provide everything necessary to successfully aid your production. HPC is second to none when it comes to filmmaking locations.

In filmmaking, whether it be for the big screen or television, one of the most important elements in a smooth production is the location. A location with all the necessary services and facilities can help to ensure your success. With so much on the line, you can trust Hollywood PC to provide the perfect environment for every aspect of your project from start to finish. Some of the amenities we provide are:
-Fully furnished office suites ranging in various sizes
-Ample parking, including valet parking, in a gated facility
-Professional reception area
-Janitorial and 24-hour security surveillance
-Pre-installed voice, data, and high speed internet
-On-site gym, showers, personal trainer, yoga instructor, masseuse, flower and plant arrangements, and car wash
-Offices suites with skylights, private kitchens, balconies, and private entrance
-Located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale
-Month to month and long term leases
-Filming location – office sets, patio, gym, courtyard, rooftops, and much more.

In today’s film industry a high-quality production is one of the keys to commercial success. For this reason, we also have a state-of-the-art sound stage to help you achieve the highest quality sound effects and score in your production. We go to great lengths to ensure that every member of your cast and crew has access to the services they need to successfully and comfortably do their work.

HPC understands that a pleasant work atmosphere is a successful one, and we use our 15 years of experience to make sure that our locations offer all the necessary amenities to achieve that comfort level. Our fully-furnished turnkey office spaces and same-day move-in option ensure that from the moment you decide to work in one of our facilities, you can get to work. Visit our website today to set up a free tour of the facility near Universal City, CA.