Production & Post Production Office Facilities

Production & Post Production Office Facilities near Toluca Lake, CA

The Hollywood Production Center offers several ideal locations for any post production job. The locations also double up as Production and Post Production Office Facilities; they also include a Sound Stage in all the studios.

The Hollywood PC locations offer the best facilities that you would want to be included in the ideal office space. These include utilities like phones and the internet. The office spaces are modern and they are fully equipped with modern facilities. The HPC production centers have adequate space for doing any film/TV production work, new media, publishing, and post-production. These office spaces can be used by all the people involved in the post-production process. They include designers, editors, producers and writers, and the whole crew. The Fully-Furnished Turnkey Office Spaces also comes with reliable and professional customer service.
HPC is located near the Toluca Lake CA area. This is the dream filming and production destination for anyone in the film industry. The production studios are strategically placed in the most serene places for the ideal shots.

The studios are also strategically placed and they have all amenities within their reach. Production companies and film crews will really save a lot by utilizing the Production & Post Production Office Facilities. The Hollywood Production Center doesn’t discriminate against any production company. The production studios offer the same professional facilities for everyone who might need the space. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or just a beginner in the filming industry. HPC will always make you comfortable and enhance your work at any given stage.

Hollywood Production Center has five studios which are furnished fully with the best facilities which have the latest technology. The Hollywood PC studios have adequate security which is available for 24 hours. In addition to this, all the studios also have showers, a gym facility, a fitness coach, a yoga instructor, a masseuse, and personal lockers. There is enough parking space plus valet parking within a fully secure gated facility. Your car may also be treated to a wash in the on-site car wash facility. The studio also has a same-day moving policy just in case you are lagging and you need emergency space. The studios also have janitorial facilities, flower and plant arrangements. The studios have both long-time and monthly leases and they also have on-site film locations which include rooftops, patio, courtyard, office sets, gym, and much more. To get a grasp of the reality checks out the Hollywood Production Center’s scheduled tour any day by booking it online.