Production Office Rental for Filmmakers

Production Office Rental for Filmmakers near Griffith Park, CA

If you’re a filmmaker who is planning a major project but lack adequate workspace to get it done, a Hollywood Production Center workspace might be what you’re looking for. That’s who we are, and our turnkey offices have the kind of flexible leasing that makes for quick move-in but short-term use also as an option. Filmmakers from nearly every major Hollywood TV studio have rented from us, but they aren’t the only ones. Real estate brokers, financial advisors, advertising agents and government contractors have also leased at our properties near Griffith Park CA. That’s in part because of the many office amenities we have here.

What kind of amenities do we have here at Hollywood PC? Each office is already furnished and connected to the internet via a cable plugin. You’ll also have access to a private entrance to the building and can enter it 24/7, and your access also includes on-site gym membership with a locker, private kitchen use, and office housekeeping. Our production & post-production facilities also have shipping centers, conference and board rooms, and full effects sound stages for lights, camera and action. Throughout the year, you can attend events such as pitch contests, networking activities, and other corporate events.

If our production office rental sounds appealing to you but you’re still not 100℅ sure about it, you should come on our tour. The tour is free and covers the entire property, and we’ll go over available office space that you feel would best suit your film needs. There is no pressure to lease when you tour HPC, but failing to act today may mean the availability is gone tomorrow. To find out how our place can be just right for you by calling us at 323-785-2100, or visiting our website at