Production Office Rental for Filmmakers

Production Office Rental for Filmmakers near Burbank, CA

If you’re going into the film business, trying to add office space to an existing film studio, or simply looking for a place to do film networking, finding an office near Burbank CA, is a good idea. Many top-tier motion picture companies have their studios in the area including Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures, and newcomers to the entertainment industry can be in a great position being located near there. We have some of the best in class turnkey office suites here at Hollywood Production Center, and if you’re a professional film producer, director, or another executive, you should see what we have to offer.

The offices here at Hollywood PC are fully furnished, have cable and wi-fi internet access, and come in different sizes and arrangements depending on how many people you’re looking to accommodate. We have a professional staff ready to help with your film business needs from administrative assistants, to IT technicians, stage engineers, and other non-work-related staff such as personal trainers and housekeepers. Access to our production & post-production facilities also includes our sound stage areas, a gym, the rooftop area, a private entrance and 24/7 building admittance. We’ve received many glowing reviews from film industry clients who have leased from us over the years.

If you’re interested in a production office rental but aren’t sure about making a long-term commitment, it doesn’t matter. At HPC we can work a lease contract out that meets your plans and can scale up if your business needs grow. To lease from us, you’ll want to take our tour. This tour is free, but you shouldn’t wait to signup for it because office space can be taken quickly. All you need to do to signup is call 323-785-2100 or visit our website and fill in the contact form.