Production Office Rental for Filmmakers

Production Office Rental for Filmmakers near Altadena, CA

When you’re in the market for office space, especially for filming needs, you might be surprised to find that leasing it isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Nowadays, you can get turnkey office space without having to make large upfront investments and trying to negotiate contracts you may not be fully agreeable to. We have office space near Altadena CA, that’s set up for an easy move in and move out, and it has first-class amenities along with great infrastructure for filming and post-production work. Many of today’s hit TV shows have been filmed here at our Hollywood Production Center.

We know you’d like to get straight to work as soon as you move into your new office, so we’ve made our IT network connection simple here at Hollywood PC. And as a tenant on our property, you also will have access to printers, copiers, fax, and other shipping services. Conference rooms can be reserved for important meetings, and throughout the year corporate events and networking opportunities are also held here. If you’re ready to get the cameras rolling, you can reserve time to use a state-of-the-art sound stage at our production & post-production facilities, and our on-site engineer and assistants can help you with technical matters. If you need to work early, late, or on the weekends, you’ll be able to enter the premises 24/7.

Are you now considering leasing one of our production office rentals but aren’t completely sure if it’s what you’re looking for? Then come take the tour of our HPC facility near Altadena and let us show you what it’s all about. You can even get your move in paperwork done immediately after the tour if you’ve decided the office space is right for you. You’ll want to hurry while availabilities last by calling our property at 323-785-2100, or contacting us at