Production Office Rental for Filmmakers

Production Office Rental for Filmmakers near Alhambra, CA

Industries like the film industry need more than just a regular office to work from. Creating films and doing all the effects testing requires having an apparatus with the first-class infrastructure for film shooting, and also having adequate meeting space for planning and post-production. A Hollywood Production Center office facility, which is what you find at our property is where you can do all of that. Our turnkey office space meant for film professionals is found throughout the Hollywood area and nearby, and we have one facility located not too far from Alhambra CA . Inside our facility, there is even more to see than just our offices.

Our Hollywood PC facilities all have high-speed internet and full mail and shipping services. Your office will also have a landline, and if you need any assistance connecting to the internet our IT staff are just a call away. But once it’s time to get to film action, our production & post-production facilities have outdoor areas with great scenery for filming, and there’s also a sound stage you can reserve. But if that wasn’t enough, there is also a fitness center where you’ll have your own locker, a massage treatment area, a private kitchen, and lounge areas with game tables when you need a break from work.

You can signup for a production office rental either for temporary use or as an extension of another office you have; or you can stay long-term. Since the offices are already furnished and we have office equipment on the premises, moving in is often a quick process. If you have an idea of which office floor plan you want but want to see it in person, you should take our HPC tour. If you decide you want to move your filming apparatus here, we can get the rental paperwork started for you. To signup for the tour, call us at 323-785-2100 or visit and fill out the contact form.