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Detroit, Michigan is a beautiful city located in the Midwest. Among many other things, Detorit serves as a major port for the Detroit River, connecting the Great Lakes system to the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Detroit has received the nickname “Motor City,” or “Motown,” because it is known as the world’s traditional automotive center. One of Detroit’s biggest historical events was in 1903 when Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company. While Ford did not invent the automobile, he was able to develop and manufacture the first automobile that many middle class Americans could afford to buy.

Detroit is also proud to be one of the 12 American metropolitan areas to house professional sport teams from all 4 major sports, football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Football fans are proud to support the Detroit Lions, basketball fans flood in for the Detroit Pistons, baseball fans cheer on their Detroit Tigers, and hockey fans everywhere are happy to watch the Detroit Red Wings. With so much sports activity going on, it is no surprise that they have bid to host the Summer Olympic Games more often than any other city that has not yet had the chance to host.

Although between 2000 and 2010 the city’s population dropped by 25%, Detroit continues to be a prospering city. The number of events and activities going on makes it a prime location for you to start your search for an office space for lease. Finding the perfect executive office space for your company is important in order to attract the right customers.

turnkey office space allows you the luxury of having a beautiful executive office space ready for you when you sign the papers. The turnkey office space is an attractive space for you to spend your time in and it tells your customers that you care. While looking for an office space for lease in Detroit, be mindful of the neighborhood you want to be located in. A turnkey office space can only take you so far if your customer does not want to make a long trip to your neighborhood.