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Charlotte is a beautiful city located in North Carolina. The city has been nicknamed the Queen City because it was named after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the queen consort of Great Britain the year before the city’s founding. Charlotte has a lot to offer in terms of its culture and city life, and it is a great place to visit. Almost 90% of racing teams are based out of Charlotte, making the Charlotte Motor Speedway a popular destination. The motorsports complex features a 1.5 mile quad oval track that hosts NASCAR racing. The 2,000 acre complex also houses a quarter-mile drag racing strip, as well as a clay oval that allows for dirt racing. The Charlotte Motor Speedway allows Charlotte to host many exciting sporting events, and caters to extreme sport enthusiasts.

In addition, Charlotte has 199 neighborhoods, each adding their special touch to the community. In an effort to keep nature integrated into the city, Charlotte recently completed the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. The 5 miles of unbroken paved walkway make for a great, relaxing stroll through the city and have provided human recreation as well as a wildlife habitat.

The city is also home to golf communities, luxury developments, mega-churches, the Jewish community center, and private schools, all of which come together to form a large city. Such developments have allowed for the business sector to expand as well. An office space for lease is easy to find in such a bustling city, and the executive office spaces are luxurious and well-rounded. Finding a turnkey office space in a big city is a huge advantage because of how easily you will be able to move into your newexecutive office space after signing a lease. The office space for lease should be large enough for you to bring in your customers without have the feeling of it being too large and empty. There needs to be a balance, but a turnkey office space can also help you because it includes the furniture and basic décor.

Finding your perfect executive office space can be a challenge when you first move into a city, but Charlotte offers such a wide variety of activities that you will be sure to have a smooth transition. Hit the streets of Charlotte as you look for an office space for lease and learn to love this beautiful and historical city.