Office Rentals

Office Rental in Los Angeles near Garden Grove, CA

New office space has often been one of those costs for businesses and filmmakers that’s always felt prohibitive due to a lot of setup charges from landlords and utility companies. But today there’s a new way to get in on it by renting turnkey offices like the ones we have. We are a multipurpose business rental property in Los Angeles near Garden Grove, CA. Our executive offices are primarily used for film production and post-production, but we also have other clients who use our offices for expanding new businesses.

Our place is a major Hollywood Production Center facility, and it has both business and entertainment amenities for you to use. One thing about our office space is our lease options are scalable so you can add in more space as your business or film space demand grows. You’ll find fully furnished office suites here that have the essential furnishings all set up for you, and once you move in you just need to connect your device to our high-speed enterprise internet and you’re good to go. Just down the halls from your office is our office equipment area along with a private kitchen for snack breaks.

If you’re in the middle of testing film effects and need a staging area designated for lighting and sound, our Hollywood PC sound stage can be used for advanced engineering and film testing. We even have staff on-site to assist you. Our free-time amenities include a fitness center, spa, game center, and other outdoor activity areas. When it comes to office rentals and moving in, our process is seamless and all starts with the HPC tour. It’s important to sign up for the tour ASAP so you don’t lose out on availability offices, so call us today at (323) 785-2100, or contact us at