Office Rentals

Office Rental in Los Angeles in Santa Monica, CA

Why do you need a professional office space to work from? Are you managing a high-budget film production and need more space to manage the ins and outs? Are you building a new business and need an official location to use for an address or meet clients from? In either case, our workspace in Los Angeles in the Santa Monica area is where you can work from. Our executive offices have both professional appearance, and are a part of an amazing business network infrastructure.

The office space leased out in our Santa Monica property is part of our Hollywood Production Center conglomerate. The work experience here goes beyond mundane tasks in traditional offices and includes a lot of corporate networking activities and even a little fun on the side. There are many fully furnished office suites in our inventory to choose from, and they include both closed private offices as well as open coworking space. With each office already set up with desks, chairs, cabinets, and other space for paperwork, all you need to do is practically just bring your basic work supplies, and you’re all set. Our internet is a top-tier business grade with both high data transfer speeds, and enhanced security that our dedicated IT team oversees.

Also found at Hollywood PC are filming areas and a sound stage for effects engineering and film testing. But after-hours amenities here also include gyms, spas, social lounge areas, and table game rooms. If you’re still undecided on our office rentals, you can take our free tour of HPC and see which suites would fit you. Office space rents out on a first come first serve basis, so make sure you reserve your free tour spot by calling (323) 785-2100 or contact us at