Meeting Rooms for Rent


To find a great meeting room rental in Glendale, CA that will meet the comprehensive needs of the entertainment company can be a challenge. Any group of creative professionals working in the entertainment industry wants a space to collaborate on last minute or long-term projects. When searching for the right space to create, produce or collaborate, the Hollywood PC is the best place to book your meeting room.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Some last minute projects are unavoidable. An opportunity to collaborate on a particular project may be contingent on whether or not the staff has access to the right facility to quickly start production. Our facility is designed to handle last-minute requests. A last minute project may need to be quickly completed to meet a sudden deadline change.

Our meeting room rental places can be scheduled for long-term projects. Your team can use our facility for their comprehensive ongoing collaboration needs to handle projects sure to last indefinitely. Whether the space will be needed for a few months or an extended period of time, a meeting room can be scheduled for as long as needed on any schedule.

Sure to Meet Needs

We know how important it is to have access to the type of fully furnished meeting space with the amenities and features that will meet all of your production requirements. When you book any of our rooms, you will find that the room will be designed especially to meet the typical entertainment industry group’s needs. A typical rental space will have a state of the art production facility, professional conference room and generous studio space.

Convenient Location

The location serves as a convenient place for entertainment professionals to convene. Located within miles of all the major entertainment hubs in the area, the rental meeting space is accessible to producers, editors, writers and entertainment professionals who work in a certain area. Close to major highways and within walking distance of local restaurants, the rental meeting space makes this place desirable for any production group.

Like the typical office rental space, we offer the professional amenities any entity would require. Unlike other facilities, we offer rental spaces specially designed for entertainment professionals. We oversee the management of the facilities to guarantee the best, professional collaboration experience for entertainment industry groups.