Meeting Rooms for Rent


Are you trying to find meeting rooms for rent in Hollywood, CA. to host your next business event? If you want to impress your clients, stockholders, or employees there is only one spot in L.A. that will do.

Hollywood Production Center We are an industry leader in providing production space in Los Angeles. Our state of the art facilities feature on-site film sets, post production space, and editing room rentals. Our meeting rooms are modern, stylish, and filled with all the professional amenities needed to make your gathering a success; such as ready to go high speed internet, voice, and data services.

Naturally the Hollywood Production Center also offers executive suites with skylights, private balconies, and kitchens. If you want your audience to be comfortable and relaxed during your presentation we have an on-site gym, masseuse, and yoga instructor; as well as ample parking, valet service, and a professional reception area to greet your guests. We offer all of this in a secure gated facility that includes a car wash. That’s right, I said a car wash.

Office Rental Space Our gorgeous office suites will make you never want to leave, and you don’t have to. We offer month to month and long term leases on elegant office space located right on world famous Santa Monica Blvd. If you are interested in a turnkey office space solution for your business then have a peek at our stunning, and fully furnished selections. Phone, internet, and utilities included. Take a tour and move-in the same day. Our office rental space comes with a premium address and world class amenities.

Come visit any of our 4 locations in Hollywood and Glendale. We’ll waive the application fee if you make a tour request on our website. While on the website take a look at our floor plans, photo gallery, and get detailed information on all of our facilities. We can also be found on Facebook and Google +, or you can follow us on Twitter.

Southern California is a fantastic place to host a company retreat. Your guests can tour legendary studios. Drive on the Pacific Coast Highway, or see our beautiful beaches, mountains, and deserts all on the same day. Make the Hollywood Production Center your home base when in Los Angeles.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


If you are looking for Meeting Rooms for Rent or office rental space near Sunset Gower Studios CA, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that this amazing place has some of the best rental spaces with professional amenities. Fully furnished offices for rent are available from only the best in executive suites. Most of these office spaces are located in prime business areas that provide easy access for clients and customers.

Executive offices near Sunset Gower Studios CA combine comfort and class to provide a desirable professional environment for business. Furnished executive suites or offices for rent include a receptionist, copier and fax machine, Meeting Rooms for Rent and other professional amenities.

Most business owners and corporate executives use the services of a rental agency when researching or looking for office rental spaceMeeting Rooms for Rent or any other type of commercial rental with professional amenities. Whether you are looking to get an office near Sunset Gower Studios CA or at another location, you need to choose a reliable company, such as Hollywood Production Center, to assist you. An experienced and reputable rental company can save you a huge amount of time and the trouble of searching all over town, trying to find the right office space for you.

If you decide to work with a rental company, such as Hollywood Production Center, which is a wise thing to do, you will need to provide them with essential information regarding your business. They will need to know the type of business you operate, who your prospects or potential customers are, the number of employees you have, if any, and how big you plan to grow your business. They may need more information or details, but these will help them find the right office space with the professional amenities you need. If you need Meeting Rooms for Rent, you will need to let them know as well.

Rental companies are in the business of helping people find the right rental space for them. This is what they do almost on a daily basis, and they have expertise in providing rental services. Finding and researching rental spaces, particularly for commercial or office space, can be a daunting task. It takes a great amount of effort and time to find an office space that’s just right for your needs. If you have a lot of time to spare and are well versed in researching rental vacancies, then you can handle it on your own. But if your time is valuable to you and you would rather invest it in what you do best, then it’s advisable to get help from an experienced rental company like Hollywood Production Center.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Our plush Hollywood California meeting room with professional amenities, offers a wide range of services from technological equipment, the cameras, executive style environment, and the space you need to relax and think about your work. Having a comfortable place to relax can mean a difference in creating something of value or a wish that you were. Whether you are an executive, movie producer, singer, performer, or a business person who may need a meeting room to establish your characters, Hollywood Production Center meeting rooms are just what you’re looking for.

Many think of Hollywood Production Center as a place somewhere beyond reality, but truth be known, there is a lot of work in producing a movie, and a lot of work creating characters by animation. Studying the script, one realizes the various facets that go into producing a movie. Whether writing or editing a movie, producing a movie, directing a movie, or whatever the punch line, Hollywood California personnel needs a place simply to work on their projects. Hollywood California meeting rooms can offer you a peaceful place to enlarge your vision.

If you’re looking for a place to produce your movie, or hold auditions, Hollywood Production Center is the perfect venue to help you reach your goals. We are set up to meet these needs and offer you a tour at your convenience, so you can pick out the right meeting room to house your staff and equipment. Once you see our office rental space, you will soon see that our meeting rooms for rent have an ambiance that meets the needs of our executives and producers, and film directors. Even our business personnel take advantage of our wide-open spaces in which to work.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


There are many different businesses in the Glassell Park CA area that will be needing to expand at some point. Since some companies operate on a seasonal basis, they may need to acquire extra space eventually. This can be important, because work space helps employees stay productive and get linked up with the resources that they need. But most businesses will want to check out how they secure different meeting rooms for rent. This can be important, because it can help many people get linked up with the support they need going forward with any kind of project.

First, some businesses may need to scope out rooms that are located at the Hollywood Production Center. It has become one of the premier locations in the area for businesses that may need to expand and accommodate new employees. The center has everything that people need, including many exclusive parking spaces for rent. It can help people identify some of the different necessities that they may need to get to keep their operation going successfully. Businesses may want to talk to their employees to get an idea of the extra amenities they may want to get. Some people enjoy having balcony views and different skylights in these rooms, which can help many just get used to staying here.

This center has a full range of different professional amenities that will set it apart from all other places out there. This includes access to advanced copy machines and high speed internet access. This will be appealing to many managers, because it will ensure that the staff in these rooms stay productive. It will prevent the employees from being cut off from other colleagues and prospective clients out there. If they want to take on new projects, they can simply add additional office rental space.

In all, this is one of the best places for any company that needs to expand its operation within the greater Glassell Park CA area. It can be expensive for people in the area to expand their buildings or even buy up a new property. They also might not be able to predict when they can get linked up with additional year-round work. This is what makes the Hollywood Production Center so important since it can help many businesses accommodate the varying needs of their clientele.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Businesses operating near Raleigh Studios will want to check out the availability of meeting rooms for rent. It may be vital for many businesses in the area to link up with the Hollywood Production Center, since it offers a full range of different rooms. These rooms have expansive space within them, which makes them ideal for almost any kind of business setting. The operators at this center understand that they will need to provide people with a full range of different options. Read through to check out what is available in each of the rooms that they have set up here.

Nearly all businesses in the area will need to expand their operations at some point. They may operate seasonally, in which case they will need to track down the right meeting space. This can help them meet increasing demands, without being at a loss for work space. There are quite a few different people who have found that they can stay flexible when they rent out these kinds of rooms. It can prevent them from having to buy up additional space, which is often a major issue for companies out there.

There are some businesses that will likely want to learn more about the professional amenities that are located in this building. It can help them acquire more information about the types of amenities available if they check out their website soon. This can offer businesses the chance to plan out their work and get input from their staff. Some people may generally be impressed when they see some of the different types of options available to them. These rooms will often be fitted with balconies or skylight areas, which are often appealing to many people. This may even impress prospective clients or other people that are in attendance at the meeting.

Finally, it can help businesses to scope out how much office rental space they need. This center will be able to accommodate the needs of almost any business in the area. This may be appealing because businesses can simply check in with some of the different providers in their area. There are a lot of different options in the area, which can help people decide whether they can link into getting enough space to meet growing demand. Businesses should talk to the team at the center to find out different rates that may be available.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Hollywood Production Center is your one step solution for all your office renting needs. From professional amenities to various floor plans, they will provide the ultimate service, and they will provide you with outstanding office rental space.

One thing about Hollywood Production Center is their cost effectiveness. Their luxurious offices are equipped with attractive furniture and office equipment. Also,there is no need to worry about the utilities. With this outstanding company, their meeting rooms for rent and all other parts of the facility will provide the electricity and water. Therefore, all you have to do is to your laptop, and you’ll be on your way to a successful office renting experience that will be very impressive to your business partners and colleagues.

The Hollywood Production Center also have various floor plans, and a lot more offers available. Their mission is to provide the absolute best in convenience, professionalism, and service for their clients. With that being said, they have the following at their different locations throughout Los Angeles: valet parking, car washing, kitchenettes, free refreshments, a café, high quality gyms, lockers, personal trainers, various upscale dining and shopping within the area, etc.

There are four locations of Hollywood Production Center that are located within the heart of Los Angeles: Two are located in Glendale, and the other two are located in Hollywood. The locations are 1149 North Gower Street, Hollywood, CA 90038; 121 W. Lexington Dr., Glendale, CA 91203; 225 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205; and 6350 Santa Monica, Hollywood, CA 90038. So, you can choose which location that is more convenient for you.

Rather it’s cost-effectiveness, professional amenities, or other outstanding offers. This grand organization has you covered. They have been in business for over 20 years, therefore, they are definitely experts in outstanding customer service and high-quality products within this industry. A diversified selection of talent agencies, lawyers, and other business professionals will vouch for the superiority of office renting. As a matter of fact, a plethora of filming has taken place at a few of these locations. Hollywood Production Center is the way to go!

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Finding a meeting room near Pasadena CA does not have to be a challenge when you know more about Hollywood Production Center. This is where you can find many luxuries that you may not expect in a temporary office. There are several conference rooms on site that can provide a wonderful place to conduct your next business meeting. There are meeting rooms for rent that can give you everything you need for a successful meeting where you can not only inform your attendees, but you can also impress everyone in attendance.

You will find that Hollywood Production Center has a great address, and this can be a very professional place to invite all guests to this meeting. You will find that the staff on site can help you with all of your catering needs, and there are also many locations nearby that can also help with any catering needs you may have. If you are not familiar with the area, the staff can give you some great suggestions to make your next meeting a full success.

If you are looking for a professional office space, you can also find that this is available. You will be able to customize your lease for as short, or long term as your needs require. You will also have a host of office suites to choose from. Some suites come equipped with a kitchen and even a balcony to make the most of your stay in the area. Some of the other professional amenities you will find include secured parking, gym and spa on site, and even a roof top pool. If you are thinking about an office rental space it is important to tour the facility and this can show you first hand what you can expect when you are a tenant.

You will find that this is a building that was designed for production and filming. Instead of pulling a permit to film in the Hollywood area, you can film on-site without any of the red tapes. There are many great locations on site that would make perfect areas for filming and you will have more privacy than you would find in a public location. Production can be completed in one of the numerous office suites on site that will give you the space you need to be successful.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


The Hollywood Production Center is your go to place for renting many types of professional and production space. Not only are we a production space provider for many well-established production companies, we also offer complete, all inclusive office rental space.

Our office suites are designed with luxury, productivity and style. Opening up an office is as easy as taking a tour, choosing your space, signing a month-to-month lease and opening the door. Your new corporate headquarters is ready for business. Staff size is no problem; we have space for any size staff. Every office includes everything a business needs to be productive and more.

The production center property located on East Broadway in Glendale is a top pick with professionals for the entertainment industry professionals. It features four floors of office suites ready to move in. All suites are professionally decorated for business comfort. Some suites include skylights, all are equipped with many stylish professional amenities.

All inclusive means just that. There is no need to contact utility companies, internet providers, or provide security. This is a turnkey office suite experience. There is an onsite janitorial staff, valet parking, secure garage parking and even a car wash if requested. Take advantage of our state of the art gym facilities to keep in shape, even while running your company. There is an onsite copy center and a café with free refreshments. If we miss anything that you may need, just let us know and it will be provided.

We have meeting rooms for rent to conveniently host a corporate meeting or event. Hollywood Production Center is the perfect choice for your next client meetingOur meeting space will give you a professional image that will be very appealing and foster success.

There is nothing we will not provide our clients to ensure their stay with us is a professional and profitable an experience as it can be. Stop dreaming of that professional office rental space, it is right here. And it includes all the professional amenities that you need to run your business.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Finding the right meeting rooms for rent is often a top priority for many business owners out there. If they don’t have enough in-house space, they may be looking for places to rent. This can help quite a few different people get linked up with the support that they need going forward. It may be important for some businesses in the Glendale Courthouse area to track down the right property that they need soon. They can find just that when they stop by the Hollywood Production Center, which is a top rated provider of meeting space areas.

First, some businesses may want to check out the rates that they can get on the properties here. It can help them to decide whether they can get linked in to the right prices for these units. Many owners are often impressed to see how much savings they can generate when they opt to rent out these rooms. Some people can get a whole section of the center rented out for what it would cost to build an addition to their building. It is also far cheaper than what they might expect to get when they might be planning to build an all new building. Since some business can fluctuate over time, it can help people to have this option available to them.

Many owners will want to make sure that their next meeting room area has plenty of affordable space. But they will also want to make sure that it looks professional and will impress their clients. Some people can check out the different options for setting up professional amenities in their area soon. This will help many different consumers in an area learn about the different options that they have. It can also help people to learn more information about how they can set up their meeting space. They may want to look around to find some of the best amenities, including balconies and skylights.

Finally, it can help to get some office rental space adjacent to this property. Some people are generally impressed when they see how spacious these units can be. They may be able to work with a provider in their area, who can track down some of these different options. This center will offer people a full range of professional settings, which a manager can choose to utilize however they may see fit.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Getting office rental space in Hollywood CA is a great decision. Many world-class companies and corporations are located in this popular city and surrounding areas. You can benefit tremendously from the massive exposure and popularity of this city by setting up your office in a nearby location. If you’re looking for office rental space with professional amenities, there are a few things you need to check to ensure that you make a right choice.

Location is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when looking for office rental space. You should never skimp on this if you want to run a profitable business, no matter if it’s in Hollywood CA or another city. You need to find an appropriate location for the type of business you operate. Check the area you intend to set up your office and find out what other types of businesses are operating in that area. An experienced rental company, such as Hollywood Production Center, can be beneficial to you if you are not sure how to identify a suitable place for your business.

Another important thing is to check the facilities available in the office space you are considering renting. Check features like electrical sockets, air conditioning system, fire security arrangements, ventilation, elevators and everything that is essential in an office space. Make sure these essentials are provided and that they work efficiently, otherwise you may end up incurring such expenses later on.

It is also important to get an office that offers you adequate space to set up and operate your business successfully. So before you start looking a space, determine how much space will be enough for your needs. You have to know the measurements and make sure you allow adequate so that you won’t encounter any problems moving around your office.

Pricing is one of those issues which you cannot ignore, whether you are looking for a space in Hollywood CA, or any nearby city. Determine how much you can afford to pay monthly. You don’t need to rent those spaces which are too costly and difficult for you to handle. Moreover, you will also check if the rental cost has been calculated correctly and if the office space is actually worth the amount. Keep in mind that office space with Meeting Rooms for Rent and other professional amenities will normally cost more than an office without Meeting Rooms for Rent.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


From providing attractive furniture to an upscale café, Hollywood Production Center is the leader in the office renting industry. With four locations in Los Angeles, you will surely find one that is closer to you. They have two locations in Hollywood, and two are in Glendale.

Hollywood Production Center has so much to offer, and at great prices. For one thing, they have all the professional amenities you need, and they are always available to meet your needs. With the various floor plans available, you will have a fine selection of office rental space to chose from. They have small, medium, and large spaces to meet your needs. Secondly, with the attractive furniture already placed, you won’t have to fret over paying for renting an office, and then purchasing furniture. Also, the meeting rooms for rent are already equipped with office equipment, and there is no utilities to pay. So with that in mind, all you have to do is plug up your laptop, and then you are ready to go.

You will have that VIP feel of Beverly Hills in CA as you take full advantage of the various offers at Hollywood Production Center. They are so awesome, that a few examples of the VIP feel will come from them providing a masseuse, and they offer car washing services. And this is not all: With great security in valet parking, you can rest assure that your car is in great hands as you work out the business at hand, or even when you are enjoying dining at a café. These are just some examples of what HPC offers. This company definitely goes the extra mile beyond the office rental space. Furthermore, this outstanding company definitely takes the stress off of you, once again proving that they are the best in the industry.

Hollywood Production Center is truly the best of the best. Even a plethora of film directors and other professionals will tell you of their awesome offers and services. Additionally, customers are so well pleased with Hollywood Production Center, that they are constant, return customers. So, what else is there to say? With 20+ years of experience, they definitely know what they are doing, to say the least. And with them, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Even if you are looking for a temporary space, you can still have a corporate apartmentWest Lexington Drive address. There are some great options for a meeting room in the Hollywood area, and you do not have to sacrifice quality, or luxury to find the space you are looking for. When you begin to explore the amenities you can find at Hollywood Production Center, you will quickly see why this is a popular place amongst business professionals while they are in the area.

Relocating to Glendale CA does not have to be a chore when you are moving into a fully furnished space. You will also find Meeting Rooms for Rent if you need this type of space for your next meeting. You will find that the buildings are beautiful and have a strong attention to detail. This can help you to impress anyone that you invite to this meeting, and this can allow you to begin building your business reputation in the area. Located in the heart of the Glendale area, there are many things nearby that you will be able to easily access, and even more on site that will impress you.

When you rent a meeting room at Hollywood Production Center you will have some great options when it comes to size. There are different sizes available to ensure that all of your attendees are accommodated. This will give you several options and you can tour each room before you book anything. Some of the professional amenities that are offered include secured parking. You will also find an ample amount of parking spaces for all of your guests. As many people know, parking can be challenging in the Glendale area, and this is a building where parking for you and your guests will not be an issue.

You may also need more than just a meeting room for your guests and you can also find office rental space that can allow you a temporary workspace also. There are some flexible lease plans, and once you secure a lease, you will have access to amenities that you will not find anywhere else. This can give you an address that is meant to impress, and your clients will have a place to visit for meetings and other business-related areas.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


If you are an important figure in the business or company that you work for, perhaps you have come across the need to run a meeting to get everyone informed and to get some ideas thrown around. However, without the proper space to hold a meeting, it can be difficult to actually have your meeting. Having to hold your meeting in some cramped or uncomfortable space will definitely have to your difficulties, so what options do you have?

Meeting rooms for rent in Los Angeles, CA are available. This would be an area that you could reserve whenever you needed to hold a meeting. For only a small price, your meetings can become much more productive and will be held in a comfortable environment that you can truly get down to work in.

What Are The Benefits Of Renting A Meeting Room In Los Angeles, CA?

First of all, you will have a comfortable area to work. While comfortable, it keeps your employee’s minds on the task at hand — work. This will increase their productivity and ensure that their attention stays on the task at hand. Just these benefits alone would make a meeting room rental worth it, but there are several additional features that you will have available.

In every meeting room there should always be phones and Internet that is available should the need arise. This will allow you to make any important calls to people outside of the meeting to answer a question or give some information, as well as giving you access to the Internet to look up needed information. In fact, some businesses have been known to allow important figures to be in the meeting using a webcam if they are far away, which would require access to the Internet.

Finally, almost every business has enemies, so security needs to be a major priority. Being protected from people who may want to infiltrate the meeting will ensure that everything goes as planned and there aren’t any unexpected surprises. Major businesses that use their own meeting areas will have security outside to protect them, so you should as well!

Meeting rooms for rent in Los Angeles, CA could be exactly what your business needs. Go ahead and check out some of the furnished rooms that are available and decide for yourself. It is cheap and allows for increased productivity, so you have much to gain!

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Do you feel like your meetings just aren’t being as effective as they could be? Often, the host of the meeting will blame themselves for the lack of productivity, but it isn’t always directly your fault! In fact, the number one reason why a meeting wouldn’t be very productive is due to the environment that it is held. Having distractions, cramped space, or a variety of other locational issues could lower the productivity of your employees by a huge amount!

Meeting Rooms For Rent in Glendale, CA

Luckily for you, there are meeting rooms for rent in Glendale, CA. This gives you the opportunity to rent out a personalized space for you and your co-workers to use for your meetings so that you can be more productive and comfortable. Most major businesses will have their own meeting room that allows for a quiet area for them to have their meeting, but if your business doesn’t have one of these then you should truly look into renting out some space.

What Are The Rooms Like?

Every meeting room is fully furnished so that you can be comfortable and productive. In fact, they will almost feel like you are in the comfort of your own living room, as that is the approach we take when designing them. A comfortable employee has been shown to have a much larger attention span and will be much more productive, so there are many benefits available to your group.

Also, every room has phone and Internet available. This will allow you to reach people outside of the meeting so that you can ask them a quick question or get information that may be needed for you to push forward. This is just an added feature to our rooms to make sure that all of your possible needs are covered.

Additional Features

There are other features that are available to people outside of the meeting itself. For example, you will have valet parking available so that you can get into your meeting as quickly as possible without worrying about finding a spot. Also, we provide security so that you can feel safe and secure during your meetings, stopping any “surprises” that could potentially arise.

Our meeting rooms are of the highest quality, and you have much to gain from their use. Check out some of the rooms available and reserve a space for one of your future meetings in Glendale, CA today!

Meeting Rooms for Rent


Los Angeles is the town of movies, television and all types of entertainment, and in order to produce the best films, producers and directors need superb office space to create their wonders. At Hollywood Production Center we offer every amenity and accommodation for the production business class in L.A.

The Hollywood Production Center presents office space that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the entertainment industry. The goal is to provide excellent services and amenities to accommodate the production staff, so they can focus on their present film or play. Hollywood Production Center will focus on maintaining a stylish, modern and comfortable environment with all the conveniences of a fashionable and deluxe office building. Hollywood Production Center wants to keep you satisfied and content while you work. We’re sure that HPC will become your home away from home.

At Hollywood Production Center, the offices are large and let in incredible California sunlight. Palms and other tropical are strategically placed to give a natural appearance. Conference rooms are typically furnished with ultra-modern conference tables and chairs. Phones, Internet and tele-conferencing are standard and to top off a hard day of work, there is an on-site gym that includes a personal trainer.

The Hollywood Production Center is pet-friendly, offering pet grooming, and there is a car wash to keep the vehicles sparkling. The up-to-date, clean and friendly atmosphere of the Hollywood Production Center allows you and your staff to reach their full potential. We offer flexible leasing to accommodate long or short leases and offices that are furnished or non-furnished. HPC desires to be the high-quality rental offices that allow clients to be their best and to work at their best.

The state-of-the-art facilities at Hollywood Production Center will make your life so much easier with everything right at your fingertips. Hollywood Production Center has many years of experience with the entertainment industry, and we have developed an environment where like minds can work in sophistication and style. The support staff at Hollywood Production Center is dedicated to assisting with your needs in electronics and sound, or any of the other services offered at HPC. There’s one amenity that we totally recommend when you first walk in, and that is the free cappuccino and espresso machine. Enjoy your days at Hollywood Production Center.

Meeting Rooms for Rent


To find a great meeting room rental in Glendale, CA that will meet the comprehensive needs of the entertainment company can be a challenge. Any group of creative professionals working in the entertainment industry wants a space to collaborate on last minute or long-term projects. When searching for the right space to create, produce or collaborate, the Hollywood PC is the best place to book your meeting room.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Some last minute projects are unavoidable. An opportunity to collaborate on a particular project may be contingent on whether or not the staff has access to the right facility to quickly start production. Our facility is designed to handle last-minute requests. A last minute project may need to be quickly completed to meet a sudden deadline change.

Our meeting room rental places can be scheduled for long-term projects. Your team can use our facility for their comprehensive ongoing collaboration needs to handle projects sure to last indefinitely. Whether the space will be needed for a few months or an extended period of time, a meeting room can be scheduled for as long as needed on any schedule.

Sure to Meet Needs

We know how important it is to have access to the type of fully furnished meeting space with the amenities and features that will meet all of your production requirements. When you book any of our rooms, you will find that the room will be designed especially to meet the typical entertainment industry group’s needs. A typical rental space will have a state of the art production facility, professional conference room and generous studio space.

Convenient Location

The location serves as a convenient place for entertainment professionals to convene. Located within miles of all the major entertainment hubs in the area, the rental meeting space is accessible to producers, editors, writers and entertainment professionals who work in a certain area. Close to major highways and within walking distance of local restaurants, the rental meeting space makes this place desirable for any production group.

Like the typical office rental space, we offer the professional amenities any entity would require. Unlike other facilities, we offer rental spaces specially designed for entertainment professionals. We oversee the management of the facilities to guarantee the best, professional collaboration experience for entertainment industry groups.