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The Hollywood Hills are a well-known neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The neighborhood is nestled among the Santa Monica Mountains that runs from Crescent Heights on the west to the edge of Griffith Park on the east. The area is known for drawing in the wealthier families of Los Angeles that want to have some added privacy and a larger acreage for their home. The Forest Lawn Memorial Park has also become a significant landmark for the neighborhood, as one of the famous sites of the Forest Lawn chain of Southern California cemeteries. Another geographic point in this area is the Hollywood Reservoir that was built in 1924 and can be seen perfectly from the Hollywood Sign.

This neighborhood encapsulates all things Hollywood and entertainment, and its popularity only continues to grow because of its amazing features. The expansive area houses the Hollywood Bowl, a famous amphitheater that holds mostly musical performances and has made an appearance in various television shows and movies. Famous performers such as Cher, Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys, Mumford & Sons and many more have played at the Hollywood Bowl. Another notable feature is the large number of celebrities that have made this place their home. Ashton Kutcher is known for having a large home in the 3000 block of Arrowhead Drive. Tyler Perry, Kanye West, Matthew Perry and Nene Leakes have all owned a home in the neighborhood at some point as well.

This entire glamor amounts to this place being the perfect neighborhood to have a home in. Many who have made this decision have also based it on the fact that wherever you live you also have to be able to commute to work as well. A Hollywood office space has become a popular choice for many, as it is just a short drive down the mountain to get the heart of Hollywood, and the heart of all of the bustle. Your Los Angeles office space will be perfect for all of your business’ needs, and it will put you right next door to your clients. If you’re looking to work outside of your normal routine, a gorgeous Glendale office space may be the way to go. This fantastic up and coming city is located just northeast of Hollywood and has become a popular hub for all things entertainment.

Hollywood Hills is a fantastic neighborhood that offers you the privacy you crave in such a busy city. The next step is to find that perfect Los Angeles office space that will let you expand and grow your business.