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Jersey City is a wonderful city located in the state of New Jersey, and specifically in the peninsula known as Bergen Neck. It is bordered by the Hudson River to the east, and has been playfully referred to as the Sixth Borough of New York City because of its proximity. The city has been recognized as one of the most racially diverse cities in the world, which has been responsible for the diverse neighborhoods and offerings. In 2011, the census also showed that it had one of the nation’s highest percentages of residents that work as artists, leading it to be named the 10th

The downtown area extends from the Hudson River edge through the Newark Bay Extension. Newport and Exchange Place are popular redeveloped waterfront areas that have become home for various residential towers, hotels and office buildings, expanding the downtown area. The tallest building in the area is the 30 Hudson Street, also known as the Goldman Sachs Tower, which stands at 42 stories. Others include the Merryl Lynch Building, Trump Plaza, Newport Tower and 70 Greene Street. Such prominent buildings in the skyline have grown this city’s business sector, and it will only continue to grow with its budding companies.

The city has become a hot spot for up and coming businesses, and with such growth also comes the demand for executive office space. Your company is only as successful as your office space allows, so choosing the perfect location is important. Many have found a fully serviced office to be the most practical, as it saves time from having to find your own resources to provide you with everything you need for your office. These people also save money in not having to make short term contracts with third parties, so a fully serviced office really provides that all inclusive luxury. In addition, the turnkey office spaces here are perfect so that you can move in and be ready to work that same day. By providing a full inventory of office furniture, you don’t have to worry about purchasing your own or hiring a moving company to bring it all in.

Jersey City has begun to truly blossom, and its beautiful downtown center can soon be your new office space. Choosing an office can be hard, but once you’ve narrowed down what city your business will be working out of, the hardest part is over. Be confident in your new business, and be sure to love the city you choose.