Filming and TV Facilities

Los Angeles Film & TV Facilities for Texas Production Companies

Hollywood Production Center has office space available in coveted locations like Hollywood, Glendale and Los Angeles. These are perfectly suited to serve as your company’s all-encompassing headquarters for production, post-production, and filming while providing you with a stylish and professional office space. These upscale facilities include on-site hair salons, cafes, and full-service gyms with personal trainers available. The facilities also include on-site yoga instructors and masseurs and are pet-friendly, ensuring that members of your staff truly feel home away from home. Every aspect of these facilities is designed to appreciate, inspire, and impress. There is no better way to remind your staff and your clients of why you are in the entertainment industry – to be part of something bigger than yourselves and to create something incredible.

Hollywood Production Center originated in 2001 and has since been established as California’s top premier production facilities. Our locations have been home to some of today’s most popular award-winning shows and movies, including The Vampire Diaries, Family Feud, The Following, Blade, and Family Guy.

The HPC film & TV facilities are designed to meet all of your filming needs, offering both 2-story in suite filming and office space filming options in addition to rooftop, penthouse, and pool area filming.

Each one of our locations is absolutely turnkey – ready for your immediate use. The film production studio is state of the art and both production and post-production office space is available.

There is no need to hire cleaning or security services. Janitorial, 24-hour security, reception, and valet services are all included in these state-of-the-art facilities. Concierge services are also available, as well as a site representative and an on-site engineer.

HPC provides outstanding office space solutions for businesses of any industry. These suites can be leased month-to-month or long-term and are available for same day move-in. Visit our website to schedule a complementary tour of our facilities today, or call us at 888-296-7825.