Filming and TV Facilities

Los Angeles Film & TV Facilities for Houston Production Companies

The search is over if you are looking for a posh facility with state-of-the-art design and all the amenities to write, film, and produce. Hollywood Production Center holds the key to your inspiration and success. Rest easy knowing that voice, data, and high-speed internet are all pre-installed so the focus is on completing the work at hand. HPC is the obvious choice for television, film, or music video writing, filming, and production. We offer production and post-production facilities as well as executive offices and suites. The exclusive turn-key properties are prepared to host creative teams, producers, and any entertainment professionals that possess a need for a top-notch film production studio.

Take your pick of several locations in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale all with suites of various sizes available month-to-month or for a longer-term. Once inside this gated facility, a valet is available so you can utilize the on-site gym, the services of a personal trainer, yoga instructor, or masseuse. The combination of necessities and amenities on-site should provide ample opportunity to focus and stay inspired. This is the perfect place to write, produce, film, and edit all in one place. As a home base for several national shows and other professionals, know that you will be operating among the highest caliber of individuals in the industry. Whether you hail from <strong><a href="">Houston</a></strong>, New York, or Hong Kong, you will find luxury and style in these world-class <strong><a href="">film & tv facilities</a></strong>.

If your need is for <strong><a href="">office space filming</a></strong> then search no longer; HPC offers ample fully furnished office spaces available same-day and with private balconies and entrances. Some locations feature an assortment of meal options from food trucks and may include community involvement in a monthly mixer. Retain your identity while keeping costs down by cost-sharing with other industry professionals.
The facilities feature a sleek and professional reception area and equally stunning furnishing in and out of suites. For <strong><a href="">in suite filming</a></strong> or custom sets, consider one of many patios or rooftops. This production center holds all that you need and more, but you'll have to see it to believe it. Don't wait to secure the success of your project, free tours are available through the website at <strong><a href="">Hollywood Production Center</a></strong> or by calling 888-303-2077.