Fully Serviced Offices


The last time there was an advertising campaign running that required a few months of preparation and shooting, one of the world’s largest advertising firms went up the road to Santa Clarita, moving their crews and actor and actress just 30 miles North from the Valley. The net result was a 30 percent higher cost for the overall production budget.

Not all projects will run over budget by going out of area, but if your company is looking to expand temporarily in the Southern California area, you should consider coming to the center of it all in Hollywood and Glendale for your next project- you won’t be disappointed.

Hollywood Production Center is a full service office building that has many features and amenities that appeal to those looking for short-term or temporary leases.

To begin with, the suites at HPC are set up with high speed internet service, phone service, and cable television before you even move in. Each office space features an open work area that lends itself to any style of office that you choose to setup. The open space continues once you leave the office and wander through the open lobby areas that have furniture and plenty of space to kibbutz about your next move. Each building also features a cafe with plenty of casual seating space in case you wanted to work over coffee.

In addition to the open spaces, fully serviced offices means just that. We not only have masseuses on staff in the massage room, but their are also a variety of aerobics and Zumba instructors in the gym onsite at each location. So whether you need a custom lunch or a quick workout, you will be taken care of.

HPC also has one of the most liberal filming policies. If you need to find a location to do a shoot that includes some of the features already existing on the exterior of the building, you can just go ahead and use the public areas at HPC to do your filming without having to worry about getting a permit. This alone is a money and time saver that resonates well with our guests.

And don’t worry about having to rent for 3 years in order to get a lease. We know production rentalbecause we do production rental year-round. Whether you need the space for several months and want to bring in the executive suits into a large suite, or just need a small space for rent in order to establish a presence for your next project, HPC will help.