Fully Serviced Offices


The Hollywood Production Center is a significantly favored residential facility in the greater Los Angeles area. Having catered to participants in both the professional and entertainment industry in the region for over a decade, we have successfully created an easy place to conduct your work. We are honored to be recognized as a top competitor and facility for quick occupancy of production projects and creative space for filming. Give us a call at (855) 737-7534 to schedule your stay with us today!

We are currently comprised of three separate locations throughout the center of downtown Hollywood. Our advantages include same day move in, save costs on start up fees, world class amenities, and state of the art technology. Our staff are experts in their field and are highly trained with years’ of experience catering to residents and professionals just like you. We provide a modern, elegant appeal for both the entertainment and professional community. We are offering small space for rentexecutive suits, rooms for production rental purposes, and fully serviced offices.

Our top priority, aside from portraying the ideal facility, is customer satisfaction. Our amenities consist of furnished office suites ranging in different sizes, significant parking space, valet services and an in gated facility, a professional, friendly receptionist area, janitorial care, and continuous security throughout the week for safety purposes, pre-installed date, voice, and high speed internet, an on site gym, showers, a a yoga instructor, a personal trainer, a masseuse, floral arrangements, and a convenient car wash. Most of our offices include skylights, a private entrance, a private kitchen, and a balcony. Our filming locations include office sets, patios, a gym, a courtyard, beautiful rooftops, and many more. We also offer turn key accommodations as well. We are highly motivated by our residents; therefore, we are always offering both short and long term leases. Call our West Lexington Drive location to speak with one of our trained representative about getting you into your new suite!

We have finally made it a reality for anyone in the area with business to conduct their work in comfort. Having served the Glendale CA for several years has given us the chance to grow with sophistication. One stay with us and you’ll feel that we are a home away from home.

Fully Serviced Offices


There are a number of companies around Santa Monica Blvd that could use the services of remote offices. The Hollywood Production Center can help these business owners get the resources and the space that they need. Some people might be curious to find out what they can get out of these offices. There are a number of amenities available, but it will largely depend on their budget. Check out what might be in store for you when rent one of these office spaces. If you haven’t gone through this process before, you might be a little apprehensive at first. Read through this article for some helpful information on what you may need to do.

The first thing you may need to do is determine what size office building you might need to get. This will largely depend on the scope of your company and what role you plan to play for it. There are some managers that may need to host expansive meetings or lay out plans within their office. There are a number of Fully Serviced Offices that will keep things organized for these kinds of managers that are out there. You may be impressed by the amount of support you will receive from this center. If you haven’t tried this option before, talk to a sales representative soon.

This company also realizes that there are a number of different small business owners in the area that may need help. They can expect to get a lot from the small space for rent options here. Despite the small space, these owners can still get a lot of tasks done. They can essentially transfer all of their job functions to this new virtual office space. This can streamline their work process and make them much more productive at their daily tasks. When they get more work done, they will invariably help out the business operation that they undertake.

Finally, some companies may even want to consider the production rental options that are out on the market. If you are involved with any creative enterprise, you likely understand the need for some basic studio space. There are executive suits here that can take your operation to the next level. You may be surprised by the number of accommodations that are provided to you with this option. It can cost a little more, but you will be able to get everything that you need. Talk to the company today to find out more options for your business.

Fully Serviced Offices


The Hollywood Production Center is a leading residential facility in the Los Angeles area. Having served participants in the professional and entertainment industry in Southern California since 2001, we have successfully created a reputable and dependable place of operation. We are a top facility for immediate occupancy of production, post production, executive offices, creative space and filming locations. Call us today at (855) 737-7534 to schedule your stay!

We currently make up three separate locations settled in the center of Hollywood and downtown Glendale. Our staff members are highly trained experts in their field with years’ of experience serving residents just like you. Our locations offer a glamorous appeal solution for both the entertainment and professional community in need of office space. Whether you’re in need of small space for rentfully serviced offices, executive suits, or rooms for production rental purposes, we have exactly what you need.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority of ours; therefore, our facility amenities include, but are not limited to, fully furnished office suites ranging in many sizes, valet parking and an in gated facility, professional reception area, janitorial care, and 24 hour surveillance for security purposes, pre-installed internet, an on site gym, personal trainer, yoga instructors, and a car wash. Many of our office suites include skylights, private kitchens, private entrances, and a balcony. For your convenience, we are always offering both short and long term leases, and same day move in. Call our North Gower Street location at (855) 737-7534 to speak with a representative about getting you into your office suite today!

We have finally made it possible for anyone in the entertainment and professional business to conduct their work among peers and co workers in the comfort and style that is going to push success. Our facility is equipped with state of the art furnishings with a high level of sophistication. We truly have made an ideal environment for all of your needs. One stay with us, and you’ll be greatly more than satisfied – we guarantee it.

Aside from private offices for small-scale use, we are always ready to accommodate larger conferences as well as networking events. Having served the greater Los Angeles area for many years, we understand all of your needs – and we’re ready to fulfill them. Amaze clients and business contacts with the environment of your entertainment office space. Wow, your guests with drinks and many other refreshments. You do the business, and we’ll make the impression.

Fully Serviced Offices


Hollywood Production Center offers glamorous Fully Serviced Offices near the historic Sunset Gower Studios CA. We offer elegant turnkey offices, production facilities and suites with same day move in. Our all-inclusive spaces are finished with high-end, glamorous interior designs which will meet the needs of any professional business. Each suite can be customized to suit each client’s specific needs. We offer these exclusive facilities for either long-term or short-term lease. These flexible leasing terms allow your company to expand into larger space when needed or, if the need arises, move into smaller space since we also offer small space for rent.

These flexible terms also allow you eliminate the hassles and financial needs of start up costs because with our facilities, your company will have no capital asset outlays. With our fully furnished facilities, your company also won’t have purchase office equipment or furniture. By saving thousands on start up costs, your company will increase your cash flow and instantly create a professional environment which will impress your clients.

Our executive suits offers private entrances as well as designer and fully equipped kitchens. Skylights offer natural lighting which compliments the modern décor of each office or suite. Our exclusive facilities will impress any of your entertainment clients with valet parking as well as more than ample parking in secure gated facilities.

Located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, our production rental locations are perfect for the businesses in the entertainment industry. We offer all types of production locations including office sets, beautiful patio and courtyard settings, gym locations and rooftop shooting sets. Our locations and facilities are ideal for production, post-production and professional services.

Our facilities will become a home away from home for your company executives and staff. Our facilities not only offer fully furnished suites but are ready to go with voice, data, and high-speed internet connections. For your convenience, we also offer an on-site café, a hair salon, a gym with showers, lockers, and an onsite personal trainer. Each facility comes with a customer service staff who take pride in providing friendly, top-notch service to our clients. Not only are our facilities perfect for an office environment but they provide our clients with a sense of community as well.

Fully Serviced Offices


One of the top independent film studio spaces in the world, Raleigh Studios buildings meander gracefully throughout Hollywood, attracting tens of projects every year.

The only problem that people sometimes have when they set up a film project for production at Raleigh is that they sometimes still have to tie up a few loose ends like an offsite production office that can be used to coordinate your work.

For those that would like to stay close to Raleigh Studios with their offices, Hollywood Production Center is open and available with short-term and temporary leases.

Unlike a lot of other area complexes, HPC provides you with everything that you need to get up and running without any hassle. Parking, for example at HPC buildings is always free for you and your workers. Moreover, our lots are large enough that you aren’t going to have to worry about several people sharing one parking space.

Another example is the policy towards filming in the complex. If you need background or location for your film, you can film anywhere inside your suite and in most common areas in the building without going out and acquiring a permit.

Similarly, you can host large meetings and parties in the open areas of the building which include cafe space. The cafes are typically a great place to meet for coffee or to order out custom food meals from.

If you are in to working out, you and your crew can come in and workout in the onsite gym. Alternatively, you can take one of the many classes offered by onsite professionals.

The suites themselves are designed with an open floor plan that promotes working together, although many suites have a separate office so that you can leverage privacy into the equation. Each suite has high speed internet, voice, and cable television built in for communications and infrastructure. Partial kitchens are also available.

And if you are worried about signing up for a temporary lease for executive suits, don’t be. Our fully serviced offices are created with film and entertainment industry professionals in mind. We know that you may need an office for several months instead of multiple years for the same production rental, and so we welcome you moving in the same week that you apply.

Speaking of an application, if you are ready to come out and take a look, you will find that by taking a tour, we will waive any application fee.

So if you are in the market for some Hollywood production space, even if it is a small space for rent, please visit You won’t be disappointed.

Fully Serviced Offices


There are many reasons why a small business owner cannot afford to open up their own office. The most common reason is because the business is just starting out and the owner does not have enough expendable capitol to staff and furnish an office and get their business started off on the right foot. The good news is, there are fully serviced offices for lease near Glendale courthouseFully serviced offices provide business owners with everything they need to run an efficient and productive office. You can find small space for rent for any type of budding new business. such as for a new production company. Small offices for rent are really affordable too. On the other hand, one can also find executive suits for rent that are fully staffed for larger, more established production companies.

Let’s take the case of a small production company that needs office space for rent. If you are trying to start a new production company you want to get it started on the right foot. Right away, that means you need to project an air of success. The last thing you need is to worry about where the most convenient office spaces are located that will impress your clients. If you are starting a new production company you’ll also want to be close to all the nearby restaurants, retail shops and production rental shops. There areHollywood Production Center office spaces available near the courthouse that are prefect for a small production company. Offices here are fitted for all kinds of production needs, from editing rooms to executive board meeting rooms, and so on.

If you are new to the business, your first advisable plan of action is to take the time to search for the ideal office space. There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect office space. The location of the office is one of the most important aspects to consider. Having an office located near the courthouse is perfect. Most of everything you will need can be found within walking distance. Look for offices with convenient parking spaces. It will make access to your offices much easier. Of course, the price of rent is a big consideration too. Why not contact the Hollywood Production Center to find a small space for rent in this area for use as a production rental today? Let them know what your needs are and specifically ask for office space for rent near the Glendale Courthouse.

Fully Serviced Offices


Finding virtual offices in the Beverly Hills CA should not be that difficult. You can find a surprising amount of variety if you know where to look. The Hollywood Production Center will be able to link you up with some of the most well equipped and technologically advanced offices in the area. All of this can be provided at very affordable rates as well. The Fully Serviced Offices in this area will provide any business manager or owner the resources that they will need. If you haven’t seen what they have offered here, you should talk to a representative soon.

There are many production rental spaces available if you take a look. You can find almost any amount of space that you might need. Some people may need an expansive amount of space in order to incorporate all of the functions of their business. You should carefully consider what you may need to get from this space. Try to estimate how much space you will need before you sign on to a contract. You might be interested to talk to a representative, who can likely give you some helpful advice. They have worked with a number of different business professionals in the past, so they should be able to help you.

There are a lot of small business owners in the area that will likely need some help as well. No matter what role your business plays in the community, you will be able to find support here. Consider renting outsmall space for rent when you contract with this virtual office provider. They will be able to accommodate your needs, even if you don’t have much room in your budget. This center has many surprisingly affordable options that will still provide you with all the support that you need. This agency is committed to helping just about any small business find the room that they need.

Finally, you might be interested in hearing about the executive suits available here. These are essentially the top-of-the-line models that will give executives the privacy and advantages they need to succeed. You will find everything that you need when you take a look at the suites available here. Talk to a representative for a full list of amenities that you can expect when you go with these luxury options. Even though they are virtual offices, you will find that you can get a surprising amount of accommodations here.

Fully Serviced Offices


Looking for a Business Center in L.A.?

If you are in need of a production rental studio in L.A., then the Hollywood Production Center is just what you need. This high end complex offers executive suits that are fully serviced offices. This means that each room is outfitted with the latest technology and professional furnishings. Offices at Hollywood Production feature their own private kitchen, board rooms, balconies, and even private entrances. You will have everything you need and more to make your professional life comfortable as you work towards success.

Executive Suites in Hollywood

Hollywood Production Center offices are designed to be used on a short term basis. However, you are more than welcome to stay as long as you like. We offer a small space for rent at a competitive price in one of the most expensive areas in L.A.- Hollywood CA. You should not pass up this opportunity to be in the heart of the film industry. If you are new to the area and looking for a more permanent solution for your business, then Hollywood Production will welcome you with open arms for the duration of your stay. You will find a wide variety of amenities on location such as a full service gym, personal trainers, massage therapists, and even florists! This is the ultimate place to establish your professional career while inHollywood CA.

Also Available for Filming

In addition to offering office rental space, productions teams are more than welcome to film on site. There have been many TV shows filmed at the Hollywood Center over the last several years. These include hit comedies and reality shows for a wide range of international markets. The onsite location is perfect for staging a scene or brainstorming a project. If you interested in filming your next project here, then contact the Hollywood Center for more details.

Make the Right Choice: Call HCP Today!

Production rental space can be expensive. You are working hard to finish your project, but you lack the extensive funds required to do it quickly and efficiently. However, the Hollywood Production office center will be right within your budget. You will be able to finish your project on time and without any extra stress. A great office will help you focus on work so that you can get your project finished before schedule. All you need to do now is book your executive suits in Hollywood to begin your path towards success.

Fully Serviced Offices


Have you ever wished that you could absolutely love the place where you run your business from as much as you love your business? If the answer is yes then Hollywood Production Center is the place for you to set up shop. They offer fully serviced offices in the size of a small spaces for rent if you’re just starting out and all the way up to executive suites!

Located on East Broadway in Glendale, California offers a prime location for your office(s) and even the ability to be a production rental itself! With amenities such as a gym, valet, and a masseuse (just to name a few!) why would you ever even want to leave this place? The Production Center has taken care of the hassle of buying things for your new office space by offering fully serviced offices that include pre-installed voice, data, and high speed internet.

This property offers fully furnished small space for rent at this location where your lease can be as flexible as you want with it being month to month, but once you start your office here why would you want to go anywhere else? They also offer luxurious executive suits for the business man or woman who likes to treat themselves to all the extras this East Broadway property has to offer. The executive suites offer skylights, balconies, and even private kitchens with a stylish and modern feel to them.

There is also no need to worry about little things, or the big things for that matter, at this place. There is 24 hour surveillance security in place for your well being as well as a gated entrance and a secure garage area. Along with that there is a janitorial staff on site and all of your utilities are already hooked up. Bringing clients here is something that you’ll be proud to do with the facilities professional reception area, along with beautiful flower and plant arrangements through out the building.

And if you are a producer needing somewhere to film a scene with a location need of an office, gym, or courtyard just to name a few, then this is defiantly the place that you will want to set up a production rental! Hollywood Production Complex offers in house amenities such as a copy center and a café that will make the use of the property feel like a breeze compared to anywhere else.

If you want your venture into the entertainment business to be a sleek, comfortable, and easy transition that you will immensely enjoy then come talk to us today at Hollywood Production Complex on East Broadway. You will not be sorry when you lay your eyes upon this oasis of business and wonder why you haven’t heard of us before!

Fully Serviced Offices


The last time there was an advertising campaign running that required a few months of preparation and shooting, one of the world’s largest advertising firms went up the road to Santa Clarita, moving their crews and actor and actress just 30 miles North from the Valley. The net result was a 30 percent higher cost for the overall production budget.

Not all projects will run over budget by going out of area, but if your company is looking to expand temporarily in the Southern California area, you should consider coming to the center of it all in Hollywood and Glendale for your next project- you won’t be disappointed.

Hollywood Production Center is a full service office building that has many features and amenities that appeal to those looking for short-term or temporary leases.

To begin with, the suites at HPC are set up with high speed internet service, phone service, and cable television before you even move in. Each office space features an open work area that lends itself to any style of office that you choose to setup. The open space continues once you leave the office and wander through the open lobby areas that have furniture and plenty of space to kibbutz about your next move. Each building also features a cafe with plenty of casual seating space in case you wanted to work over coffee.

In addition to the open spaces, fully serviced offices means just that. We not only have masseuses on staff in the massage room, but their are also a variety of aerobics and Zumba instructors in the gym onsite at each location. So whether you need a custom lunch or a quick workout, you will be taken care of.

HPC also has one of the most liberal filming policies. If you need to find a location to do a shoot that includes some of the features already existing on the exterior of the building, you can just go ahead and use the public areas at HPC to do your filming without having to worry about getting a permit. This alone is a money and time saver that resonates well with our guests.

And don’t worry about having to rent for 3 years in order to get a lease. We know production rentalbecause we do production rental year-round. Whether you need the space for several months and want to bring in the executive suits into a large suite, or just need a small space for rent in order to establish a presence for your next project, HPC will help.