Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Brentwood, CA

If you want to be successful in any craft or skill it is necessary to totally immerse yourself in it. I’m sure we have all found this to be true and it may seem obvious but it deserves to be said nevertheless. To hone a craft, especially one that is founded in a creative skill like writing or film production and editing, you are best served if you are in a very select environment that nurtures and enables your creativity and imagination. If you are involved in writing and production, everything you need to get you to the next level in your career can be yours at the Hollywood Production Center a well-known company in Brentwood CA.

At the HPC we provide you with custom office space for production, post-production, writing and publishing. We are here to provide you with an inviting place for you and your staff to seek out and develop relationships with like-minded artists. We are ready for immediate occupation, the only thing we are waiting on is for you to come by and take a tour of our facilities. If you can’t call, just stop by during business hours and we’ll be happy to give you a personal look, you’ll be glad you did.

If you are looking for a fully furnished turnkey office space designed with you in mind, we have you covered. You will immediately notice this when you visit us to see our available office suites. There are plenty of plans to choose from and it doesn’t matter how much space you need we’ve got you covered. We also have five different property addresses, all of them located in and around the heart of the entertainment and production hub of Hollywood California.

We have also thoughtfully included all the right amenities in our custom office suites. In all our properties we have provided ample and safe gated parking with valet service provided for you and your clients. All of our buildings are also equipped with a professional reception area and 24-hour security surveillance for your safety and peace of mind. You say you need a film production studio ? We’ve got you covered. If you have any other special needs be sure and tell us when you take our free tour so we can immediately take care of any of your concerns. Remember that all our suites are also equipped with the latest in electronics, voice, data and high-speed internet services. We also provide you with an on-site gym, showers, and a personal trainer to help keep you sharp and on your toes.