Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Sunset Hills, CA

If you are searching for the perfect turnkey office space then you will find that not all spaces are created equal. The Hollywood production Center offers an office space for individuals in and near the Sunset Hills CA. This facility is different from the rest because it provides many conveniences to professionals.

The conveniences that the HPC include are offices that have been preinstalled with data, voice, and high speed internet. This is a convenience for individuals because there is no need to schedule an installation time with technicians nor do you have to wait around all day for such services to be installed. Another convenience is the fully furnished offices. Office furniture can be expensive especially when much of your money has been dedicated to starting a new business or shooting your first film. By moving into a fully furnished turnkey office space you prevent yourself from being inconvenienced. Also, there is no need to worry about the décor and furniture is up to date. Each office space is equipped with modern furniture, décor, and appliances.

Another convenience is the amenities that are available to professionals. This film production studio provides an area for professionals to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of filming or working on a project. With the help of services from an onsite masseuse, a quick workout in the gym, or a few minutes in the sauna you will be able to clear your mind so that new ideas will be able to flow easily.

Other conveniences include the services that are available to the Hollywood Production Center guests. These include front desk services, a janitor, valet parking, and even 24-hour security surveillance. These services can help professionals to save money and time. Also, at this facility package and mail handling services are provided. For professionals, this means that you can drop off mail and packages off at the front desk that you would like to be given to a carrier without having to wait around all day.

One of the biggest conveniences that film professionals receive while at the HPC is access to the filming areas. This facility allows its guests to be productive by opening up its building for filming. Film professionals can film from the pool area, the conference room, or even the balcony. These areas are available to all guests without the need for additional permission or expenses. You will be able to start filming as soon as you become a guest at the HPC.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Little Armenia, CA

Have you recently registered a film production studio? Are you looking to expand your current company by adding some floor space or looking to move to an area where you are accessible to the customers and business partners alike? Hollywood production center has executive office apartments in Little Armenia CA. The furnished and serviced offices also suitable for any other form of media production, professional services, television production, music production, and any other form of entertainment. There is no hustle in getting an office; you just need to pay a visit, select one, and start working on it almost immediately.

Why is HPC the best place for your office?

The California offices are fully furnished turnkey office space that encompasses a good working environment with scenic views of the neighboring community. This kind of environment is good for the development of new ideas and high performance amongst your team.

The offices are spacious and have enough space beside the desks office storage and areas to store your equipment. Moreover, there is high-speed internet and phone service included in the offer. All these are augmented by world-class customer service from the facility management team.

You require a beautiful office to win the trust of your clients and suppliers. The Production Center is delicately designed on both the interior and exterior. The offices are furnished with stylish furniture, luxury suites and contain state-of-the-art technology. Also, the facility has shared creative spaces and an onsite gym and has hired a yoga instructor for the best interest of the entertainment community. In fact, HPC has a wonderful track record of effectively managing its offices across Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Luxurious amenities

You will fall in love with lots of amenities on site. There are several sizes of fully furnished offices from which you can pick your own. There is ample parking for your vehicles in the gated facility, including valet parking. The office suites come with skylights and have private entrances, a private kitchen, and balconies. To sweeten the deal, there is a private filming location along with a patio, a courtyard, and rooftops. All your guests are welcomed in a professional reception area. The facility is under 24-hour security surveillance for maximum security.

Benefits to your company

Your business will be located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale and accessible to many of your potential clients. The business can also take advantage of the creative environment within the entertainment community to grow new ideas and make relevant business connections. Your team will become more productive owing to a conducive working environment.

You may visit Hollywood Production Center at and book a tour of the facility to get your business running.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Spaulding Square, CA

Your business is in need of turnkey office space that will help you move into the Spaulding Square CA area easily. Making a move to the area is a bold decision that you should not make lightly, and you must ensure that you have found the sort of office space that is going to help your business grow for many years to come. This article explains how you may build a production company using just one rented space.

1: Work With A Company That Understands Production Work

The Hollywood Production Center listings you find are created specifically for companies like yours. You have spent quite a lot of money financing your business, and you need space that allows you to use all your equipment and resources. Many offices will work quite well as production facilities, and you must ensure that you scour the listings carefully before you make a final decision.

2: Ask For A Tour

Someone with HPC can take you through each space you want to see until you are satisfied that you have found the right place to work. Each tour will give you an inside look at the places where you may get the most work done, and you must ask as many questions as you can on each tour. Plan the layout of your office as you look around the space, and you will conclude rather quickly. The choice you make will help your business thrive in the future.

3: The Rental Situation Is Convenient

You must choose a space that will function as your business office and film production studio. Fully furnished turnkey office space will allow you to move in at once, and your business will begin production as soon as you like. Many production companies move into the area for a few months at a time, and you may get in and out of space so that you are not tied down for longer than you need to be.

The turnkey office space you are looking for will help you produce any sort of content you like in a space you chose for yourself. These spaces are furnished when you arrive, and you may choose the one that best suits your needs. Every business that is looking for the right rental space must begin its search in the catalog of the HPC.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Brentwood, CA

If you want to be successful in any craft or skill it is necessary to totally immerse yourself in it. I’m sure we have all found this to be true and it may seem obvious but it deserves to be said nevertheless. To hone a craft, especially one that is founded in a creative skill like writing or film production and editing, you are best served if you are in a very select environment that nurtures and enables your creativity and imagination. If you are involved in writing and production, everything you need to get you to the next level in your career can be yours at the Hollywood Production Center a well-known company in Brentwood CA.

At the HPC we provide you with custom office space for production, post-production, writing and publishing. We are here to provide you with an inviting place for you and your staff to seek out and develop relationships with like-minded artists. We are ready for immediate occupation, the only thing we are waiting on is for you to come by and take a tour of our facilities. If you can’t call, just stop by during business hours and we’ll be happy to give you a personal look, you’ll be glad you did.

If you are looking for a fully furnished turnkey office space designed with you in mind, we have you covered. You will immediately notice this when you visit us to see our available office suites. There are plenty of plans to choose from and it doesn’t matter how much space you need we’ve got you covered. We also have five different property addresses, all of them located in and around the heart of the entertainment and production hub of Hollywood California.

We have also thoughtfully included all the right amenities in our custom office suites. In all our properties we have provided ample and safe gated parking with valet service provided for you and your clients. All of our buildings are also equipped with a professional reception area and 24-hour security surveillance for your safety and peace of mind. You say you need a film production studio ? We’ve got you covered. If you have any other special needs be sure and tell us when you take our free tour so we can immediately take care of any of your concerns. Remember that all our suites are also equipped with the latest in electronics, voice, data and high-speed internet services. We also provide you with an on-site gym, showers, and a personal trainer to help keep you sharp and on your toes.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Thai Town, CA

HPC Providing the Perfect Environment
The Hollywood Production Center is ready and available to provide the entertainment community with the perfect environment. This magnificent fully-furnished luxury office space bestows more than you might imagine. You will enjoy a stunning and beautiful environment that provides you with everything you may need and more. This is a favorite space for those industry insiders who need a little luxury and a touch of sophistication.

Chic Office Space with Full Amenities
Fully furnished turnkey office space is ready for immediate occupancy. Immediate is the specialty at this chic center. Expect a fully equipped environment that takes pride in meeting all your production needs. Every professional will receive a classy space with state-of-the-art amenities, full-service, and everything you may desire from your office and workspace.

All-in-one Spot Space
This Film production studio is perfect in every way. This is the ideal location for a highly professional community. You will have a great opportunity to work and also enjoy your leisure time. This environment is ideal for writing, producing, filming, and editing.
Every tenant will have the opportunity to enjoy their leisure time. This is your all-in-one-spot that provides the following:

  • luxury suites
  • business centers
  • shared creative spaces
  • on-site gym
  • yoga instructor
  • much more

The Perfect Location to Conduct Business with Peers
Thai Town CA is an exceptional location. It is located within the East Hollywood district. This district is of Los Angeles. Diversity roams this stunning area. This location is filled with energy and creativity.

Your Invitation
You have an open invitation to call and schedule your tour. You can expect a professional to cater to your every need. You will appreciate immediate occupancy. This is a beautiful facility that provides everything that you might need. Please call 888-295-9492. You are invited to browse through the website and view this stunning center. The staff is eager to assist and serve. This is the perfect location for those in the entertainment business. The atmosphere is energizing. HPC really is the perfect environment for the entertainment industry.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Sunset Gower Studios CA

Some professionals in the Sunset Gower Studios CA area have given up on finding the perfect office space because they feel that it does not exist. In giving up they often find themselves settling for a space that barely meets their needs. Do not allow this to happen to you. Instead of settling for any office space, visit the Hollywood Production Center. At this location, professionals will be able to save time and money while establishing a professional image.

In today’s busy society, professionals have a limited amount of time. The staff at HPC knows this and as a result that have fully furnished office spaces for lease. These office suites come equipped with various essentials such as a desk, chairs, file cabinets, and even a safe. You will be able to settle in with ease just by bringing along your computer and/or laptop. Potential clients will be able to meet you in your new office as soon as you sign the lease. Not only do these suites come already fully furnished but they also have voice, high-speed internet, and data services pre-installed and activated. No more waiting around for a technician to install such services, when you step foot into your new office these services will be available for you to use.

A fully furnished turnkey office space not only allows a professional to save time but money as well. Purchasing furniture can get very costly but by moving into an office space that already is stocked with the furniture you need, you will be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in furniture costs. Filming professionals are also able to save money by not having to pay for filming permits. The HPC facility can be used to shoot various scenes for you movie, show, or even documentary. If you were to shoot footage outside of the Hollywood Production Center, you will have purchase a permit in order to do so. The permit can expire which means that your video shoots will more likely be rushed.

This film production studio not only allows professionals to save time and money, but it also can help to provide a professional image. Every area in the HPC facility is equipped with modern furniture and décor. Also, several services help to provide a professional image. These services include valet parking, which is available for you and your guests. A second service provided comes from the courteous receptionists. These individuals greet your guests and point them to the waiting area until you come to retrieve them. They also handle your mail and packaging for you.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Garden Grove CA

Your productivity is by far a result of the hand efforts and a good working environment. At Hollywood Production Center, there are fully furnished and serviced rooms waiting you occupancy. The offices are ideal for the entertainment industry in areas such TV or film production studio, new media, producers, directors, music videos, creative teams, commercial production companies and publishing among others. The chic offices in Garden Grove CA are also suitable for professional services providers, attorneys, and PR firms that are looking to capture the huge market around Hollywood and Glendale area.

Pick an office and get moving

The fully furnished turnkey office space is ready for occupancy. There are different sizes of the offices depending on the size of the company and space requirements. Moreover, each office has a balcony, private entry, and a private kitchen where employees can prepare their own meals. Also, all the offices have high-speed internet and telephone services. The compound is fenced and has 24-hour surveillance to guarantee the safety of both the workers and equipment in the facility.

The luxurious facility also comes with an on-site gym where there a yoga instructor and a gym personal trainer to keep the employees healthy and physically fit. As for filming those commercials, videos, and so forth, there is a courtyard, a patio, rooftops, and many more amenities.

The beautiful HPC facility is the ideal place for your film studio production, meeting your professional teams and clients to discuss business. There is ample parking including valet parking for your clients. Furthermore, there is a professional reception to welcome your visitors and innovative flower arrangements to create a relaxing mood as they wait to meet you. They have their car machine-washed in the meantime.

More value for the business

Hollywood Production Center allows you to take either a short-term or a long-term one as you wish. With all the office furniture and IT infrastructure in place, you save money in setting up an office and buying fixtures and fittings. You can tour the office, move in on the same day, and open your doors for business on the same day.

You also have a golden chance to network with the rest of the entertainment community, grow your business, and take hold of the emerging markets. The HPC facility is located at the heart of Hollywood and Glendale is a prime location for taking advantage of the large entertainment marketplace in the area. Finally, you get a premium address that spreads the word out there and creates an image of quality. Schedule a tour of the facility today by visiting their website and get ready to see your business take off.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Civic Center, CA

Searching for proper rental space for your business could take you to many parts of the Civic Center CA area, and you must settle on a location that will make your business easy to manage. You want to move into a nice location, but the location must be made for working. Any company that opens their doors with an office from HPC is more likely to be successful in the future. This article explains how you will find the office space you truly need without much trouble at all.

1: Office Spaces Are Furnished For Your Convenience

Furnishing the office space you just moved into could take up more time and money than you have to spend. Your business cannot get very far if you are spending all your time looking for decorations, and furnished offices that are rented by the Hollywood Production Center will help you get started the moment you walk in the door. Productivity is at the top of your to-do list, and you will find all the productivity you need when you start right away after turning the key.

2: These Spaces Are Easy To Move In And Out Of

You must find an office that your team can move in and out of in a hurry. Your business is predicated on getting a large amount of work done in a short amount of time, and you must move into a building that allows you to turn the key when you need to. Fully furnished turnkey office space from the HPC catalog will take you a long way, and you may look at any different offices that you know will work for you.

2: Ask To See Many Locations

Do not open your offices until you have seen as many locations as possible in the area You will likely find a place that allows for great location shooting, and you must ensure that you are happy with the noise levels in the area where you rent. Your tour will tell you everything you need to know about your location, and you will quickly to a conclusion on the location for your film production studio.

Every company that wants to begin creating media content must find an office that will help them remain productive. You may choose an office like this from a list of locations today.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Burbank, CA

Are you looking for a Film production studio or executive office space near Burbank? Need a fully furnished, flexible, high-class office or production space in a professional environment? At HPC, we offer executive workspace, temporary office space, production studios, shared office space, and project space in a great location that provides the impressive image your company needs.

Hollywood Production Center caters to the needs of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, production companies, growing businesses and professionals who desire a turnkey office solution. Luxury office spaces and executive suites are available near Burbank. You can have instant access to every top-quality amenity and high-class service imaginable.

With a HPC office rental package, you will have access to modern business centers, creative writing space, elegantly furnished workspaces, high tech meeting space and conference rooms, sophisticated office designs, state of the art equipment, high-speed Internet, fax and copier machines, and lounge areas with high definition LCD TVs. We also provide full kitchens and lunchrooms, as well as refreshments for you and your guests. Additional features like secure parking, 24-hour security surveillance, directory listings, and professional receptionist contribute to a comfortable and relaxed working environment. Enjoy a world-class rooftop with a pool, Jacuzzi, and full gym – you will surely be delighted.

Turnkey office space is the perfect choice for those who want to get work right away and avoid setting up an office from scratch. Avoid the time-consuming and stressful task of dealing with office equipment and furniture, and choose a ready-to-go office space. All of the office cleaning and maintenance tasks are handled by our management staff, allowing you to focus on your business or project.

We have been meeting the needs of our clients for many years, and we have great expertise in creating an elegant workspace in a professional setting. We have a highly dedicated staff that provides outstanding support and will ensure you have all the amenities you need to take your business to higher levels.

By allowing us to match you with the right Fully furnished turnkey office space, you eliminate the need to call all over town trying to find a suitable space. You will also avoid large, up-front cash investments. Avoid the stress and hassles typically associated with finding and moving into a professional office. We have the expertise and resources to help you. Visit our website to check out our location near Burbank CA and request a personal viewing.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Westwood Village CA

Everyone wants an office space where they can conduct their businesses in peace. Near Westwood Village CA, the occupants are always looking for space to comfortably fit in and do their work with much ease and at the same time accessing benefits. The residents want a space that feels professional for their clients. Spaces and offices available at the Hollywood production center can meet the residents’ ideas. The Hollywood production center the spaces are fully furnished turnkey office spaces which allow the clients to move in and start operating their business immediately.

The individuals can get their ideal professional furniture. Other benefits come with the areas that include full access to the internet and data, therefore, saving time and money for the data to be installed. The individuals moving in can choose a payment leasing plan that suits their pockets and fits their time plan. The individuals do not pay for the time they are not using. It is a favorite for individuals in saving their money.
Also, to the many benefits, the environment at HPC is favorable and encouraging for more productivity. The environment provides the individual a relaxing time at the same time they are working on their project. The HPC spaces provide the clients relaxing time by providing yoga trainers to help the individuals have real-time to produce more ideas.

As a person leasing the space, various factors are appealing about the spaces provided. They have ample parking space, sufficient security for all your stuff, free Film production studio as well as filming locations so all your work is done at one place. The office space is adequately big enough to hold all your staff, and the client can save money on start-up costs and as well as saving money for a shared environment. Westwood Village CA residents no longer have to struggle to look for an office space that fits all their ideas because the Hollywood production center spaces have provided all of this and much more.
HPC aside from providing fully furnished turnkey office space, proper environment for working, good payment plan and many other benefits the clients also are equipped with a gym, patio, and courtyard designed to the clients’ specifications. The customer is also able to get the tour of the office space and the same day moves in and start working on the same day.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Universal City, CA

Hollywood Production Center facilities are centrally located in Hollywood to provide a one-stop facility that allows clients to write, edit and produce film and TV programs. As a premier turnkey office establishment in southern California, Hollywood centers take pride in providing executive offices, shared working spaces, and networked virtual offices. Filming crews and executives living in Universal City CA are well aware of what it takes to write and produce a good production. This is the reason; our turnkey office spaces are specially designed for film and TV production. Our five HPC facilities are located in downtown LA, Hollywood, and Glendale.

HPC offers spaces of different sizes for lease; these spaces are designed to suit both short-term and long-term stays. To meet these needs, we allow immediate occupancy and provide month-to-month and long-term leases. The alluring state-of-the-art amenities at our fully furnished turnkey office space include; office suites with private kitchen and entrances; on-site gym with a personal trainer; pre-installed voice, data and high-speed internet connections, and ample parking. The facilities also feature a professional reception area and 24-hour security. To enhance its position as a leading film production studio in southern California, Hollywood Production Center recently unveiled a new sound stage in Glendale.

The success of our business is a result of our ability to meet and surpass the needs of our customers and the entertainment industry at large. To appeal to our growing list of clients, we also help search, negotiate and find the best office rental deal that corresponds with every client’s need. Professionals, especially those working in the entertainment industries such as TV and film production, new media, post-production services, and publishing will find our office space highly ideal for productivity. The past and present list of HPC clients includes Comedy Central, 20th Century Fox, Meta TV, Lionsgate, MTV, and Paramount Pictures along with a host of other companies and prominent personalities.

There are many advantages to booking our film production studio space. The benefits include the same-day move-in arrangements, exceptional customer service, access to professional meeting space, and cost savings that come with a shared workspace. This is in addition to access to world-class amenities that include top-notch IT infrastructure and a premium address. If you want to get a sneak preview of our facilities, simply book a tour online by visiting our website to fill an online form with your name and contact information. You can also call our offices today on 888-295-5939 to speak to a representative.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Toluca Lake, CA

Looking for Film production studio or executive office space near Toluca Lake? Need a prestigious business mailing address, or state-of-the-art conference rooms to use for important client meetings? At HPC, we offer turnkey office space that eliminates the headaches and hassles of setting up a professional office. Our packages are designed for businesses in all stages, so whether you are looking for collaborative space, executive suite, production studio, or a luxury workspace to call your own, we can help you.

At Hollywood Production Center, our professional offices and world-class amenities will leave a favorable impression on your clients and business associates. We provide customized, flexible office space featuring services and amenities to support your business near vibrant Toluca Lake. HPC is committed to providing service excellence and flexible rental contract terms. We offer many production space and workspace configurations, including co-working, multi-person offices, executive offices, flexible workspace, shared office space for rent, temporary office space, and project offices.

Our Fully furnished turnkey office space includes amenities and services to help you quickly set up and concentrate on your business. Our pricing is upfront and clear. These services include large luxury office spaces and executive suites, furnished with chairs, desks, and filing cabinets. Our turnkey and business centers feature fully staffed office facilities. Our ready-to-use office solutions provide high-speed Internet connections and advanced telecommunication solutions. We also provide conference rooms and meeting facilities, and fax, printer, and photocopy machine access.

With any of our office rentals, we will take care of necessary office maintenance and management, including cleaning services. Though everyone helps to maintain a shiny and clean environment, our awesome maintenance teams work hard every day to keep the office space and surroundings in top shape. And our friendly and consistent staff will provide you with administrative support, and will ensure the lobby, staircase, elevators, security, lighting, and maintenance are all impressive.

Just tell us about yourself and your requirements and we will match you with the perfect space for your project. We have been catering to businesses, corporate personnel, entrepreneurs, and professionals, and we have numerous clients and renters who are extremely satisfied with our services. We are confident you will be delighted with the range of exquisite amenities and outstanding services that we offer near Toluca Lake CA. Contact us to check out our flexible workspace and to learn how we can help you move into a new office at an affordable rate.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Silver Lake, CA

When your film production studio needs a sophisticated, all-in-one office space near Silver Lake CA, Hollywood Production Center is the premium solution to fulfill your production needs. Act decisively and take the production process into your own hands. Get prime office space that is flexible to suit the needs of any professional in the entertainment industry. Providing more than office space, you will be introduced to a new level of productive efficiency, all in-house for you. The staff at each location is there to provide world-class solutions for you and your team at every stage of production.

In addition, HPC has been the production home to independent productions and the biggest in the industry. Some who have used HPC for their production are Warner Brothers, NBC, GSN, FOX, MTV, Universal, Xbox Studios, Harpo Studios, New Line Cinema, Jim Henson, SYFY, BET, CBS, Paramount Pictures, E! Entertainment, ABC, Comedy Central, and Walden Media/Disney Pictures. With so many industry professionals whirling about the space, there are endless opportunities to make a connection with your peers in a professional setting.

Without a doubt, the consideration taken into each select office space is au courant with the technological and production needs of today. Unsurprisingly, this fully furnished turnkey office space can adjust in size depending on your current production need. The ability to walk in, take a tour, and have a fully functioning office space the same day, helps keep your production on schedule and dramatically reduces upstart cost. Since 2001, they have provided unexpected luxury to a day at the office. Additionally, many of the suites offer a private entrance, balcony, and kitchen. All who make this office their home away from home will find it easy to make use of the on-site gym, masseuse, personal and yoga instructors, valet parking, 24-hour security surveillance, and many more premier luxuries.

Further, the best aspect to HPC is that you have on-site access to a broad variety of filming locations and unparalleled views of Los Angeles. Here, filming space is always available at the pool, helipad, rooftop, gym, penthouse, office, conference room, 2-story suite, catwalk, and many more spaces. Even more, there is production and post-production space, an on-site engineer, freight elevator, generator, and base camp space. Further, there are solutions to contestant casting and living that can be addressed according to your production needs. The professional, in-house concierge service will work hard to support any additional request you need to be fulfilled.

Visit a Hollywood Production Center location and take a complimentary tour. Additionally, you can schedule a tour via phone at 888-295-5890.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Sherman Oaks, CA

Looking for a business office, or production studio with conference rooms to use for client meetings? Turnkey office space includes services to help you quickly set up and concentrate on running your business.

If you are interested in the convenience of a turnkey office space, you will be pleased to know that Hollywood Production Center offers the finest office space and production facilities near Sherman Oaks. From the moment you step into our office environment, you’ll know you have come to the right place. We will get to know you and your business on a personal level.

The beauty of leasing office space from HPC is the ease and simplicity with which a business owner or professional can move into a new office, without incurring a huge upfront capital.

When you lease or rent an office from our company, your one single monthly rent pays for the following: Fully furnished turnkey office space, courteous lobby reception, utility expenses, elegantly appointed lobby area, classic office furnishings, personalized telephone answering, secure mailbox, pickup and acceptance, Kitchen and lunchroom facility, executive conference room and meeting room availability, janitorial service, 24-hour security access, and much more.

You will also have access to the professional dynamic business environment, creative writing space, and state-of-the-art technology. High-speed Internet services, fax, and copier are also included in the turnkey office space package.

HPC has many executive suites and workspaces of varying sizes, and renting arrangements are flexible. You can rent an office that serves your current needs and upgrade to a larger space as your business grows. We have an experienced management and support team that will ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with our amenities and services.

Our all-inclusive office solution is ideal for entrepreneurs and professionals, such as lawyers and artists, as well as companies and corporate executives. It is also perfect as a branch office for companies and organizations that do business in near Sherman Oaks CA. Our location is also ideal for production companies that are in need of a fully furnished Film production studio.

We’re here to help you run your business efficiently and productively. We have all the quality resources to help you succeed. Visit our website today to learn more about our flexible office space packages and the vast range of amenities and services that we offer. Be sure to schedule a consultation and free tour of our sophisticated location.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near San Jose, CA

Starting and running a production business can be both profitable and satisfying if you have found the right film production studio to house your employees and equipment. Being a tenant of Hollywood Production Center will offer you many rewards such as opportunity to avail the best set of facilities near San Jose CA, spread your wings to the rest of the market and the freedom of being your own boss.

Hollywood Production Center is not a conventional place. It is much more than four walls, carpets, and ceilings. Here you will find just about anything that you are looking for to run a production business successfully. And in an era when everything is expensive from rental units to production spaces in and around Silicon Valley, Hollywood PC offers the best opportunity to avail discounts and promotional offers in their properties. In essence, you will find state-of-art technology extended to every corner of the center, luxury suites, shared spaces, meeting halls, gym, and yoga lessons at Hollywood PC in San Jose. Besides, you will have close access to transportation, private companies, government offices, malls, hiking trails, restaurants, clubs, and entertainment venues from here.

As you can see from the many reviews that this company has received, it is evident that they offer the best service when it comes to production centers. They have a proven track record of successful clients as well. Tenants are not only impressed with the facilities offered here but prefer to stay for long-term as well. Throughout your stay, Hollywood PC will make sure that you are happy with their products and services and can handle all businesses related to your production irrespective of your role in the business. They have lots of advice and recommendation about how to get this business up and running, including making use of trends and technology. Their service also covers maintenance of the fully furnished turnkey office space you are renting as well as the space you have reserved for storing production accessories. This way you don’t have to worry about minor things like repair and cleanliness, the HPC staff will take care of it. Also, you will get the best value for the rent paid for these units. The management staff strive hard to achieve tenant satisfaction and place utmost priority on the quality of service. They do several things like rent reduction, discount offers to reduce the overall cost of living for the renters. They hold events that are not only entertaining but useful for those doing production business in the city.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Palmer Park, CA

Finding the right office space for your small business is very important to the success of the growth of your company. When looking for the best office for your business, you will need to make sure that you are doing your research. Around Palmer Park CA there are many different options for turnkey office spaces that will help to grow your business. The right office is going to help your employees and clients feel as though they are in a place that is conducive to success.

Hollywood Production Center offers a wide selection of great offices that are fully furnished for your business. This is a great help when you are trying to move offices yet keep productivity high. With a fully furnished turnkey office space you will be able to continue with the momentum that has been built in your organization without having to wait for new furniture.

HPC also offers many of the great amenities of any Hollywood production studio. This is great for production companies that also need to produce high-quality creative products for their clients. The amenities of these offices will allow your company to also branch out into a new level of creativity if needed. With your own film production studio you will be able to take on as many creative jobs as necessary or start work on your own endeavors. The investments into one of these turnkey offices will surely pay off in the end.

Investing in a fully functioning turnkey office will help to raise productivity, in turn raising revenues. This will help your business get to the next level that it deserves. There are many different offices that you can choose from but very few offices that will give you the ability to walk right in and get started. As well as the turnkey solution, you will find that there is a great benefit to the production studio that will be available to you as well. This is something that can completely transform your business into a highly profitable organization.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near North Hollywood, CA

The choice of your office has a lot of influence on your performance and by far your profitability. Thus, consider an office that makes you want to work each day. The Hollywood Production Center in North Hollywood CA has a set of chic office spaces for film and media production encompassing publishing, new media, and postproduction. The offices are also suitable for attorneys, PR companies, and professional service firms. The offices are available for immediate occupancy so that you can hit the ground running.


The fully furnished turnkey office space fitted with all the necessary infrastructure to get you working. There are high-speed internet connectivity and phone service. The office facility is accessible, giving your clients an easy time locating you for business.

HPC has spacious offices that are delicately furnished with quality furniture with an emphasis on creativity, cleanliness, and high-quality amenities to make your time in the office worthwhile. Your creative team requires a serene environment to produce quality content for your next documentary.


Hollywood Production Center office suites have incorporated style in everything from the design of the office, lighting, furniture, and floor. If you own a film production studio or looking for a solo office for your legal practice, writing and so forth, this is the office to boost your brand image. Your customers relate the quality of your service with the looks of your office. Excite them by bringing them to a luxurious office.


There is enough floor space to house any entertainment and professional company in HPC. No matter the size of the organization, some package fits your need. You can have a large film studio along with a storeroom and the reception and have your worker work in comfort. A cramped office reduces productivity.

There are boardroom facilities and fully equipped expansive meeting rooms for those strategy meetings and those brainstorming moments. There are also large halls for your corporate event, brand launches, and networking events.

More value for less

Cost is definitely one of the major considerations at the back of any business owner. The North Hollywood CA offices are considerably priced with all the services bundled into one monthly bill. Forget the hustles of paying different bills for the internet, phone charges, water, and electricity. Concentrate on what you do best and leave bills to the facility management. Finally, mingle with other creative minds also using the serviced offices, make connections, and grow your business to higher heights.

There are offices available at the complex. Please visit their website for a tour of the complex and other important details.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Los Feliz, CA

The task of finding an office space may be difficult because various locations have a couple of pros and a lot of cons. Some office spaces are not able to meet the many needs that professionals today have. If you are located in Los Feliz CA then you should know that finding an office space just got easier. The Hollywood Production Center provides a professional office space that can meet the requirements of individuals that are in the filming industry or other professions.

This fully furnished turnkey office space is everything you want in a professional office suite. Each suite is equipped with stylish furniture that will impress any client, partner, or crew member. In addition to having a professional look, each guest will be happy to receive elite services. Such services include valet parking, mail and package handling, janitorial services, and the warm greeting of professional receptionists. All of these services and attributes will show that you are serious about your craft and you are truly a professional.

Not only does this film production studio help to increase your professional image but it also can help to assist you to get work done. Once you become a guest at the HPC, you will have access to a fully furnished office space. You can immediately, bring your computer and other needed materials and begin to get to work. No need to go furniture shopping to fill your office space. Your fully furnished turnkey office space is equipped with a desk, chairs, stylish paintings, and another décor. In addition to being fully furnished, these suites also come pre-installed with data, voice, and high-speed internet services. With all of these amenities, any professional will be able to get started on their filming project almost instantly.

This facility also aids filming professionals in being productive with the help of designated filming areas. When you become a guest of this facility you will be able to use the balcony, office suites, parking lot, rooftops, and other areas to shoot scenes for your film. Many professional have been able to create masterpieces by utilizing different areas in the HPC to film from.

After a long day of working on a project, the Hollywood Production Center also allows you to relax. The facility has an onsite gym, a pool, sauna, available masseuse, and even a steam room that can be used at any time to help you ease your mind and your body. Once you have shed the remnants of a stressful workday, you will be able to go home or start again on some work.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully Furnished Turnkey Office Space Near Highland Park, CA

The Hollywood Production Center is designed for film and movie productions , new media, entertainment and publishing professionals and students. The offices and office suites feature all the services you need to finish your creative projects. They have fully furnished office suites in different sizes for small or large groups.

Residents enjoy 24-hour assistance with the reception desk and janitorial services to keep offices clean. There is 24-hour security to protect your creative projects and equipment. All office have high-speed Internet, voice, and data services available, The means you can begin work immediately. Clients benefit from the shared environment and costs.

This fully furnished turnkey office space has a kitchen for preparing meals and snacks while working. Residents can enjoy on-site showers, on-site gym, and car wash. Eat at the cafe that serves light refreshments between working and meetings on production. Rent or lease a office for a short or long-term project.

HPC has all the connections to make your project a big success. The helpful staff can find the right locations for your film, commercial, or video. They can cut through the red tape when you want to film in Hollywood. Film locations include offices, patios, rooftops, and courtyards.

Residents can feel secure with security cameras throughout the buildings. There are state-of-the-art meeting rooms for business and production meetings. The staff handles all business services copying, faxing, printing, technical assistance, computers, video camera, and helping find locations for creative projects. It is located near Highland Park CA.

Enjoy music in all reception areas and lounge areas to entertain clients and vendors. Meet creative professionals at the many networking and social events sponsored on-site.
It is pet-friendly another great benefit for residents. Your company or organization will have access to professionals in the entertainment business like lawyers, accountants, directors, casting professionals, and business managers.

This film production studio will help you with pre-production, production, and the details of post-production on your creative project. It is the ideal environment to write, produce, edit, and select a cast and crew for your creative projects.

Call The Hollywood Production Center today to inquire about renting or leasing an office for your creative project. Take a tour and get started on the road to success at 888-295-5890.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Griffith Park, CA

If you are looking for a turnkey office space, Hollywood Production Center can help you. Having the ability to run your business in a professional environment is a very important step toward conveying an impressive image and attracting clients. Business associates and clients are impressed by the stylish and comfortable office environment and production locations.

At HPC, we provide all-inclusive office rental plans that help businesses and professionals work efficiently and reach their goals. Never worry about missing an important telephone call with a trained receptionist answering your business calls. Business runs smoothly with an experienced office support team dedicated to ensuring your business success.

The benefits of using our luxury office suites or Fully furnished turnkey office space are tremendous for a company or professional. Typically, renting executive office suites or turnkey office spaces includes a vast range of amenities and services that help run a successful business. You will have immediate access to a receptionist to answer calls, office equipment, and meeting rooms with high-end furniture. Imagine escorting a guest or potential client into a high-tech conference room that is well equipped with best-in-class audio-visual devices.

Choose from a variety of workspaces, luxury office space, temporary offices, shared office space, private offices, and suites. With HPC flexible office options, you can upgrade or downgrade as your business needs change. You will have access to our vast range of business services and amenities. Everything you need to operate a business is provided here for your convenience. With no large upfront capital requirement or long-term contract required, there is no risk involved.

We have many years of experience in this industry and have established a great reputation. We have several offices in the most prestigious corporate business districts. With easy access to all major roads and highways and only minutes from the area’s attractions, high-end shopping, restaurants, and essential business facilities, we are the clear choice for companies seeking immediate name recognition.

Let us help you choose your new office or Film production studio today. Whether you are corporate personnel or start-up, or a professional working on a special project, we have the workspace or office solution for your needs. Conduct business in world-class functional executive office space. Just provide us with your requirements and we will match you with the perfect space for your business. Go to our website and request a free tour of our amazing location near Griffith Park CA.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Glassell Park, CA

When you are a professional in the entertainment industry in the Glassell Park CA area, finding the perfect working space is crucial. Building your own start-up office sounds attractive at first, but the costs and commitment of creating a professional office can be exhausting. Hollywood Production Center removes these frustrations by providing world-class turnkey accommodations in five convenient and prestigious locations in southern California.

Clients will benefit from the cost-effectiveness of shared accommodations while still retaining their individuality and creativity. Whether you are in Glendale, Hollywood, or Los Angeles, each location offers unique floor plans with a fully furnished turnkey office space to fit every creative team’s needs and budget. Single offices provide privacy and individuality with world-class amenities, while office suites offer skylights, private kitchens, and balconies. If you are unsure of your team’s needs, short-term leases allow you to add or subtract space as your work develops. You can also take advantage of the professional conference rooms for your next meeting

Turnkey convenience is at the heart of all HPC locations. Providing you with everything you need to work, and play creatively is the priority. Conference rooms, executive offices, filming locations, and creative spaces all come fully furnished and ready for you and your team. You can also forget the hassle of setting up your office utilities. All IT infrastructure also comes pre-installed; Voice, data, and high-speed internet connections are available to you from the moment you step into the building. Every pet-friendly location also offers on-site gyms, with personal trainers, lockers, and showers; hair salons; cafes; and customer-oriented staff ready to attend to your needs.

Do you need a space for filming? HPC can fill all your production needs including helipad, office, pool area, gym, penthouse and rooftop locations. Filming locations also offer electrical tie-ins, generator parking, contestant housing, and base camp spaces for your convenience. Renting a professionally equipped film production studio allows you to edit what you shoot without leaving the building. Many successful clients, from a variety of television networks and film studios, have called Hollywood Production company home.

If you need a fully equipped, turnkey office space, waste no time. Visit immediately for more information, floor plans, and to sign up for your tour. All tours at all locations are free, and, if you like what you see, same-day move-in is available. You can also contact HPC by phone at (888) 295-5939. Hurry! Your perfect, professional office space is waiting for you.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Edendale, CA

A fully furnished turnkey office space near the Edendale CA area will help your business move in to a space that you truly enjoy today. There are many offices for rent in the area that are completely bare, and you will spend too much time and money decorating the space. The furnished offices you select from allow you to move into the office immediately, and you will have a lovely space to invite your first guest. A proactive business like yours may schedule appointments the same day as your move-in, and you will have an opportunity to begin productivity the same day.

1: The Office Layouts Are Various

You may select from several different layouts that are available through the Hollywood Production Center, and the offices are free for you to tour at any time. There are several different offices you may prefer, and a member of the rental team will walk you through each office until you are pleased with your final selection. You know how much space you need, and you may make your selection based on your own criteria.

2: Gauging The Value Of The Neighborhood

The neighborhood where you open your film production studio must be conducive to the films you wish to make. You may hear the sound from outside coming inside, and you must ensure that you have carefully selected the studio that will help you make films you are pleased with. Choose the neighborhood that has the right level of noise, the right number of people, and the sort of landmarks that you will be pleased with.

3: How Much Will You Pay?

The HPC office will help you find offices that are within your price range, and you will understand what you get from each office when you sign your rental agreement. You are seeking out amenities, location, and a layout that you will be pleased with, and you may balance all these items with the price of the rental space. Your business will save money, and you will not feel cornered by the office you select.

Choosing a rental space that has been fully furnished will help your business get into space in just a moment. You do not have extra money to spend on decorations, and your clients must be able to visit the first day you move in. These offices allow you such convenience in any part of Edendale you choose.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Eagle Rock, CA

Are you ready to get serious about your craft and finally make the film or start the production company that you have been dreaming about for years. If you are located in Eagle Rock CA and you answered yes to this question then allow the HPC help you with your dreams. The Hollywood Production Center offers you a professional office space that can help you to get to work immediately.

When you sign a lease at this fully furnished turnkey office space, you will be able to get to work immediately. The suites are equipped with all the furniture that you need to get started on your project. Also, each office has voice, data, and high-speed internet services pre-installed. This means that you will be able to make phone calls, send faxes, and even access the internet to invite potential collaborators to your new office. The pre-installed services and the furnished office is not the only thing that will help professionals to get to work immediately. The décor along with flower and plant arrangements can help to produce an atmosphere that encourages creativity. With all of these included benefits, a professional will be able to move into their new office and get to work as soon as he or she signs the lease.

This film production studio is able to offer advantages that no other office space can provide. The HPC has a number of areas that are open for filming. These areas can be used to shoot a scene for your filming project. There are not any extra fees to pay to film on the property. As a guest of the Hollywood Production Center you can film from office sets, the courtyard, rooftops, the onsite gym, the conference room, the pool area, or other areas at the facilities. Being able to film from such areas is a benefit because a professional can save both time and money. The traditional way to gain access for filming purposes requires the individual to apply for a permit and paying a fee. All of this can be bypassed once you become a guest at the HPC.

This turnkey office space also provides other conveniences for its guests. There is a professional reception area that will be able to greet your guests and direct them to the waiting area. Also, as a guest, you will be well protected with help of the 24-hour security surveillance and a safe that is included in every office.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Downtown Los Angeles, CA

If you are looking for a production studio and office space in downtown Los Angeles CA, be sure to choose a location that already offers everything you need. The right office space will allow you to be creative and comfortable in a luxurious setting. When you need a turnkey office space, you can enjoy finding one that will help you to reach your full potential.

Safety is always important at Hollywood Production Center. You can enjoy a gated facility with plenty of parking spaces, and valet parking is also available. There is 24-hour surveillance at this facility too. Your safety is important as well as your comfort. When you step into this facility, you will be able to meet with a receptionist. Janitorial staff is also on duty to help keep this facility looking professional and elegant at all times.

When you rent an office suite, you can enjoy skylights and balconies. You will have a private entrance and can enjoy a private kitchen as well. Many people enjoy working, living, and having fun in one convenient community with like-minded professionals who enjoy networking.

HPC offers filming locations and office sets. You will appreciate the complimentary high-speed Internet and utilities. There will be state-of-the-art equipment available to help you to do your job to the best of your abilities. Whether you are a small company just starting or a large company looking to expand, this type of environment will help you to work hard and stay motivated.

Along with high-end work amenities, you can also enjoy having access to an on-site gym with a personal trainer. Also, you can work with a yoga instructor or masseuse if you want. You work hard and deserve to relax as much as possible.

You can appreciate having a film production studio that will help you to produce your best work yet. When you choose to work in a quality environment, you can enjoy the results that you will be sure to achieve.

Find a fully furnished turnkey office space that will help you to have the business you have always dreamed of. Call or visit our website today to set up a free tour of our location.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Chula Vista, CA

Your move to the Chula Vista CA area must include a move to a rental property that suits the needs of your business. There are many rental spaces available to your company and must select one that you believe you may use effectively. This article explains how you may select a rental property with help from the Hollywood Production Center.

1: Choose The Best Location

Several locations in the area would work well for your company, but you must ask the HPC team to show you a catalog that explains the many locations you might move to. There are so many offices that you must see several before making a decision. You will find offices that have nice shooting locations nearby, and you must judge the noise level on the street outside. There are moments when the street will help you shoot your content but there are some locations that are simply too loud for you.

2: Price Points

A film production studio cannot function correctly if your company is losing money every month. Selecting an office based on its price is often extremely important when you are working on a budget, and you must find an office that will fit into your budget neatly. Ask the staff to show you an office that will be the right price for your company, and you may narrow your search much more quickly.

3: Furnishings Make The Office Nice To Look At

The fully furnished turnkey office space you choose comes with all the furnishings you need for your company. You will move into an office that is ready to work today, and the office will remain as it is today when you move out. The process of moving in and out becomes quite simple, and you save money attempting to decorate the space. Your company has many other good things to spend your money on, and the furnished office will warmly welcome your guests on day one.

Renting beautiful office space for your company is far more beneficial than aimlessly searching for a place to work. Your office must settle down in a space that is furnished for your comfort, and you must work with a company that will help you find the rental space quickly. Your move to the area becomes simpler, and your business saves precious time that may be used for the production of your content.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Century City, CA

When you want to have a successful business in Century City CA, find a location that stands out. You want your company to look prestigious, and you should have access to state-of-the-art technology that will help your company to be impressive. When you want to gain new clients and do your best work possible, you are going to need to be in the right location, with the proper tools, and be surrounded by people who can inspire you to be your best.

HPC offers world-class amenities to help your business to succeed. You should be able to enjoy having access to high-speed Internet and high-end equipment to help you to do your job to the best of your ability. As an entrepreneur or skilled professional, you will be able to appreciate having access to business centers with upscale technology. You can rent a space monthly or long-term to write, edit, film, and produce your best work yet.

Be thrifty by saving money on start-up costs by sharing space with other businesses while maintaining your own personal business identity. You can thrive around others that have the same mindset as you, and enjoy networking with professionals who can help you to succeed. You will also be able to have a film production studio where you can create amazing results.

Convenience is a big perk of renting a space from Hollywood Production Center. You should have access to your office 24-hours a day and also enjoy ample parking and valet services. There will be 24-hour security surveillance for your safety as well.

Your location will be right in the middle of Hollywood and Glendale, and it will be nice for your business reputation to have such a prestigious address. There will be many fully furnished offices to choose from in a variety of different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your business.

After a long day of work, consider how great it will feel to be able to visit an on-site gym. You can have a personal trainer and also enjoy yoga or get a massage from a professional masseuse. You may also get your car washed or pick up some flowers on-site as well. When you choose to have a fully furnished turnkey office space, you will be able to start your business off right. If you are in the Century City CA area, call us or visit our website today to set up a free tour of our location.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Bel Air, CA

Looking for a film product or post-production space? Need a business office or executive suite in a great location? Maintaining a professional image while having instant access to a fully furnished office can be of tremendous benefit. The amenities that are available with an all-inclusive, turnkey office space eliminate most costs or expenses associated with running a business.

Hollywood Production Center offers office spaces for companies that want to minimize costs while maintaining flexibility. We have offices that are fully furnished, and are immediately available. Our Film production studio is well designed by experts in the field, and come with the proper setup for a great working experience.

From the moment you step into our office building, you will be impressed by the elegant surroundings and the friendly welcome of our professional receptionists. You will be delighted by the high-tech conference rooms and the upscale meeting space. As you tour our facilities, you will notice the striking decor and state-of-the-art technology that is embraced into a properly planned business environment.

We focus on you. We have been catering to businesses and organizations for many years, and we know your office environment can have a great impact on your business. We know you need a cost-effective, all-inclusive office solution and at HPC we strive to exceed your expectations by providing a Fully furnished turnkey office space that integrates comprehensive business support.

We’ve helped numerous businesses and individuals grow and expand by offering them an affordable and professional office. Conduct your meetings in business-ready meetings and conference rooms. You get to eliminate your biggest expense, the cost of maintaining an office.

Whether you are a big corporation or start-up, an entrepreneur or professional working on your own project, we have the workspace solution you need. HPC offers flexible terms in a comfortable working and networking environment that integrates technical support, advanced IT infrastructure, and a highly trained and dedicated staff to provided comprehensive administrative support on-demand, allowing you to concentrate in running and growing your business.

Renting a production space at any of our locations near Bel Air CA means having your business up and running in just a matter of minutes. With our full suite of services and amenities, your business will operate at optimum efficiency. Visit our website now to check out the prestigious location and world-class services that we provide. Be sure to schedule a consultation and free personal viewing.

Fully furnished turnkey office space

Fully furnished turnkey office space near Alhambra CA

Turnkey office spaces are a great option for business people, companies, and professionals who wish to enhance their business’s image and prestige but don’t require huge startup capital. Perfect for companies or individuals who want to avoid stress and hassle, there are several top-notch and sophisticated amenities to choose from.

Hollywood Production Center offers a wide variety of amenities and services which will allow you to run your business efficiently and productively. Rather than worrying about setting up an office from scratch or coming up with large upfront costs, you will have a fully furnished, ready-to-go office. All of our offices and workspaces come fully furnished and well equipped, and the layouts are fully customizable. Maintenance and daily cleaning services are also provided.

In addition to the amenities and services included with our fully furnished turnkey office space HPC also offers various pay-as-you-go options for your convenience. We understand your office and Film production studio needs and offer solutions that are as flexible and innovative as you are.

The benefits can be considerable. Consider the additional costs involved with renting additional space just to hold meetings or hiring a professional receptionist. While most office providers hit you with extra charges, we include all amenities and services you need for one monthly fee.

HPC is your most reliable source for a luxury office space or production studio near Alhambra. We specialize in turnkey and all-inclusive office rentals and executive suites, as well as amenities that will help you convey an impressive image for your company.

Not only does a turnkey office space allow you to move in right away and focus on your project or running your business, but it also eliminates outrageous rental costs that are often associated with traditional offices. Our facilities offer Internet, mail, and telephone services, with flexible lease options. These offices come fully equipped with state-of-the-art business centers and infrastructure designed to help you grow your business and achieve great success.

Our executive office suites and film production space vary in size, but all are well designed and very spacious. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a professional looking to expand your clientele. Our prestigious location near Alhambra CA will make your business look more impressive.

Avoid the worry and time-consuming task of finding, maintaining, and staffing traditional offices. Check out our contemporary, elegantly furnished turnkey office and workspace. Visit our website today, and be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our location.