Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent near Sunset Hills, CA

Hollywood Production Centeris a company that offers turnkey office space that are fully furnished to suit the business and lifestyle of people in the entertainment industry. The HPC Offices near Sunset Hills CA prove to be favorable and suitable one-stop-spot for all production, filming, and editing of content. There are several Hollywood PC at several locations.

Hollywood PC1 in Hollywood, CA
This facility features individual office spaces and executive suites. They are equipped with all amenities that are required. This luxury fully furnished offices with all the requirements for one’s project. Residents also get to enjoy an on-site café and gym where they can unwind. They also offer valet parking, with the staff always ensuring that the space is clean at all times, and there is sufficient security. All one needs is their laptop, and they can get on with work.

Hollywood PC2 in Glendale, CA
These turnkey office space are large and fully furnished. They also are equipped with mid-sized and large meeting rooms offering the much-needed convenience when conducting meetings. The office spaces come with state-of-the-art furniture and kitchenettes. They also have a team of staff who provide all other support services like billings, cleaning, and car washing. One also gets to enjoy the services of the gym and a personal trainer to unwind after a hard day’s works.

Hollywood PC3 in Glendale, CA
These luxury office spaces come with balconies, private entrances, and skylights. They are fully furnished offices with a modern touch, giving a sleek and stylishly modern look. The offices and luxury office suites are also staffed with a masseuse and a personal trainer. Valet parking is also provided. One can hire the janitorial staff to work on-site for cleaning purposes.

Hollywood PC4 in Hollywood, CA
This is a two-story office building that has more than 100 office spaces. It is equipped with a conference room and a gym. A café is also included in the space. The building is also equipped with patios, upstairs and downstairs for monthly mixers, hence, proving to be a suitable space for members of the entertainment industry to set up a base.

Hollywood PC5 in Glendale, CA
This Hollywood PC facility is located next to The Americana on Brand. It is a four-story building comprising of over 100 fully furnished offices, conference rooms, a gym, and a café. Downstairs and upstairs patios provide space for monthly mixers.

At these facilities, tenants get to enjoy fully furnished office suites and executive suites of various sizes, ample parking including valet parking, high-speed data and Internet connection, gym, trainers, and masseuse, among other facilities and services depending on the HPC facility near Sunset Hills CA that one chooses. Additionally, all of the Hollywood Production Centers are pet-friendly.
These Hollywood PC facilities offer all the convenience to the members of the entertainment scene when carrying out their work. Visit HPC website to know more about the different facilities and also subscribe to a free tour of the location.