Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent near Glassell Park, CA

Locating the perfect luxury office for your business can be a heavy burden to carry. This is because many office spaces that are located near Glassell Park CA fail to meet the needs and expectations of professionals. For individuals that are searching for the perfect office space, the Hollywood PC has the best solution for you.

Once you sign a lease at the HPC, you will be able to access a fully furnished office suite that has everything you need to get and stay productive. Each of the suites is equipped with modern furniture such as a desk, chairs, and also decor. In addition to having proper furniture to work from, these suites also include high-speed internet, phone, and data services. Just plug in your laptop, fax machine, or telephone and you will be in service immediately. Fully furnished offices that are preinstalled with needed services help guests to save time and money.

Professionals can get much work done in their private suite or they can use the onsite conference room. This innovative conference room is equipped to accommodate a large group of people. A group project can easily get completed in this type of room. There is no need to worry about parking for your guests. The HPC have an ample amount of parking to accommodate co-workers, partners, employees, or your project crew. In addition to having access to a conference room and a parking area that can a large number of your guests, this facility also provides guests with many conveniences when it comes to the length of the leases. Guests can choose between short-term leases or long-term leases.

This turnkey office space not only offers luxury office spaces to its guests it also makes its entire facility available for filming. Guests that sign a least with Hollywood PC will be able to utilize areas to shoot their film. This is a plus for professionals in the film industry that would like to be able to shoot a scene whenever they want without having to worry about obtaining a permit.

The Hollywood PC understands that its guests would like to unwind after a long day of filming or conducting business. For these individuals, this office complex offers a range of amenities that help to do just that. These amenities include an onsite gym, game room, sauna, and Jacuzzi.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent near Sunset Hills, CA

Hollywood Production Centeris a company that offers turnkey office space that are fully furnished to suit the business and lifestyle of people in the entertainment industry. The HPC Offices near Sunset Hills CA prove to be favorable and suitable one-stop-spot for all production, filming, and editing of content. There are several Hollywood PC at several locations.

Hollywood PC1 in Hollywood, CA
This facility features individual office spaces and executive suites. They are equipped with all amenities that are required. This luxury fully furnished offices with all the requirements for one’s project. Residents also get to enjoy an on-site café and gym where they can unwind. They also offer valet parking, with the staff always ensuring that the space is clean at all times, and there is sufficient security. All one needs is their laptop, and they can get on with work.

Hollywood PC2 in Glendale, CA
These turnkey office space are large and fully furnished. They also are equipped with mid-sized and large meeting rooms offering the much-needed convenience when conducting meetings. The office spaces come with state-of-the-art furniture and kitchenettes. They also have a team of staff who provide all other support services like billings, cleaning, and car washing. One also gets to enjoy the services of the gym and a personal trainer to unwind after a hard day’s works.

Hollywood PC3 in Glendale, CA
These luxury office spaces come with balconies, private entrances, and skylights. They are fully furnished offices with a modern touch, giving a sleek and stylishly modern look. The offices and luxury office suites are also staffed with a masseuse and a personal trainer. Valet parking is also provided. One can hire the janitorial staff to work on-site for cleaning purposes.

Hollywood PC4 in Hollywood, CA
This is a two-story office building that has more than 100 office spaces. It is equipped with a conference room and a gym. A café is also included in the space. The building is also equipped with patios, upstairs and downstairs for monthly mixers, hence, proving to be a suitable space for members of the entertainment industry to set up a base.

Hollywood PC5 in Glendale, CA
This Hollywood PC facility is located next to The Americana on Brand. It is a four-story building comprising of over 100 fully furnished offices, conference rooms, a gym, and a café. Downstairs and upstairs patios provide space for monthly mixers.

At these facilities, tenants get to enjoy fully furnished office suites and executive suites of various sizes, ample parking including valet parking, high-speed data and Internet connection, gym, trainers, and masseuse, among other facilities and services depending on the HPC facility near Sunset Hills CA that one chooses. Additionally, all of the Hollywood Production Centers are pet-friendly.
These Hollywood PC facilities offer all the convenience to the members of the entertainment scene when carrying out their work. Visit HPC website to know more about the different facilities and also subscribe to a free tour of the location.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent near Edendale, CA

Hollywood Production Companies is an expert at providing clients with the kind of fully-furnished Turnkey Office space that they need to work effectively on their film production, whatever it may be. If you are looking near Edendale, CA for a comfortable and efficient office environment with all the space and amenities you will need to support your production then look no further than Hollywood PC.

Let’s get down to details. Here are some of the features that come with renting or leasing from Hollywood PC. Their offices provide flexible leases that can range from month to month or year long. They provide spacious parking and valet services, all inside a secure, gated facility. They have a full range of utilities and include pre-installed high-speed internet. HPC comes with a professional reception area where you can meet clients or contacts as well as janitorial services and a 24-hour security surveillance system to keep your office clean and your valuable equipment secure.

Enjoy a fully furnished office or suite equipped with skylights, personal kitchen, private entrance and viewing balcony. To supplement shooting there is also room for additional sets, notably office and roof space as well as gyms, patios, and courtyards.

Renting from Hollywood PC guarantees your production an advantage over others by providing an all-inclusive package that gives you top benefits and plenty of chances to save money. Same-day move-in is always available and clients enjoy high-quality technology with all the necessary IT infrastructure already pre-installed.

As you can see they have everything your production needs to be successful, at least when you’re working outside the studio. Locations provide all the necessary support so that the clients and their staff can focus on what’s really important, their production. Maximize productivity while working in a comfortable but professional environment with versatility and access. Consider browsing their website and subscribing to get a free tour so you can see in person if their executive suites are right for you.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent near Eagle Rock, CA

If you are a film producer or writer in California, then Hollywood Productions is guaranteed to fit your needs. Located in Southern California, Hollywood Productions offers high-quality office spaces for professionals in the entertainment industry. Hollywood Productions works with professionals in the publishing, new media, TV/film production, and post-production industries by giving them a workspace that they deserve. These workspaces are state-of-the-art with a focus on customer service and all of the amenities to keep you comfortable.

Near Eagle Rock CA, Hollywood PC offers a fully furnished office space for rent. This fully furnished office offers the perfect facility for professionals who work hard and play hard. This office offers the latest state-of-the-art technology for business-minded entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry. It offers an executive and luxury suite. The executive suites are ideal for the elite professional to work in style. The luxury office offers high-class, rich, leather furniture. Whether in our executive suites or luxury office, entertainment professionals can work not only with style but with class.

As a turnkey office space, Hollywood PC can easily be transitioned to you with very little hassle. You can move in on the day that you sign your lease. You can choose from a month-to-month to a long-term lease, depending on the length of your project. Also, with high-quality internet, pre-installed voice and data, as well as a sound stage, you can create your film productions in the HPC office.

Hollywood Productions is the ideal place for a budding writer or editor, filmmaker, or startup entrepreneur. With modern conveniences such as an on-site gym, car wash, and a yoga instructor, Hollywood Productions can easily be transitioned to your home away from home. Also, HPC offers skylights, private balconies, and private kitchens, so you can cook and dine in style. When filming, Hollywood Productions offers office sets, gyms, and rooftops for a variety of scenes.

If you are looking for a fully furnished office space, where you can live, work and play in comfort and style, then contact Hollywood Productions today. Visit to sign up for a free tour of the Hollywood Productions office space near Eagle Rock CA.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent in Glendale, CA

If you are a production company, a creative team, or just looking for somewhere to make media in Downtown Los Angeles CA, then you know how important it is to have a central location with a professional building. It can be hard finding somewhere that offers the right space with enough offices and an ideal location for filming. Luckily, Hollywood PC is your all-in-one solution to get your venture up and running.

Sporting a six floored building that has stylish architecture, HPC has the ideal property in Glendale, CA. This building includes stand-alone offices and office suites. On top of this, you can make use of its large to mid-sized meeting rooms. All offices are fully furnished offices, so you can save money and do not have to worry about if something looks professional or not.

This fitting facility comes with executive suites and many other amenities to keep you and your team focused on their task. For instance, the janitorial staff is already employed for day-to-day cleaning. More amenities include an on-site gym, a professional reception area, ample parking, and even a car wash. If you are worried about power or water, Hollywood PC has this covered for you. Also, there is high-speed internet already installed.

For filming and production, on-site locations are accompanied by this facility. There are patios, office sets, a gym, and a courtyard along with many other locations. If a break is needed, the office suites offer private kitchens and balconies for relaxation. There are also break rooms where members of the team can go. With this and the other amenities, break time will be the rejuvenating experience it needs to be to make work productive and keep everyone in their best creative mindset.

This facility in Glendale, CA is an excellent choice for anyone in the media industry. Whether you are a producer, manager, a creative team, or just looking for somewhere to shoot music videos or commercials, Hollywood PC has the perfect location in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale. This type of Turnkey office space is not be offered by anyone better.

Go to HPC’s website to subscribe for a free tour of the location. Here, there is more information about the facility and all the other services that are provided with it. You will quickly realize that you can not find a better area that offers a luxury office, valet parking, and several other complimentary amenities that suit your needs most. Again, go to to subscribe for a free tour. It is worth your time if you want to make sure that your passion is creatively successful.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent near Chula Vista, CA

Moving out of your home office and moving your business activities to a more dynamic and professional location can be a vast improvement to the productivity and image of your company. Unluckily, such transitions are always associated with so many expenses and hassles such as looking for a perfect location and searching for the right fixtures and equipment for your office near Chula Vista CA. Renting a fully furnished office space can be a solution to this problem, and it will you no to think about such expenses allowing you to concentrate on more paramount issues of your business.

As well as helping you save a lot, the following are some of the advantages that can be accrued from selecting to rent a fully furnished Turnkey office space for your business requirements.

1. Allows for a quick and easy start-up

Making the important decision of moving out of your home office or relocating to a new office can be a time-consuming activity. Every little thing involved in the relocation process, from equipment to the cost involved, must be given some careful contemplation. Something as easy as selecting the perfect style of HPC fittings, making an order, and receiving the delivery can take time. Renting furnished office space eradicates the necessity of all this waiting and time-wasting. Renting furnished office space in Hollywood PC is a perfect idea since you will have the ability to work the moment you arrive.

2. Affordability

Renting a furnished office space as an alternative of furnishing it on your own will save you a lot of cash. It is crucial to carry out some research into available space as websites that have office space to rent in Hollywood PC at very reasonable rates. The money that you save will help you get your business operating while resting guaranteed that your luxury office will be a fully furnished workplace and ready to use as you need it.

3. Working in a professional atmosphere

Irrespective of the business type and size, it is vital for your business to have a professional image. Customers must be given a sense of competence and consistency, both of which can be articulated via a professional image, executive suites, bright décor, and the most modernized technological features that a furnished workplace offers. Provided with the attention to detail that is set with the décor of furnished workplace space, renting one will help you in projecting the image of your business.

For more information, visit and get more benefits and reasons why Hollywood PC is an excellent location to rent your office.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent near Century City, CA

The perfect production starts with the perfect office location, and here at Hollywood PC, we believe we have the best place for you to work in comfort and style. Our office spaces are comfortable, clean and have everything that you could ask for to work successfully and without interruption.

Our stylish fully furnished office spaces are a favorite of many successful individuals in the entertainment industry, from writers to producers to editors and designers. No matter what you need to get done, our state-of-the-art facilities can help you manage and complete your work in a professional and supportive environment.

With locations in Hollywood and Glendale, our beautiful offices are within close proximity of Century City CA. Current tenants of our buildings include individuals from MetaTV, SyFy, the CW and many more. Each office is outfitted with modern technology, stylish and comfortable offices, balconies, and skylights.

Our buildings provide gyms complete with showers, trainers, yoga instructors, and equipment that rivals any gym in the area. Each building provides tenants with ample parking and 24-hour security, so you can keep yourself and your belongings safe. If you have a furry friend, you’ll be pleased to know that we provide a dog-friendly environment.

We understand that depending on your job you will have different needs, which is why each of our luxury office spaces has different specializations. Hollywood PC1 is targeted toward people in the production side of things, including producers, editors, and writers. The executive suites at Hollywood PC2 have facilities for executives and PR professionals. The modern art accommodations at Hollywood PC3 make it a favorite for production and post-production. Hollywood PC4 welcomes professionals from all areas of the entertainment industry and has amenities such as a gym and on-site café. Hollywood PC5 is our newest facility which has an on-site hair salon, café, gym as well as some of the fastest internets you’ll find anywhere in the city. Our TENTEN Wilshire facility is perfect for the tech-savvy, including production, post-production, electronic gaming and more. Each turnkey office space is unique while offering each client, from startups to major networks, the best facilities available.

No matter what your position in the entertainment industry is, HPC can provide you with the best amenities at a reasonable price. If you’re interested and want to see if our office spaces are for you, please visit our website and schedule a free tour today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office Space Near Bel Air CA

Bel Air CA has beautiful neighborhoods and great weather all year round including luxury office space that creates a great place to work and run a professional business. Hollywood PC offers high-end office space that caters to writers, the film makes, creative teams, producers, managers, and all members of the entertainment industry. HPC understands the important of quality secure office space that inspires your work. Run a business from our fully furnished offices in the same community that Burt Reynolds and Michael Caine call home.

Discover turnkey office space that is designed for the savvy and innovative business professional. You’ll get amazing office space that invokes creativity. Get the latest technology in a fully equipped luxury office space with a reception desk and conference room. Get a private or shared office space, but HPC also has open space offices available. Never worry about losing your office space just before your ready to move in by putting down a deposit. It’s similar to a high-end plug-and-work office setup. They single to single professionals and full-service business models.

Executive Suites Amenities

– Utilities Included
– Beautiful Workspaces
– Weekly Networking Events
– Meeting Room Rentals
and much more…

Their wide range of services is enough to meet your needs. There is fully furnished space available that is ready for you to occupy. They cater to freelance professional and corporate executives. You can reserve your office space today by contacting them for a tour of the building. Shop around for the office space that works best for you and start working from your new office tomorrow. The rental office property is a great financial investment because it leaves room to increase your cash flow, be creative, and find solidarity to manage your business.

You’ll have a professional receptionist that is included in the bill. Our office space is great for legal professionals, events, training, nonprofits, and more. Busy professionals don’t have to worry about the cost of traditional office space because they can rent space when they need it on a short or long-term basis. Their luxury office space will leave your clients feeling comfortable and paying attention to the rich decor and interior design. Your office space should be warm and invite your customers to a relaxed environment to meet and do business in style.

Other Amenities Include

– free wifi
– printer/copy/scan
– coffee/tea/water
– video conferencing
and much more…

Get the reliable and affordable luxurious office space you need by contacting Hollywood PC today.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent Near Altadena, CA

Altadena CA is a wonderful place to operate a business and work at the same time. More importantly, finding great office space has never been easier and more cost-efficient. You have the option of renting a fully furnished office with the benefits of a luxury office. Rent an office space for the fraction of the cost of renting from a building owner in California and investing in furnishing your own office space. Forget the expenses and focus on the daily operations of your business.

Hollywood PC provides excellent executive suites that target producers, writers, directors, and creative teams because it’s the perfect location to write, edit, film, and produce in an all-in-one exclusive private fully furnished office setting for rent on a long or short term basis. HPC is your go-to office professionals for turnkey office space. HPC offers dynamic professional office space to meet the demands of your customers. Below are the many benefits of renting office space from Hollywood PC.

Quick & Easy

Renting office space allows you to put the worry of expenses behind you and simply choose your unique office style from a variety of executive suites. Deciding and paying for office space is quick and easy.

Very Affordable

Renting office space is far less expensive than renting your own space without furnishings. The money that you save can contribute to the cash flow of your business. Eliminate the hassle of having to coordinate your office space.

A Professional Climate

HPC is a quality office space that works well for high net clientele. You’ll get upgraded office technology with a signature decor to match. Your clients will pay close attention to detail while doing their business in a relaxed setting.

More importantly, rented office space allows you to grow with your business. It works well for a freelance worker to a fully functional big business. You don’t have to look for bigger office space as your business expands. Don’t waste time trying to grow your business while things are going well because this can be extremely hard to do and expensive. Avoid the stress and spend more time catering to your business.

As a business owner, you want your office space to have a physical address and rental space solves that problem. If you decide not to work from home and you want to expand to a great location in California explore the savvy innovative fully furnished turnkey office opportunities. Luxury office rental space is just a decision away today.

Fully Furnished Office For Rent

Fully Furnished Office For Rent near Alhambra CA

When you need fully-furnished turnkey office space for filming, publishing, post-production, executive offices, or other space for creative work, the Hollywood Production Center near Alhambra CA is the place to call. We have everything you will need to get your work done without interruptions. We specialize in immediate occupancy of space for TV and film production, news media, and any other short-term work projects. Our rates include utilities, Internet access, and phone service.

Our beautiful center offers full-service amenities and quality customer service. Just bring your work and you will be set. The HPC has been in business since 2001, serving the needs of professionals and the entertainment industry. We are a home away from home for those working on films or special projects. We offer furnished suites, voice and data services, a gym with showers, an on-site café, and a hair salon for your convenience. We have anything and everything you will need right here.

The Hollywood PC allows you to conduct your business among your peers, where everyone is busy getting things done. Short-term leases are available or longer ones if you need more time. Alhambra is the city where several successful TV shows have been produced including NCIS, The Family Guy, and Family Feud.

The facility offers fully furnished office suites and plenty of parking, in a gated facility. There is a professional reception area, janitorial services, and 24-hour security guards. Each suite comes with pre-installed voice, data, and Internet service. Offices come with private kitchens and private entrances. There are a variety of filming locations available. You have rooftop filming, penthouse, in-suite, office filming, pool area filming, and more. If you are filming a game show, there are areas for contestant casting and contestant living accommodations.

The suites and living quarters are pet-friendly and have concierge services available. Executive suites and some luxury office spaces have views of downtown Los Angeles. This is a beautiful facility that will give you the type of work environment where you can get the job done best. Come take a tour of the facilities and move on the same day if you need to.