Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Brentwood, CA

Are you looking for a fully furnished corporate office or an executive office in Brentwood that is excellent in terms of space and budget? Well, Hollywood Production Center is the answer for you.

Hollywood Production Center has been in existence since 2001 and is known for its admirable reputation of establishing top-quality office facilities for filming, productions, scriptwriting, and editing of a film.

A visit to Hollywood Production Center will offer you the ultimate description of excellent facilities. The facilities are clean, modern, and fully functional, proving to be the perfect place to set up your office space. The furnishings and the finishes have a modern touch and are strategically located in spaces that have great lighting. To ensure that you stay healthy and fit, the facility is equipped with a modern gym. A yoga instructor, a masseuse, personal trainer, and staff are readily available to offer you the services that you need at any time.

The office suites in Brentwood CA are based in four locations. All four locations are equipped with similar amenities that will ensure you have the most productive stay. To maintain the incredible level of exquisiteness, the janitorial staff work every single day to ensure the facilities are clean and perfect at all times. The security is also tight. Given that the film industry is an expensive one, it is key that the workers in the industry are protected alongside their equipment. HPC has contracted a private security firm that ensures that security at the facilities is not compromised. Thus, you can be sure to conduct your business comfortably.

The package for this gated facility includes features such as fully furnished office suites that vary in size, ample parking that includes valet parking, high-speed internet connection, on-site gym, and office suites that include a private kitchen, skylights, private entrances, and balconies. The amenities are world-class, and the technology is of high quality to facilitate the highest level of production.

In addition to the incredible staff and the state-of-the-art amenities, Hollywood PC has cultivated and natured a sense of community among the staff and the tenants. This means you can always feel comfortable engaging and even partner with the other tenants and persons in the location.
The offices are available for lease on either a short-term or a long-term basis. This allows you to have the much-needed flexibility to alter the space as your needs change. You get to save up on start-up costs while still maintaining your professional identity. The office suites and the other amenities ensure that an environment where you thrive best is created and maintained.
Visit the HPC website to schedule a tour of the facilities. You can tour today and move in on the same day. Hollywood Production Center office space is exactly what anyone in the film production and media industry needs.