Film Production Facilities

Film Production Facilities in Los Feliz, CA

Are you in the Los Feliz CA area and find yourself in need of a production office space that offers you a range of amenities that will help you to easily get work done? If so then look no further than the Hollywood Production Center. We offer you an office space that has been fully furnished along with other benefits that can help boost your creativity and the quality of your filming project.

Many professionals today have a limited amount of time and patience and at HPC we understand this. Therefore we offer office suites that have been pre-installed with internet services (including wifi), data, and telephone services. The offices also come equipped with all the furniture needed to begin working on your next filming venture.

There is no need to waste valuable time picking out furniture for your new office or scheduling the delivery men to come and drop it off to you. When you sign a lease agreement with us you can get to work right away.

At this film production facilities; we also give you the ability to optimize your work area by modifying it. You can request a certain plant or, if you would like, we can rearrange your office so that your creativity can flow better. We are keen on customer satisfaction so if you have a request we will try our best to fulfill it.

In addition to allowing our guests the ability to get to work immediately, we also offer you on-site services that can help you to relax, become rejuvenated, and feel refreshed. We have an on-site gym that can allow you to release tension from working on a difficult filming project. You also have the choice of recruiting a personal trainer to assist you with your workout. We also have yoga instructors that can help you to become even more productive by guiding you through mediation routines that can help you to get back focused. Also, after a long day of working, we have showers available to our guests that will allow them to wash away the stresses of the day.

At HPC your staff is also welcome to assist you on your projects. You can either offer them entrance into your office or if more space is needed we have a conference room that is available for you. Our conference room has an ample amount of space and equipment to accommodate the needs of your guests and your project.