Film Production Facilities

Film Production Facilities in Highland Park, CA

Looking for a production space or workspace in Highland Park CA? All-inclusive office space is one of the most innovative office rental solutions today. Most professionals and business people do not have the time or simply do not want to deal with furnishing a new office. The simple solution, which offers immediate occupancy, has always been to rent a serviced or furnished office space. This means, moving into an all-inclusive space, without setting up an office from scratch and outfitting the space for technology.

Hollywood Production Center caters to the entertainment community, as well as business owners, lawyers and professionals in Highland Park and surrounding areas. We specialize in immediate occupancy of serviced office space and workspace for film production, creative writing, post-production, publishing, and media companies. We have several beautiful facilities located in the most prestigious areas, and we offer world-class amenities and top-notch customer service. Our office suites allow business people to have a professional environment without the up-front investment.

Clients are impressed by our stylish and comfortable executive office suites, conference room, and meeting spaces. We have a friendly, professional receptionist to answer your business calls, as well as outstanding administrative support. HPC Customer service is provided by an experienced team dedicated to ensuring your business success.

HPC facility amenities include month to month and long term leases. Our turnkey facility offers a perfect filming location and includes office sets, rooftops, gym, swimming pool, courtyard, patio, jacuzzi, and much more. We also have fully furnished office spaces, executive suites, and production space ranging in various sizes. Enjoy beautifully designed and lavishly furnished spaces and Film production studio. Large lounge area, 24-hour security surveillance, janitorial service, and secure parking, including valet parking, are also provided in our gated facility.

Every location offers a prestigious business address with professionally furnished and equipped sophisticated buildings. Save money on start-up expenses, and enjoy the benefit of a shared office while maintaining your identity. Your savings are also realized in time when you share amenities or office space, and you are not responsible for the maintenance and management of operations. There is no place like ours.

Chances for success increase when you have access to technology and other amenities necessary to operate a business. Take advantage of our flexible leases, affordable monthly operational costs, classy amenities, and other high-quality services that we provide so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today to schedule a free tour of our Film Production Facilities and executive suites.