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Executive Offices & Executive Suites near Griffith Park, CA

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood of DTLA to start leasing new office space, you might like renting near Griffith Park, CA. This park is where the famous Griffith Observatory can be found, and there happen to be several fun trails and exploration sites there that make it a nice getaway place. And for filmmakers, there are great places in the neighborhood for getting good background shots in film scenes, and you can rent office space from our property near Griffith Park where you can get your film planning and other work done. But it’s not just any office space you’ll find here; it’s a first-class workspace with a fun and exciting atmosphere.

The place to be working from is Hollywood Production Center, and so named because notable TV and movies have been produced here. The office rentals are fully furnished, and you basically only need to bring your devices and documents in to get to work. We have administrative assistants who can manage your schedule, an IT department who can help with any IT network issues, and housekeeping staff who keep the premises clean at all times. Along with renting executive suites, you can also reserve time to use our sound stage for major filming activities.

Our Hollywood PC place has a lot more than just standard business and filming amenities. Snack bars, Aveda Salon shops, a spa, and a gym where you’ll have your own locker area also are found here. When you rent our executive offices, you can sign up for a flexible lease plan allowing you to rent on both short-term and long-term agreements with no major commitments when you do. You just need to get started soon so you don’t miss out on any available space, or miss out on big discounts for moving in. Schedule a tour or find out more about our properties by calling 1-833-472-0404, or visiting our website at