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Executive Offices & Executive Suites near Bel Air, CA

What does the new office look like for newer generations of workers and new film producers? It’s certainly changing from old corporate office layouts to new already prepared turnkey office space which can include open collaborative coworking space. This new office space can be found at our facility near Bel Air, CA, and film setup can be a breeze here. We have leased out to many Hollywood clients with motion picture company executives utilizing our office and stage space for major TV productions. But we also welcome other business professionals to our place.

The filming and standard business amenities plus additional client services are all part of our Hollywood Production Center. All offices are ready to use immediately, and there are very few overhead costs of renting here. All executive suites come with access to public office equipment, and our Wi-Fi is both fast and highly secured to protect important data. Our staff includes administrative assistants, valet parking attendants, concierge personnel, IT technicians, fully trained security professionals, and housekeeping. You can access your office 24/7 including through a private entrance, and other features offered include balcony office rentals and private kitchen use.

Hollywood PC is always ready for stages to get setup and cameras to get rolling. You can get your equipment set up in our sound stage area, and our engineers can work with your effects team when there’s heavy-duty work involved. There are also corporate events and opportunities for film networking and casting meetings here, and if that wasn’t enough, you can also tour our executive offices property. The tour is completely free, but if you’re thrilled with what you see, we can get you signed up on a lease immediately. To schedule a tour or make other inquiries, call us at 1-833-472-0404, or visit our website at