Executive Office Suites for Rent


Finding the right executive office suite can be frustrating and stressful. Many of the spaces available offer limited amenities and they do not meet the needs of today’s professional. For residents of Toluca Lake CA Hollywood Production Center has perfect Executive Suites for you to rent.

Executive Office Suites available at this production center has a host of benefits that will allow you to get to work immediately. All of the suites come fully furnished. For you this means that no time needs to be wasted locating the perfect office furniture and having it delivered. Just bring in your personal items and you will be able to get work as soon as you sign your new lease. Also, professionals will be able to get to work quickly with the help of pre-installed voice, data and high speed internet.

These office suites are a perfect fit for any professional including individuals that are in the movie industry. When you sign a lease with HPC, you gain access to on-site filming locations. These locations are available to you at anytime. There is no need to waste time getting filming permits, because your lease is your filming permit.

Another great benefit of these executive suites is that they also accommodate you when you have a meeting. Your partners, clients, or co-workers will be able to get much work done with the on-site meeting spaces. This facility has conference and whiteboard rooms that will provide essential equipment needed to make sure that your meeting is a success.

In addition to offering amenities that will help you get much work done, this facility also include opportunities for you to relax. With an on-site masseuse you will be able to shed the stress and frustration built up during the day or week. If a good work-out is how you release stress then this facility also has you covered. With an in-house gym, personal trainer, and instructor you will be able to find a physical activity that will clear your mind and allow yourself to become more productive.

Another benefit of these executive suites is the ability to be flexible. Unlike other spaces that are available, HPC gives guests the opportunity to sign a month-to-month or long-term lease. Whether you need an office space for three months or three years; this facility will be able to meet your needs. Further flexibility is given with the various size office spaces available. Also, if your business expands and you need an additional room you will have the opportunity to expand your currently rented office space.