Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Alhambra, CA

If you’re near the very social Alhambra CA area, you’ll find office space to accommodate the needs of your small, or midsize corporation. Surprisingly, their office space caters to professionals in need of quiet space. You’ll find everything your team needs with the help of superior in-office amenities from Hollywood PC. In fact, their office space offers an amazing opportunity to host your short-term event. Enjoy a completely energetic environment for proactive, savvy, and productive business executives. Their upscale office space will make it easy to come to work every day; ready to perform your best.

You will be able to use their full conference, and events center, meeting, listening, and music room with any standard leasing agreement. Their friendly online, and facility administrative personnel can tell you, if you qualify, and get you the keys to your new office the same day. The best part of being part of their social office setting is being able to use their location for hosting mixers, fundraisers, events, and corporate parties. Their guests can also enjoy their rooftop lounge, pool, and helipad. Choose from 4 unique office locations with several floor plans including a penthouse suite.

HPC offers their patrons a great opportunity to also have an all-in-one film location. Their space caters to every facet of the entertainment industry with professional production assistance upon request, and the perfect point and set location. They have one of the very few local area turnkey opportunities in the area. Their contract agreement is a simple process that allows you to stay as long, or short as you want. They make it easy to get serious business professionals approved for office space.

They’re ready to host your next social networking events in a completely gated community including valet parking. Your privacy is very important because they provide their customers with responsive security personnel and 24-hour surveillance monitoring. Contact one of their customer service for more details on scheduling a tour. Enjoy the HPC office community today.