Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Sunset Hills, CA

If you looking for the best venue and amenities for ensuring a successful event, you’ve come to the right place. Entrust your events space search to our experienced staff.

Hollywood PC is dedicated to providing high quality amenities and services every time. We will help you to select the perfect space for Hosting Mixers or other occasion near Sunset Hills.

HPC facilities are ideal for any professional or company personnel looking for a sophisticated environment to host Social Networking or corporate event. We have ready-to-go space for your special occasion. Featuring a fully customizable layout, presentation screens, dynamic lighting, cutting-edge teleconferencing, and state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to make your big day unforgettable.

We also offer a great opportunity for production companies, entertainment professionals, and corporate executives to find the perfect location and space for their projects.

We have a variety of office spaces, from open shared workspace to executive suites and private offices, as well as fully-equipped production and post-production office spaces. Our office spaces have huge balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, and tremendous views of the city.

All HPC locations have large lounge area, high-tech meeting rooms, high-speed Internet access, modern business center, on-site cafe, well-equipped kitchen, fully-stocked restrooms and 24/7 building security. Take a break in our break room, which has high-quality teas and coffee, filtered water, a refrigerator, a microwave, and much more.

Our facility has everything you’ll need to host a successful event. We work closely with clients to plan and ensure the success of their events.

Our staff is available and ready to assist you in getting the perfect space for your needs. We’ll make recommendations on how to set up your Social Networking Events space.

Just visit our website to submit a request for your free tour of our fabulous location near Sunset Hills CA. We will get back to you promptly.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Little Armenia, CA

One of the best ways to bring film production executives, directors, actors, and other people together for a common cause is through hosting social networking events at our office space facilities. These networking events can have a variety of activities whether it’s poolside cocktail parties, afternoon coffee or light refreshment offerings, or more formal black-tie gatherings. But if you’re looking for a place to host these events near Little Armenia CA, we have just the place to do it at our Hollywood Production Center place. Our facility has corporate office spaces plus many indoor gathering rooms and outdoor rooftop and balcony areas with the Los Angeles skyline in the background.

Experience Our Hollywood Production Center To The Fullest

The Hollywood PC experience is like few others of its kind. You not only have a place where you can put together a full production of TV shows or movies thanks to our sound stage and filming areas; you’ve also got high-quality internet, office equipment and IT infrastructure built into our facility. We have fully furnished turnkey office spaces that are not only ready for you to move in but also have secretarial and janitorial staff there to manage your meetings and keep your place clean when you’re gone. You not only have a place to meet with your clients, but also to entertain them and give them refreshments at your private kitchens, and if you need to come to the office at odd hours, you’ll have 24/7 access.

See Hollywood Production Center Beforehand By Taking A Free Tour

If you’re interested in hosting mixers and getting more out of our office spaces, you should come see them for yourself. We allow all prospective tenants to take a free tour of our HPC locations before renting them out so that they can decide for themselves if they’re right for them. If you tour here and decide it’s where you want to work and play, you can get started with your move-in immediately. But you’ll need to hurry because our office suites usually get taken quickly. To schedule your free tour, you can call us at 1-888-299-5107 or visit us at

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Mount Olympus, CA

The Mount Olympus CA drive runs through the general Hollywood residential area, and it also runs near one of our corporate office locations where networking events are often hosted. These events are ways that you can meet important clients or future cast or team members in a more laid-back setting and our facilities have a variety of venues for which you can do that. Whether you want your networking event to be an evening black-tie banquet kind of setting or cocktail party, or just an afternoon get together with a few refreshments, we’re here to help with hosting mixers.

What Our Corporate Office Space Company Is All About

Our company is about giving you the space you need to make your present and future entertainment productions happen. At Hollywood PC, we have areas not only for hosting your networking events but also for doing on-site film shooting, sound stage testing, light and background engineering, and everything else our technical crew can help you with. But when you’re not out in the field shooting, you might be in one of our gyms getting in shape or in a spa getting a massage, all of which are part of our facilities.

Your Personal Office

Our offices at HPC are fully-furnished and our high-speed wi-fi and enterprise internet helps make sure you’re always up to speed with your work. Our offices also have copiers and fax machines, and when you want to have smaller social networking events you can bring guests to your private kitchen or balcony area. You’ll have 24/7 access to your office and our housekeeping staff will make sure it’s made spotless when you’re gone. Our company knows when you work or play here, you expect nothing but the best.

Take A Look At Our Place With Our Free Tours

All available office suites at our HPC location near Mount Olympus CA can be seen through a free tour that we offer. Our staff will greet you and show you around the building, and then take you to any office spaces you’re interested in. These tours are completely free and if you love the office space you see and want to move in, we can get the paperwork ready for you to do so. You should not wait because our best office spaces get taken quickly, so get the tour today by calling 1-888-299-5107 or visiting and filling in the tour form.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Spaulding Square, CA

Part of running a successful entertainment company is getting to know those you plan to market your work to, or getting a chance to meet those who plan to audition for your cast. If you’re going to be doing recruiting or making connections near Spaulding Square CA, you should consider hosting a networking event at one of our office space facilities. We have the perfect setting for any type of entertainment networking event whether it’s formal or informal. Whether you want your networking event in the main reception hall area or a more private setting such as a balcony area or rooftop, all you have to do is reserve time with us.

The Big Features Of Our Hollywood Production Center

We’ve created the perfect atmosphere at Hollywood PC to give film production executives, actors, directors, technical engineers, and artists space both to rehearse and work on perfecting their big hit, and time to engage in more relaxing activities. Besides just our lobby, reception, and conference room areas for social networking events, there’s also a gym and massage rooms for when you want to work out or just get time alone to relax. But most importantly we’ve given our tenants first-class office space with all the features they need. Our offices not only have up-to-date desktop computers, printers, high-speed internet, and quality IT support; they also have private kitchens and private entrances to the building, and our custodians will make sure they’re completely clean while you’re away.

The Tour Is Free

If you’re ready to host or join networking events at HPC and would love to see what our offices are like, you should take a tour of our place near Spaulding Square. The tour is given completely free by our friendly staff and you’re under no obligation to move in, but you’re sure to fall in love with our place and we can show you any of our available fully-furnished offices you wish to see. If that’s not enough, we can also arrange for you to move in on the same day if you so choose. Just remember that our office spaces are always filling up, so you should schedule a tour today by calling 1-888-299-5107 or visiting and filling in our tour request contact form.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Brentwood, CA

If you’re looking for a place to get to know clients in your entertainment profession, social networking events hosted at our office facility center are a great way to do so. It may be a night of drinks and special presentations for guests or a more casual event for meeting and greeting that you choose, but whichever kind of networking event you’re looking to host we’ve got the places in our office facilities to do so. We have lobbies, conference rooms and large indoor spaces to accommodate larger crowds, and we also have outdoor spaces and places for smaller and less formal places for hosting mixers.

The Reason Our Hollywood Production Center Is A Great Networking Location

We have office locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area including near Brentwood CA and we’re not hard to find. But we aren’t just about hosting networking functions; we are also one of Los Angeles’s premier office providers. Our Hollywood PC office rentals are turnkey and come with top first-class amenities including state-of-the-art computers and office machines, comfortable office furniture and space management, and even private kitchen areas and balcony access. We also have on-site sound stages for shooting film and testing out effects for the film, and we even have outdoor locations and props for whatever scenes you need to shoot. But when you’re not working, we have other activities to partake in such as a gym or yoga classes.

Tour Our Hollywood Production Center Today

You don’t have to take our word for what HPC because it’s all there to see for yourself. We have tours that you can take completely free of charge and see our available fully furnished office spaces, and even get a look at other on-site amenities while you’re at it. If you like what you see and decide it’s time to move in, we can make it happen right away. You can schedule your free tour and get your move-in ready by calling 1-888-299-5107 or visiting

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Thai Town, CA

Don’t let your event planning responsibilities make you feel upset or at a loss. Hollywood Production Center is on hand to save your sanity and the day in general. We supply clients with top-tier facilities for all kinds of events. When you’re waiting for matchless event space near Thai Town CA, you can put all of your confidence in us. We manage the event space needs of clients that run the gamut. Our plentiful clients include widely known production firms, directors, creative experts, managers, and beyond. We’re a popular option among professionals who are part of the entertainment. The scope of our client base is a lot bigger than that, however.

HPC specializes in event facilities that can literally turn heads. Our facilities are sparkling clean and designed in imaginative and contemporary styles. They can handle all kinds of design layouts as well. If you’re in charge of a “no-frills” corporate conference for your company, you’ll adore our in-depth facilities. If you’re in control of a laid-back birthday gathering for a beloved member of your production crew, you’ll appreciate them all the same. Hollywood PC provides clients with a dazzling array of amenities that can enhance their events. Some of our modern and sought-after amenities include high-speed wireless Internet access, valet parking, a soothing courtyard, reception space, cutting-edge technology, rooftops, an exercise center, and turnkey systems. We have basic parking accessible to event guests, too.

Traveling to and from any social networking events that take place here at Hollywood Production Center is never a problem for individuals who are located in the region. Our setting near Thai Town is accessible as can be. We’re close to many attractions and destinations in the big city. We’re close to a good number of Thai businesses as well. If you want event facilities that are close to mouthwatering and authentic Thai eateries, we can make your wish come true easily.

Hosting mixers doesn’t have to break the bank for you. Our clients know that they can count on us for wonderfully budget-friendly event facilities. Our facilities are a strong fit for budget-conscious clients.

When you’re anticipating incredible facilities for work and social networking events near Thai Town, Hollywood Production Center can take care of everything for you. Phone our company as soon as you can for details. We can book your complimentary tour.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Sunset Gower Studios CA

The Los Angeles, California area is full of event spaces. That doesn’t mean that they’re all necessarily fitting for the event you’re planning, though. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line space for social networking and corporate events near Sunset Gower Studios CA, there’s only one smart solution accessible to you. That wise solution is Hollywood Production Center, the end of the story. We’ve helped so many amazing clients plan and execute all sorts of events. We’ve assisted production companies with big meetings. We’ve aided managers with social events that serve many diverse and pertinent purposes and applications. The sky is the limit for people who turn to HPC for their social networking and corporate event requests.

Don’t ever settle for meeting and event facilities that just aren’t up to par. Go for a meeting and event space that actually exceeds all of your expectations. Our event space definitely fits into the second classification. We regularly impress clients with facilities that can encourage events that are the cream of the crop. Our offered amenities include turnkey access, a scenic courtyard, stunning rooftops, valet parking, a fitness center, convenient technological options, high-speed wireless Internet access, 24/7 security, a reception space, a patio, and more. If you want to dazzle your event guests with a meeting space that’s sophisticated, attractive, cool, and user-friendly, Hollywood PC is 100 percent at your service.

Being in charge of event planning can feel pretty bewildering and difficult at times. We streamline the process considerably, though. Hosting mixers near Sunset Gower Studios can be a walk in the park for the people who rely on our company. Our location couldn’t be more appealing. It’s close to all sorts of points of interest in the area. Sunset Gower Studios is just one prime example. Our rates are also endlessly appealing. Throwing a social gathering or corporate meeting used to call for a lot of wherewithal. That no longer is the case. We make acquiring budget-friendly and economical facilities for events a possibility for everyone now.

Our space for corporate and social networking events is roomy and comfortable. Event planners can take it easy in our facilities. Event guests can do the same. Comfort should always be a big priority for event planners. Are you currently searching high and low for event facilities that are the best of the best? Do you need event space that’s a quick drive to Sunset Gower Studios? We’re looking forward to hearing from you here. Book a complimentary center tour today.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Garden Grove, CA

Serving as an event planner can be a complicated job. Event planners have to be detail-oriented people who know how to pinpoint wonderful opportunities. They have to be resourceful and imaginative, too. Finding optimal event and meeting facilities can be a task that requires a lot of time. If you’re looking for a space that can be fitting for social networking events, we have good news for you. We can offer you that precious space. Our facilities won’t disappoint you in any way. They’re spacious, contemporary, well-appointed, and designed in a lovely and eye-catching style. Our event facilities are designed in a manner that can be suitable for events that span all sectors.

Event planners should always have ease in mind. It can be nice to put together a social or corporate event that’s easy and straightforward for guests. If you’re looking for convenient space near Garden Grove CA, our center has zero competition. Our space is easily and rapidly accessible to people who are in or by Garden Grove. It’s close to all different parts of the city. If you want to be sure that getting to your event is simple and not something that zaps anyone of energy, you’ll love our central location.

Why in the world is Hollywood PC such a stellar choice for corporate and social events in the area? There are so many answers to that question. Our amenities, first of all, are out of this world. We supply clients with a stunning courtyard, superior technology, valet parking, high-speed wireless Internet access, turnkey systems, a pleasant reception space, and rooftops galore. Our rooftops can come in handy for event guests who want to take quick and picturesque breaks. Our wireless Internet access can be helpful to event planners who need to take care of business and connect to the rest of the world.

HPC is a company that’s 100 percent proud to collaborate with a vast assortment of clients. We count many entertainment firms among our clients. We don’t limit ourselves to the entertainment community, however. If you’re exploring your choices in spaces for hosting mixers, we can help you breathe a sigh of relief. Pulling off a fashionable hosting mixer has never been quite so easy and fulfilling before.

Do you want to host the event of a lifetime near Garden Grove, California? Hollywood Production Center can’t wait to help you out. Give our team a phone call as soon as possible to find out more about our facilities. Book a free tour now.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Civic Center, CA

Many different components go into making events go well. You need to have the right facilities, first and foremost. Finding the perfect spot isn’t always the easiest thing to do, either. Hollywood PC is a local business that can cater to all of your event space requirements. We simplify the event planning process in a big way. If you’re trying to secure a blue-chip setting for an upcoming formal dinner for your place of work, we can work our magic on you. If you’re trying to land a wonderful setting for a big social gathering of any kind, we can wow you with our unparalleled guidance and facilities.

We offer fine event space near Civic Center, California. Our event facilities are in the center of all the action. Getting to our facilities is a piece of cake for people located all over the area. We understand just how indispensable convenience is for event planners. We’re known for social networking events that go off without a hitch. We make orchestrating events of all categories a rewarding and pleasant process for our clients.

Do you want access to amenities that can enhance the event experience considerably? Simply say the word. Our facilities come with anything and everything you need for your big day. HPC can wow you with wireless high-speed Internet access, valet parking, guest parking, a friendly reception section, rooftops, a serene courtyard, a patio, turnkey access, and unparalleled technology. We have a reputation for events that tick off all of the right boxes.

Do you have a lot of work to do? Check out our fine office suite rentals. We offer office suites that are big, small, and moderate in size. We have monthly and extended lease choices, too. Our offices come with speedy and hassle-free Internet connections.

We’re happy to extend our facilities to all kinds of clients here. If you need event space for a prominent production agency in the region, we can deliver for you. Our sizable client base includes a healthy mix of directors, managers, producers, and beyond. We frequently work with companies that are part of the vast entertainment field. If you’re waiting for the best and most reliable event facilities near Civic Center CA, you can’t go wrong with Hollywood Production Center.

Are you waiting for social networking and corporate facilities that are everything you deserve and more? HPC can come through for you. Contact our helpful and organized team members as soon as possible for additional details. We can schedule a free facility tour for you.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate and Social Networking Facilities Near Burbank, California

Ate you in need of a gorgeous and modern space for corporate and social networking events? Don’t feel overwhelmed. Hollywood Production Center is available to provide you with contemporary facilities that can make your event go efficiently and smoothly. We can accommodate all kinds of events here. It doesn’t matter if you need a large space for a big gathering. It doesn’t matter if you need a space that’s bright and welcoming, either. We can make all of your event planning duties a lot easier and more convenient. When you need a terrific space for corporate and social events near Burbank CA, you can depend on us fully.

Our office rentals are first-rate, too. Do you want to take care of work matters in a pleasant and modern setting? You’ll fall in love with our meticulous office suites that come with all sorts of conveniences and features. They’re available in many different sizes.

We can provide you with an event setting that’s 100 percent professional and polished. We offer five-star amenities and features that can take your event to the next level. If you’re putting together a work event that only happens once a year, we can make sure it’s as memorable and smooth as you need it to be. If you’re organizing a social event and wish to promote a cheerful and productive atmosphere, we can assist you every step of the way. Hollywood PC goes above and beyond to make planning social networking and corporate events easy and stress-free for all.

Our facilities are equipped with conveniences that can make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Some examples of the great things we can offer you are a courtyard, plentiful guest parking, wireless high-speed Internet access, turnkey systems, a fitness center, and round-the-clock security surveillance. Our meeting facilities are perfect for those who are serious about success and smooth sailing. We specialize in hosting mixers that are the dictionary definition of modern, polished and fun for everyone. We specialize in events that are suitable for all kinds of hosts and organizations. We routinely work with directors, production firms, producers and so much more.

Renting out space for events near bustling Burbank doesn’t have to cost a substantial sum of money for you. HPC provides clients with event spaces that are reasonably priced and terrific value for your money. If you’re looking for corporate and social networking facilities that won’t break the budget, you can count on us with complete peace of mind. Our event and meeting facilities only look like a million dollars.

Are you searching for the finest event facilities in the Burbank, California area? We want to hear from you here at Hollywood Production Center as soon as possible. Contact our company without hesitation to set up a complimentary tour of our five-star facilities.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Westwood Village CA

Hollywood PC has earned a great reputation for offering some of the best venues and amenities for ensuring a successful event. We have provided commercial rental solutions for many years and we have the resources to meet your needs.

Whether you’re planning a social gathering or a corporate meeting, you need to pay attention to the venue. If you want to produce a successful event that impresses attendees and reaches your goal, we can help.

HPC provides space that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including celebrations, meetings and private functions. We will work closely with you to plan and ensure the success of your event. We provide essential amenities and services for Hosting Mixers and other occasions, as well as professionally designed spaces to accommodate your needs.

You will have access to courteous support staff, professional reception of your guests and clients, well-equipped kitchens and break rooms, and our complimentary beverage service and a vast range of amenities for corporate or Social Networking Events.

HPC also provides executive suites, luxury offices, collaborative workspaces, and private office spaces, completely furnished and ready to go. Get access to our business lounge, LCD projector for executive meetings, state-of-the-art technology, and much more.

Our list of renters and clients is quite impressive and includes corporate executives, business travelers, movie directors and producers, entrepreneurs, advertising agents, attorneys, production companies, fashion designers, and entertainment industry professionals.

All of our facilities are located in the most prestigious areas. We have several locations near Westwood Village and each location has wonderful facilities including a jacuzzi, sauna, spacious fitness center, massage rooms, game rooms, and balconies with skyline views.

We also provide ample parking space for you and your guests and security cameras to monitor our premises.

Just contact our staff to schedule your consultation and a free tour of our world class location near Westwood Village CA.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Universal City, CA

A great first impression is critical for any occasion. If you are looking for the perfect venue for Hosting Mixers or social gathering, you need to get in touch with our staff right away. We can offer you a cost-effective yet impressive space for your special occasion.

Hollywood PC, the most reputable commercial rental company, offers a range of elegantly designed spaces and networking facilities to comfortably accommodate your event attendees. We offer fully-equipped facilities, outstanding service, and a comfortable environment, all backed by an acclaimed support team.

HPC also offers executive suites, collaborative office spaces, private offices, temporary office space and fully-equipped workstations. Our impressive list of renters and clients includes entrepreneurs, fashion designers, company executives, production companies, creative teams, lawyers, and members of the entertainment industry.

Professional receptionist services, high-speed Internet, office equipment, on-site cafe refreshments, 24/7 security surveillance, security access, private balconies, and elegant lounge areas are just a few of the amenities and features our facilities have to offer. You will have access to our world-class rooftop, jacuzzi, sauna, game rooms, state-of-the-art fitness center, and stunning views of the city.

As the leading executive office and events space provider, our goal is to provide you with the amenities and services necessary to help you achieve the success you desire. We provide space that can be used for meetings, celebrations, and private functions in the most prestigious areas.

Whether you’re planning corporate meetings, Social Networking Events, community events, weddings, family gatherings, or award celebrations, it’s crucial to have the right amenities and services to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your guests.

HPC provides you with everything you need to host a successful event. We can help you save time and avoid hassles. Just go to our website and submit a request to take a free tour of our luxurious location near Universal City CA. You’ll be glad you did.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Toluca Lake, CA

Planning a successful corporate or social gathering or business meeting can be a big challenge – selecting the perfect venue for the occasion, choosing amenities and services, keeping costs under control. HPC is here to help you select the right space and amenities for your special occasion.

Choosing a venue or space for Hosting Mixers or social and corporate events requires careful thought and planning. You’ll want to know about the reputation or track record of the location you are considering.

Hollywood PC offers the perfect location for your business event or social networking. We have been providing commercial rental services for many years and we have a good understanding of what you need to host a successful event.

When planning a social gathering or corporate networking, don’t leave the venue to chance. It is important to host your event in a professional environment with essential amenities and support services. We offer exceptional facilities for corporate and Social Networking Events.

HPC also provides temporary office rentals, furnished executive suites, shared office spaces, private offices, fully-equipped workstations and short-term office solutions for corporate executives, business travelers, directors, producers, lawyers and members of the entertainment industry. Our office spaces are well designed and fully furnished, which can inspire your business to create great work.

Our impressive all-in-one locations also offer an on-site cafe, a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, break rooms, fully-stocked restrooms, plenty of parking space for you and your guests, and security cameras to monitor our premises. Our world-class rooftop with a well-equipped modern gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, and massage rooms will definitely impress you.

Get in touch with our staff right away and provide us with every detail for your next event and we will take care of the rest. Go to our website and submit a request for a free tour of our amazing location near Toluca Lake CA. You’ll be glad you did.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Silver Lake, CA

Choosing the right venue for Hosting Mixers or corporate events is important. We are here to help you choose a suitable space for your project or occasion.

At Hollywood PC, we provide affordable spaces for a wide variety of needs. Our space rentals are perfect for corporate meetings and parties, fashion shows, community events, weddings, production projects, special family celebrations, charity fundraisers, and much more.

We also provide luxury offices for corporate executives, business owners, attorneys, designers, producers, directors, artists, creative writing teams, and other members of the entertainment industry.

Our fully furnished offices and networking spaces offer flexible lease options, allowing you to select amenities and services that suit your needs. We provide services to numerous clients from all walks of life and we can match you with the perfect space that will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Our beautiful facilities near Silver Lake offer fully-equipped, Internet-ready conference spaces and meeting rooms, and state-of-the-art technology. Our locations also have huge balconies with skyline views, modern kitchens with stainless appliances, granite counter-tops, and much more. We also have reception areas and beautiful lounges that facilitate business networking and opportunities.

HPC locations also feature a fitness center, roof top pool, sauna, jaccuzzi, massage rooms, game rooms, yoga instructor, an onsite café, and ample parking space for you and your guests.

Your private office or event rental gives you access to a vast array of amenities and services. Everything you need to host successful corporate or Social Networking Events is located in one place for your convenience.

HPC a great reputation and our company comes highly recommended. Whether you need social networking space, creative space, or collaborative workspace for a short-term or long-term project, we’ve got you covered.

Visit our website to provide us with your requirements. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our fabulous location near Silver Lake CA.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events in Santa Monica, CA

Finding the right venue for corporate and Social Networking Events takes great expertise. This involves careful planning and we have an experienced staff who can guide you in choosing a suitable space for your next event. Save time and avoid hassles by contacting HPC for help.

Hollywood PC provides the perfect location to host your next corporate or social networking event in Santa Monica. We provide space for employee appreciation parties, conferences, fashion shows, weddings, family gatherings, fundraisers, community events, and much more.

The location is perfect for Hosting Mixers and networking events. To host an effective, entertaining, and engaging event, you need a large enough space. We cater to numerous clients, including producers, directors, corporate personnel, production companies, attorneys, fashion designers, advertising companies, members of the entertainment industry, and all others who desire a great location for their occasion or project.

We have an established history of providing outstanding service. We can match you with suitable space for your corporate event or another project. We offer all-inclusive executive suites, event spaces, collaborative workspaces, private offices, production spaces, and post-production facilities.

HPC events and office spaces feature spacious desks, business center, high-tech meeting space and conference facilities, professional reception service, high-speed data Internet, and state-of-the-art technology, along with many other high-end amenities and features to make your project or special day a success.

We also provide the modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, break rooms, refreshments, fully stocked bathrooms, and balcony areas. Other fabulous features and amenities available in our location in Santa Monica CA include our world-class rooftop, fitness center, jacuzzi, helipad, massage rooms, sauna, game rooms, bar and fire-pits, and spectacular views.

Visit our website to request a free consultation with our experienced staff. Be sure to subscribe for a personal viewing of our amazing location in Santa Monica. You can also call in to set up the free tour and to learn more about our facilities for Hosting Mixers.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near San Jose, CA

Corporate events such as Social Networking Events and Hosting Mixers are fantastic ways to promote your business while meeting and meeting with others in your field. Hollywood Production Center knows that to present the best events, you must pay attention to details so that everything runs smoothly, so we provide a luxurious gated office complex for our clients.

There are six Hollywood PCs near San Jose CA, in L.A. Our goal is to provide for professionals in the filming industry, and other professions, who appreciate luxurious offices and suites with more amenities both inside and out. We are proud to design sophisticated properties that make creating successful Hosting Mixers a breeze.

Hollywood Production Centers provide a contemporary environment; there are approximately 200 offices at each HPC, and each center offers turnkey offices and suites for your privacy.

Every office and office suite is completely furnished in modern-contemporary décor with cable, preinstalled voice, data, utilities, and high-speed internet included in your monthly rent payment. Your guests may enter through an exquisitely decorated reception area or your private turnkey entrance, and both lead directly to generous parking.

Our modern luxury environment allows you and your business to work on your projects while being proud of the facilities, but there is more. With beautiful weather in California year-round, you can hold many of your events in the courtyard right outside your private office. At each Hollywood PC, there is a California café, hair salon, fitness center with a personal trainer and sauna, and a car wash, and all are enclosed in a beautifully landscaped courtyard. The unique design allows people to gather and network easily, so hosting your Social Networking Events will be successful.

Many of our clients require well-equipped meeting rooms, and there are several of varying sizes at each center with high-tech audio and visual equipment designed for production and post-production work. To view each HPC location, go to, and schedule a virtual tour. See for yourself the sophisticated style that is Hollywood PC.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Palmer Park, CA

Los Angeles is filled with parks, which make excellent filming locations, and Palmer Park CA in Glendale is a community park in Glendale near three of our six HPCs. These luxury office complexes are designed for professionals in the filming industry, and other business professionals, who desire a contemporary fully-furnished office space with high-tech meeting rooms and manicured patios to hold Social Networking Events. All six HPCs are filled with unique amenities that are included in the monthly payment; we know they make all the difference to our clients.

Each Hollywood PC is unique, but all are stylish and sophisticated and come with extravagant, yet comfortable décor throughout. The details make HPC optimum for professional office space and creating successful Hosting Mixers. All the properties are gated, so these offices have their own boundaries, and in a city like L.A., this makes corporate and Social Networking Events as well as other Hosting Mixers, feel more intimate.

Hollywood PC focuses on providing the right environment for their clients to work on their projects and build their businesses. The amenities and attention to detail are what sets HPC apart from other office complexes.

Inside, you’ll find a luxurious atmosphere, which includes access to the high-tech meeting rooms and an exquisite lobby you’ll be proud to have your guests use. Cable, preinstalled voice, data, high-speed internet, and utilities, as well as 24-hour security and housekeeping, are all included in one payment. All offices are turnkey and offer the option for entry.

Outside, each HPC has a California café, hair salon, fitness room with personal trainer and showers, a car wash, and a beautiful courtyard. Corporate networking events have become such a part of business promotion, the space is open for you to use, and of course, you’re welcome to cater your gatherings in your private office suite. We provide the logistics and the incredible offices and grounds for you to succeed. See the design and detail of Hollywood Productions Centers for yourself. Go to, and schedule a virtual tour of the location you prefer.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events in Hollywood, CA

Insight, inspiration, and the right connections are the elements that make Hosting Mixers or Social Networking Events stand out and get rave reviews afterward. Hollywood PC creates contemporary and professional office space with five different locations in the L.A. area.

Our exceptional amenities allow you to create the place for your turnkey business. If you enjoy planning gatherings, such as Social Networking Events and Hosting Mixers, HPC allows you to sponsor these successful gatherings.

To begin with, HPC has a modern- contemporary decor inside with a comfortable and inviting environment outside for your gatherings. We provide ample parking for your guests, and the area is well-lit for evening parties or hold private events in your space.

Outside, on the properties, you’ll find incredible locations for filming, and the TenTen Wilshire building overlooking Hollywood CA has a furnished rooftop with a full-length pool, sauna, and amazing views of downtown L.A. Each of the other locations has a café, fitness room and personal trainer, hair salon, and a carwash, so your vehicle will always be shining; the entire courtyard is available for your events.

Hollywood Production Center offers five tips to get the best results for your next Social Media Event or Hosting Event.

1) Focus on your target customer.
2) Strategize the best time and day for those guests.
3) Provide excellent logistics and service whether guests are having cappuccinos at the café or you are catering the affair.
4) Make networking easy.
5) Always hold a follow-up meeting to assess the pros and cons.

Our exceptional office venues offer month to month as well as long-term leases and most of the time, there is same-day move in. There is a turnkey entrance, but also entry into a contemporary fully-furnished lobby that you will be proud to show.

We know that we can’t tell you all of the great amenities that Hollywood PC offers, so we invite you to go to our website at and schedule a complete tour of the facilities to view at your convenience.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Los Angeles, CA

For over 16 years, Hollywood Production Centers have revolutionalized luxury office suites in Los Angeles CA for those in the film industry. There are now six locations near downtown L.A. where professionals have a sophisticated and up-to-date environment for production, post-production, and editing with incredible space to hold Social Networking Events and Hosting Mixers.

L.A. is the center of the nation’s film and television industry, so professionals in the industry require office suites with high-quality amenities and unique space for Hosting Mixers; HPC offers it all. Each Hollywood PC consists of a stylish, two-story, contemporary office building that provides such amazing amenities as a fitness center with a trainer and masseuse, hair salon, an eclectic café, florist, and car wash surrounded by beautiful outdoor patios and courtyards at each location.

You can count on great weather in Los Angeles year-round, so the outdoor space will be perfect for hosting Social Networking Events. Whether you cater in or offer Cappuccinos at the café, you’ll have an excellent property to invite guests.

Inside each Hollywood PC facility, you’ll find sophisticated, modern-contemporary décor throughout with skylights, private kitchens, balconies, and a private turnkey entrance to spacious parking. For your guests and clients who would prefer to enter through a reception area, the luxuriously decorated lobby is another option.

We know how you value well-equipped meeting rooms for your team, and you’ll find several at each location, complete with state-of-the-art audio and visuals. They are also furnished in a comfortable contemporary styling to impress your guests. Hollywood PC pays attention to detail and as a part of the HPC family of professionals, you’ll see that in every area.

Other amenities included in the rent are cable, WiFi, pre-installed voice, data, and high-speed internet, and all utilities; there are no additional costs. Typically, you can move in the same day and get started on your projects. Janitorial and 24-hour security cover the property at all times and are also included in the rent.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Highland Park, CA

In the past decade, holding Social Networking Events has become the best way to network and build your business. If you are in Highland Park CA, near L.A, Hollywood Production Centers provide excellent professional turnkey offices and suites as well as beautiful outdoor space for Hosting Mixers. The innumerable amenities have been the highlight for HPC clients in Hollywood and Glendale for over 16 years, always with the film industry the priority.

You’ll find spectacular filming locations in the Highland Park CA neighborhood because it is one of the first established communities in greater L.A. Hollywood PC offers a stylish, fully-furnished, modern-contemporary gated complex that has thought of every detail for your success. We know how important professional sophistication and comfort are to your business, so we have provided amenities such as private kitchens, skylights, balconies, and a turnkey entrance from our large parking lot.

There is also an extravagantly decorated reception area for your guests who would rather enter into a beautiful lobby. Amenities with each office include cable, pre-installed voice, data, high-speed internet, and all utilities in one monthly payment. Both long and short-term leases are available, and we make same-day move-in a reality.

Outside, the courtyards and patios within this gated complex add to the environment of style, and unique amenities include a California café, fitness center with personal trainer and masseuse, florist shop, hair salon, and car wash. Since every day is paradise in California, Social Networking Events can be held anywhere on the premises or in your private office space to create the perfect event. You have plenty of options for fantastic Hosting Mixers whether you cater or have cappuccinos in the cafe.

Hollywood PC focuses specifically on the professionals in the film industry, but our high-tech complexes provide the necessary details and high-quality decor for any professional business. Each HPC has completely furnished meeting rooms in various sizes that are comfortably furnished and equipped with the highest quality audio/visual equipment. We know how important this is for your team to finish production and post-production work.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Griffith Park, CA

What does it take to succeed in the entertainment industry? If you listen to the long-time Hollywood veterans they will tell you that talent, energy, dedication, and hard work are all important, and this is true, they will also tell you however that what happens behind the desk is only part of the equation. You also need to have a great public image and the ability to make good connections and network to get to the top. No matter what role you play in the entertainment industry or its associated fields, it’s vital that you not only have office space that lets you get your work done effectively, but that also impress your visitors and clients and can facilitate social gatherings and meetings. Another secret that Hollywood vets will tell you is that the best choice for office space that is all-inclusive and offers you everything that you need to succeed can be found at Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC offers you exceptional luxury office space that includes everything that you need to succeed, including all furniture, artwork, window treatments, rugs, carpeting, accent pieces, storage furniture, and even communications. That’s right your new office space will come pre-equipped with the phone, data, and internet devices all configured to work as soon as you plug in your own equipment. All you need to bring is your team and your drive to succeed. In addition to the great office spaces, you will also be able to enjoy a business center, on-site services such as massage, flower and plant services, dry cleaning and shoe shine, and more.

When it comes time to entertain for business reasons, be it hosting mixers for associates, a corporate function for employees, social networking events, or even semi-formal functions for clients Hollywood PC is there to help. With in-suite kitchenettes and on-site cafes, food service is able to be accommodated easily. Of course, you can always bring in your own food service since all properties feature large service elevators and rear entrances that are convenient for catering and other professionals.

Your guests will be happy with the free Wi-Fi provided, and the beautiful surroundings in each of the Hollywood production centers, buildings are a perfect backdrop for any type of event. There is even free valet parking provided to you and your guests.

When you are ready to learn more about HPC and how they are much more than office space, check out their website. Be sure to sign up for a free tour of the location that’s best fits your needs such as the one near Griffith Park CA. Hollywood Production Centers is the leader in office and venue space catering to the needs of the entertainment industry and its associated fields in Southern California, come see for yourself why.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Glassell Park, CA

Your office is where a lot of things happen. It’s where you have your meetings, hire new employees, pursue new leads, and celebrate accomplishments. If you’re lucky at some point during the day you might actually be able to get some work done in your office as well. You spend upwards of one-third of your life at work. What if your office was able to be much more than just an office? What if your office was able to provide you with luxurious comfort, fashionable and trendy style, and superior convenience that all make your day easier and more comfortable. When you choose to make your next business work home Hollywood Production Centers, your office can provide you just that, and so much more.

Every fully furnished executive suite at HPC is equipped with everything that you need to get to work on day one and perform at your best. You not only get desks and chairs, but also occasional and accent piece furniture, storage furniture, rugs and window treatments, carpeting and hardwood floors, artwork, and sculptures, and even pre-installed phone, data, and internet services including super fast and ultra-secure Wi-Fi both you and your guests. All you need to bring is your talented team, and of course, your drive to succeed.

There is a lot more to work than just pushing papers and crunching numbers, though, especially in the entertainment industry. You have to network, you have to socialize and you have to make new connections that can open doors and close deals. With that in mind, Hollywood PC was designed to accommodate all types of corporate functions and social networking events. Many office suites have built-in kitchenettes which make entertaining clients and visitors easy. There are large conference facilities and boardrooms for hosting mixers. Of course, you can also let your guest take advantage of free cappuccinos, gourmet coffee service, and light refreshments as well as the on-site café which is trendy and convenient for light casual working lunches. If you need a more formal setting there are many upscale dining establishments nearby all of the Hollywood Production Centers locations, especially the one near Glassell Park CA.

If you would like to know more about Hollywood Production Centers and how they can be your all-in-one solution for office space and event venue needs, check out their website. Make sure that you set aside some time for a free tour of the Hollywood PC that is most convenient to the area of town you love to work. Come see why Hollywood Production Centers has been the leader in ready to occupy office space for years, and why HPC should be your next business home.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Edendale, CA

When it comes to succeeding in the entertainment business there are two things that you need to have behind you, great office space that makes an impression and the ability to network and connect with those who can get doors to open and deals to close for you. With Hollywood Production Centers you can not only enjoy premium luxury office space, but also have a great location for any corporate or social networking events that you need to have in order to build your business and make new connections.

The best thing about Hollywood PC is that you not only get a premium all-inclusive executive office to work in that is sure to impress your clients and visitors while providing a level of comfort to you and your employees that you never thought possible, but you also get a facility that can serve as a fabulous entertainment venue for any social functions that came up. From employee holiday parties, to meet and greets with VIPs, to corporate functions and business conferences, Hollywood Production Centers can accommodate all types of functions from casual to semi-formal.

Every property features conference facilities that are ideal for small to medium size gatherings and boardrooms that are perfect for more prestigious occasions such as contract signings and celebrating milestones. Many office suites also include kitchenettes which make hosting mixers in your office anytime easy. All properties also host monthly mixers for their tenants to network and connect.

Of course, the main purpose here is to provide you with exceptional office space that you can use to get your day-to-day work accomplished, and here is where HPC excels. Hollywood Production Centers has long been the leader in turnkey office solutions offering fully furnished executive suites and team workspaces catering to the unique needs of the entertainment industry and its associated fields. Every suite features all furnishings, artwork, rugs and carpeting, window treatments, phone and data line, high-speed internet, and more. There is also free valet parking, on-site professional security, personal services, full reception in the gorgeous main lobby, and even an on-site café, not to mention a fitness facility with showers and locker rooms.

If you are ready to move up to a new level of office space comfort near Edendale CA, and want a provider that can also accommodate your social and corporate events on-site, check out the Hollywood PC website. Come take a free tour of any of the Hollywood Production Center locations and see why they are the leader in entertainment-related office spaces.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Eagle Rock, CA

Choosing the right office space for your entertainment-related business is more than just picking out a set of four walls and a door in a convenient part of town. In the entertainment business success are equal parts work, image, and connections so your office space must be able to handle your needs in all three regards. While there are plenty of turnkey office solutions in the greater Los Angeles area that claim that they are designed with the entertainment industry in mind, few actually offer the level of amenities of the type of spaces that real entertainment professionals need. If you are ready to move to a new office space solution and work in the TV or film entertainment industry or any of its associated fields then you should know that there is an office solution that meets all of your needs professionally and is located right where you need it to be anywhere in town, Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC is more than just an office building. Oh yeah, they have offices like you wouldn’t believe. They also have a lot more than just office space to offer you though. Hollywood PC also features world-class luxury amenities as well as incredible spaces that are perfect for all of your corporate functions and social networking events. At Hollywood Production Centers everything has been carefully designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations so you can make a great impression and perform at your best every single day.

Every office suite at Hollywood Production Centers Is fully equipped and furnished. You don’t get four white walls and a phone in the middle of the floor here, you get desks, chairs, occasional furniture, artwork, rugs, window treatments, accent pieces, storage furniture, and more. Every suite is pre-equipped with phone lines, data lines, and high-speed ultra-secure internet. There is even Wi-Fi for your team as well as your guests. In addition to your office suite, you also get access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms with video conferencing equipment, a boardroom, a business center, and a fully-staffed lobby with concierge services, reception, and security.

There is more to success than working behind a desk, though, and at Hollywood PC you can do the hobnobbing and elbow-rubbing that you need to do easily. Many suites feature in office kitchenettes that make hosting mixers easy right in your space, but if you need more room you can take advantage of large conference rooms, and gathering spaces that are ideal for any type of semi-formal function. Your guests will appreciate the free Wi-Fi, free valet parking, and professional security staff, while you will enjoy the fact that the beautiful surrounds of every Hollywood production Center facility make you look your best.

To learn more about Hollywood PC and their many locations, including one near Eagle Rock CA, visit the company’s website today. Register for a free tour and let the expert in turnkey office solutions in southern California who you why Hollywood Production Centers has long been the top choice for those who work in the entertainment industry and know how to succeed.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events in Glendale, CA

Finding the best office space for your needs can be a tough chore, but what if you also need space to regularly host mixers and social networking events for your business? Finding the right space provider that can also accommodate your need to impress clients and associates can make a hard task even harder. The good news is that in the greater LA area this is a name that is well known for helping professionals just like you put your best face forward and succeed, Hollywood Production Centers

Premier Office Space That’s Easy to Live With
When you choose to make Hollywood Production Centers your next office provider you get a lot more than just office space. HPC offers you an environment designed to foster your success. Every one of the fully furnished office suites features everything that you need to get moved in and get to work from day one including all furniture, data and phone lines, art, rugs, and support services such as janitorial and security. All you need to bring is your team and your passion. With easy leasing terms and flexible floorplans, there is no excuse to not make the move to Hollywood PC today.

Great Offices But Also A Great Place to Connect
When you are trying to impress a client, close a deal, or make new connections, there is nothing more important than making the right impression. Most of our executive office suites feature kitchenettes that make hosting events easier. There are also available amenities such as free coffees and cappuccinos, free valet parking, and secure Wi-Fi for guests. It doesn’t matter if it is a business gathering or a holiday party, you can make a major impression with any event hosted at HPC. For tenets of the properties, there are also monthly mixers where you can connect with others and build real synergistic relationships.

Big or Small Hollywood Production Centers is the Place to Host Events
No matter if you are looking for a place to host your next corporate function, employee gathering, or social networking events HPC can be a simple choice that gives you more. The large conference spaces are the perfect place to put together your event and with convenient locations near all major freeways, your attendees won’t have any trouble finding the venue. Hosting mixers is a great way to show your guests that you value real relationships and connections more than just numbers in a ledger.

To find out more about Hollywood Production Centers and how they can be not only your next office space provider but also a great place to hold social networking events and corporate functions, visit the Hollywood PCwebsite. Be sure to register for a free of any of the company’s facilities at your convenience. Come see why Hollywood Production has been the go-to choice for turnkey office space solutions near Glendale CA and the whole of Southern California for years, and why they should be your choice as well.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Chula Vista, CA

Ironically, Chula Vista is a very social atmosphere with plenty to do, and is near an amazing office space opportunity. You will feel like coming to work every day; easy for you, and your team to perform their best work. Their trendy office design will invite tour clients to your fundraisers, or charity events at Hollywood PC. You won’t need very much to settle down into your new office, and you’re invited to bring along your small pet. Their pet-friendly community insists you pick up after your pet to maintain a well-kept common area for each of their guests.

You worn need to purchase furniture or worry about the need for huge overhead coats. Your contract includes your basic utilities with the benefits of unlimited local calls and a complete Windows 10 operating system. In fact, hosting social networking events has never been easier wire trained professional support. They also double as a great film location with all the in-office amenities to cater to proactive, energetic, savvy, like-minded business professionals. They’re one of the few local area office facilities with a turnkey opportunity. Find out, if you qualify for need office space today.

Choose from several floor-plans, and four unique locations. Your privacy is their priority, and they never share your personal information or their guest list. Many local area syndicated television broadcast networks have to utilize their office space. Your leasing g agreement also comes with full use of their rooftop helipad, pool, or lounge. Enjoy a complete gated community for hosting mixers, and other social events. You also have a private shower area and kitchen area. Relax in your new office with an immediate home away from home feel.

Don’t be fooled by local area competitors that have lengthy credit approval pro endures. HPC makes getting in your new office easy. They continue to be the best-kept secret for serious business professionals. Contact their friends online, or office personnel to schedule a tour for your new office today.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Century City, CA

You can prepare for hosting mixers fundraisers, or charity functions with the help of a trained professional. Customers in need of specific office space will enjoy the inclusion of all their basic utilities. In fact, you minimize your overhead costs, furniture fees, and other daily office functions. You’re moments away from ready-to-rent office space with one of few local area turnkey office opportunities. Your office should help you, and your team performs their best work every day, and Hollywood PC has the perfect office to math your professional personality. You can also simply use their office space for your short-term entertainment needs.

They protect your privacy by never sharing your information with a third party or unauthorized use of their guest list. Your basic utilities are included in your service agreement along with private entrances, and a skylight to enhance your view of downtown LA in each suite. Enjoy an office that is willing to the upside or downsize our office space according to your needs. Choose an office facility that has been used by the bigger names in the syndicated television network. Their friendly professionals are standing by to see how you can qualify for cost-efficient office space today.

You can also enjoy their rooftop lounge, pool, and helipad which also double as a film.location, or a great place for social networking events desperate for a great location. You’ll love the interior design that welcomes your guests along with well-kept common grounds. You don’t need to bring much to fit into your new office, your pet is welcome in a completely pet-friendly community, but you’ll be asked to pick up behind your pet.

HPC caters to proactive, energetic, savvy business-minded executives with everything you need at one location. They also offer free unlimited calls, a complete Windows operating system, and a virtual assistant. Go directly to their website to learn more about scheduling a tour to select your new office near Century City CA.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Bel Air, CA

Bel Air CA is a popular location for many social events including fundraisers, and charity functions. You have the opportunity of nearby Sunset Gower and Raleigh studios. Your clients will love their relaxed setting with award-winning in-suite amenities. Draft a leasing agreement that lets you stay as long, or as short as you want. They make applying for your new office easy with one of the very few turnkey office opportunities in the area. Host your social networking events with the professionals with an all-in-one spot for energetic, savvy, proactive like-minded professionals in need of office space.

Hollywood PC doubles as a great film location with professional production assistance, and the perfect point and set film opportunity. Choose from four office locations with several floor plans. You also have the opportunity to enjoy a corporate office suite that is also great for your corporate parties, and hosting mixers. Their friendly team of professionals is there to see how you qualify and give you the keys the same day with approved credit. Freelance professionals will enjoy getting a 68% tax deduction for their expenses. Join the Hollywood PC office facility today, and save.

Your signed agreement with HPC includes your basic utilities, a skylight in each office, and a private entrance. Your guests will enjoy your exclusive office space with a trendy interior design. Best of all, you wing need to rent furniture, have huge energy costs, or be limited in space. Their office space will grow with your small, or midsize corporation. Your confidentiality is a top priority, and then never share their guest records with a third party. They even have space for your pet in a completely pet-friendly community.

Build the office space you need over time with a popular office facility with a breathtaking location to perform your best work. Go directly to the website to learn more about scheduling a tour of their office facility, and get the keys to your new office today.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Altadena, CA

Relieve the need for space while hosting mixers, fundraisers, and charity functions with spacious office space. If you’re in search of an energetic office environment, you’ll love choosing from 4 office locations near Altadena CA Enjoy features like a complete Windows 10 operating system, unlimited locals call with international call access and a professional office setting. Your contract can be drafted to meet your short, or long-term space. They making getting an office easy with one of the very few turnkey office opportunities in the area. Join the Hollywood PC family for shared office costs with other like-minded professionals.

Their office space is the perfect match for professionals interested in the entertainment industry. Guests have the advantage of nearby Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios. Their events center also doubles as a film location for entertainment professionals. They also have a business, and conference center. Patrons will also enjoy hosting their social networking events with the use of their rooftop helipad, lounge, and pool. Their shared office space costs reduce overhead, furniture rental, and upkeep. Your basic utilities are also included in your contract with your choice with a private entrance to your new office.

Their social setting provides unique office space for all needs. They provide the janitorial personnel to handle cleaning after each of your events. In fact, customized your housekeeping services to ensure there is never unauthorized entry into your office. They offer year-round valet parking, a gated facility, 24-hour monitoring, and a responsive courtesy officer. Your safety is always a priority along with your confidence. They never share their guest records for any reason. You’ll enjoy coming to work each day, and having an all-in-one spot to get your best work done.

Your minutes away from your new office with a great location. Their social setting does not neglect the quiet space needed for creative professionals including writers. Visit the HPC website for more details on scheduling a tour of their superior office facility today.

Corporate & Social Networking Events

Corporate & Social Networking Events Near Alhambra, CA

If you’re near the very social Alhambra CA area, you’ll find office space to accommodate the needs of your small, or midsize corporation. Surprisingly, their office space caters to professionals in need of quiet space. You’ll find everything your team needs with the help of superior in-office amenities from Hollywood PC. In fact, their office space offers an amazing opportunity to host your short-term event. Enjoy a completely energetic environment for proactive, savvy, and productive business executives. Their upscale office space will make it easy to come to work every day; ready to perform your best.

You will be able to use their full conference, and events center, meeting, listening, and music room with any standard leasing agreement. Their friendly online, and facility administrative personnel can tell you, if you qualify, and get you the keys to your new office the same day. The best part of being part of their social office setting is being able to use their location for hosting mixers, fundraisers, events, and corporate parties. Their guests can also enjoy their rooftop lounge, pool, and helipad. Choose from 4 unique office locations with several floor plans including a penthouse suite.

HPC offers their patrons a great opportunity to also have an all-in-one film location. Their space caters to every facet of the entertainment industry with professional production assistance upon request, and the perfect point and set location. They have one of the very few local area turnkey opportunities in the area. Their contract agreement is a simple process that allows you to stay as long, or short as you want. They make it easy to get serious business professionals approved for office space.

They’re ready to host your next social networking events in a completely gated community including valet parking. Your privacy is very important because they provide their customers with responsive security personnel and 24-hour surveillance monitoring. Contact one of their customer service for more details on scheduling a tour. Enjoy the HPC office community today.