2018 The Best Filming Locations

2018 The Best Filming Locations near San Jose, CA

San Jose CA has traditionally been known as the home of Silicon Valley and is where you can find a lot of entrepreneurs and technology experts. But it’s also a place where film productions come to life thanks to the area’s natural scenery as well as historic and important districts that provide thrilling locations for it. If you’re in the film production business and need a place near there to both put your product in action or to create a new one, Hollywood PC is the place for you.

On-Site Activities At Our Studios

Our production centers are fully ready for action with sound stages and areas specifically used for film shooting and arranging the stage effects. There are even engineers and special effects technicians on-site who can work with you when you need an extra hand to get things running at your filming location. But when the cameras are not running, there are places you can take a break from the action at including a gym, a spa, the rooftop, or other break rooms.

Your Personal Office Studio

We’re pleased to offer a fully furnished executive office just for you where your filming business needs can be taken care of. From having high-speed internet connections to important business equipment, our office spaces are what you’ll want to rent when you have demands to meet. Office spaces also have access to private kitchens and secret entrances for when you need your personal space. We also take great care to keep our offices clean while tenants are away.

The Tours We Offer

If you’re interested in what we offer at HPC, you can take a free tour and see everything. Our staff will meet you at our facility and show you around the general area as well as showing available offices. If you’re ready to get working here immediately, we can even work out an expedited move-in. It’s important to move quickly because our office suites fill up quickly, so you can schedule your tour today by calling 1-888-298-6029, or by going to