2018 The Best Filming Locations

2018 The Best Filming Locations in Santa Monica, CA

If you love filming by the beach, Santa Monica CA is a great city to rent a studio. If you were to venture onto the Santa Monica Pier, you would find its famous carnival and rides and see places below where famous movies and TV shows have been shot. Whether it’s the oceanfront or a scene on Sunset Blvd, you can get your filming needs taken care of if you decide to rent from us.

How We Can Meet Your Filming Needs

We have production office space here at our company Hollywood PC. You can put your filming and music video productions to the test at our sound stage, or you can film at other indoor or outdoor filming locations. Need any props or assistance from a professional effects engineer? No problem because we have them on-site and it’s not difficult to enlist them.

We not only have the space and equipment for filming but also the office space for you to meet with your film cast or crew, or simply as a private space to plan your next production. Each executive office is completely furnished with printer and copier equipment, powerful workstation computers and high-speed internet. You can get to your office via a backdoor when you need to, and when your out our HPC staff will make sure your office is cleaned and maintained. If that isn’t enough, we also offer valet service, have on-site gyms and spas, rooftop recreation areas, and 24/7 building access.

Tours We Offer

We can show you how our studios can meet your needs at Hollywood PC, and we’re proud to offer free tours of our whole facility. We can even arrange for an immediate move-in if you are ready and love your office space. To arrange for a free tour of our Santa Monica CA facility, give us a call at 1-888-298-6029 or fill in the form at