2018 The Best Filming Locations

2018 The Best Filming Locations near Edendale, CA

When you are looking for the absolute best locations for filming your next TV or movie project why not make life easier on yourself and make a simple choice, choose Hollywood Production Centers. Hollywood Production Centers is the leader in ready-to-shoot filming location facilities. With a wide range of options available at every HPC property in the SoCal area, there is sure to be the perfect backdrop for your needs. No matter if you just need an office suite set or a fully equipped sound stage, Hollywood PC has you covered. There are even fully furnished residential apartments and luxury lofts that can be used for filming at the HPC@1010 location at TENTEN Wilshire.

Hollywood PC is also a great place to work on all aspects of your project. With some of the finest ready to occupy fully furnished executive office suites and team workspaces in the region available you can move your project from the concept phase all the way through distribution all under one roof. But as they say, there is more life than work, and with that in mind, Hollywood Production Centers offers an array of amenities that make your day-to-day grind a lot more enjoyable. Every Hollywood PC property features free valet parking, on-site cafes and food truck visits, fitness centers with showers and lockers, newspaper service, shoeshine, and dry cleaning services, and a whole lot more.

Hollywood Production Centers is better because it is conveniently located, it is readily available when you are, it’s is all-inclusive, and most of all it is flexible in terms of lease and price. There is no better options for a ready to shoot filming location that offers you so much anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

Check out their website today and make sure that you sign up for a free tour of any of the five great Hollywood Production Centers facilities near Edendale CA and all over the great SoCal region. Come, let the team at Hollywood Production Centers show you how much better life can be when you choose to work and film in comfort and convenience at HPC.