2018 The Best Filming Locations

2018 The Best Filming Locations near Eagle Rock, CA

When you are planning out your next TV or film project, you may think that the best filming locations are some big industry secret. If there is any secret to selecting the best filming location, some insider tip that the big studio pros like to keep for themselves would be that the best shooting locations in the greater Los Angeles area can be found at Hollywood Production Centers.

“Hollywood Production Centers, isn’t that an office complex?”, you might ask, and you would be right. Hollywood PC has long been the leader in the greater LA area for ready to occupy turn-key executive office suites and team workspaces catering to the film and TV entertainment industries. But what many outside of the industry don’t know is that HPC is also a ready to shoot filming complex as well. Almost every space in every Hollywood Production Center building is available to use for filming. This means that you have an amazing selection of spaces to select from when choosing your scene settings.

If you need to shoot a scene, or even an entire episode that requires custom-built sets or some specialized arrangement, you can always take advantage of the fully equipped state of the art sound stage at the brand new HPC Glendale location. This incredible facility also includes full post-production and editing bays as well as team workspaces that can be used for writing, casting, rehearsing, read-through sessions, and more. With Hollywood PC you can take your project all the way from the concept stage to screening under one roof.

If you want to know more about the great shooting location options offered by Hollywood PC, or how you can lease workspace at any Hollywood Production Centers facility for any aspects of your project, check out the company website. Be sure to also register for a free tour of any of the Hollywood Production Ctrs. locations in and around Glendale, Spaulding Square, Burbank, or even Eagle Rock CA. Come see why Hollywood Production Centers is the name to trust for your project.