Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities near Highland Park, CA

When you are starting a project and need video and TV production facilities near Highland Park CA a great place to consider renting space is The Hollywood PC. The Production Center has been serving the entertainment industry since 2001. They offer actual filming locations, executive office space, post production space and creative space. Whatever your project needs, you will find it here.

The HPC has three state-of-the-art full-service facilities at your disposal. You can choose from several fully furnished living, working, and filming spaces. They all come with ready-to-go voice and data services and high-speed Internet access. There is an on-site café for quick lunches and dinners. There is an on-premises gym, with showers, locker rooms, and a personal trainer. The staff at the facility is at your service whenever you need something.

The atmosphere is one of community and a sense of family among the tenants and staff. You will be working among your peers in a luxurious location with all the amenities you could need. Whether you need space for a short-term project or a longer-term stay, leases are available to accommodate you. If you need extra space as your project grows, additional space is available to you.

The facilities are located in the downtown and Glendale area, so you will be near entertainment and restaurants as well as shopping and amenities. There are a variety of living suites to choose from if you plan to live at the facility while here. You will be able to live, work and play without having to drive your car. Everything is right here to, meet your needs.

Visit the website at to see all that is available. The best part of the whole venture is that as soon as you are ready to start production, you can move right in and get started. Everything is already set up and ready to go.
Filming locations include pool areas, offices, helipad locations, lobbies, and more. There are engineers to help with setting up and removing your set and sound stage when you are finished with the project.