Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities near Edendale, CA

For many professionals, in order to create a film of quality one would have to spend a lot of money on leasing an office, purchasing furniture, paying for filming permits, or building a sound stage. If you are located in the Edendale CA area, then you will find that the Hollywood PC can help to make the filming process affordable. This facility offers a range of amenities that can assist anyone that wants to make a film.

One of the first amenities offered by HPC is a sound stage. This 5,435 sq. ft sound stage is a new addition to the Glendale facility. It’s located on the first floor and includes an engineering room, control room, audio room, and make up room, wardrobe room, and also male and female restrooms. Professionals will be happy to be able to use the stage when shooting movies, music videos, video game motion capture, and even television shows.

In addition to being able to film in a room that is state of the art, the Hollywood PC also has other amenities and conveniences that will help to decrease the expenses of professionals while making their video production process easier. The office sizes that are available at this facility offer many conveniences for professionals. With a range of sizes available, professionals will only have to pay for the office space that they need. If their filming projects are small then a smaller office may suffice for them. If they need bigger office space then bigger officers are also available. Not only are different sizes available for professionals to choose from, but individuals are also able to choose between short and long-term leases. Regardless if a person is working on a project that will take a month or a couple of years, HPC will be able to accommodate. You can lease an office for just one month or one year, it is up to you.

The conveniences and amenities also include fully furnished office spaces. Professionals do not have to take valuable time out of their day to purchase needed office furniture and to have it delivered. These offices come equipped with all the furniture and décor needed to begin your video production journey. One of the biggest conveniences of all that this facility provides guests with the ability to film from throughout the facilities. Video and TV production crews are able to film from the on-site gym, the rooftop, patio, conference room, office suites, courtyard and a list of other places.

Save money today by becoming an HPC guest today. There is no other facility like this near the Edendale CA area, so come by today and allow them to help you save money and help you further your video production career.