Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities near Civic Center, CA

Office space can be the first impression of your business or company image and is vital for your success. We have the resources and expertise to make finding a great office easier for you. We have been helping businesses and professionals find the perfect office or workspace for their needs. Our professional etiquette and high-end amenities and services help distinguish your company’s image from clients.

Hollywood PC is a leading provider of fully equipped production spaces, executive offices and temporary office solutions in Civic Center CA and surrounding areas. Each location offers a vast range of world-class amenities and features in an upscale environment, flexible terms, affordable rates and a dedicated team of support staff. Whether you are working on a Filming project, production or post production project, one of our fully-furnished work spaces is perfect for you.

HPC professional building offers an inviting lobby with 24 hour security, well-designed, fully furnished and serviced offices. Wireless and wired high-speed Internet, copiers, scanners, and fax machines are also available. We also provide professional receptionist service to take your calls and make sure you do not miss a lead. Administrative support is available to ensure that you complete your project efficiently and quickly.

Our office solution provides fully equipped and customizable executive office, temporary office space, production space, Sound Stage and collaborative office space, ideal for start-ups or already established companies and professionals interested in affordable rental options. With a HPC office you will have access to fully-equipped meeting room and conference facilities – stocked with cutting edge technology and video conferencing capabilities. You don’t have to worry about updates, upkeep, and maintenance of the space.

Our high-end office spaces and production facilities are located in areas with high-class shopping centers and restaurants. Our location is only a walking distance from numerous amenities and has quick access to freeways and public transportation links.

You can have a short-term lease, upgrade or downsize plans to accommodate your needs, combine plans as needed. Without the hassle that is associated with traditional commercial office rentals, you are left with more time to focus on what truly matters to your business objectives.

Our goal is to make running your business easy and comfortable. Maintaining a professional image while having access to a full-service office can equal tremendous cost advantages. Visit our website to check out our wide range of Video and TV Production facilities and learn more about our locations.