Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities near Century City, CA

If you are looking for the best video and video production centers in Century City CA, look no further. Hollywood Production Centre began in 2001 with the entertainment and professional industry as their target. They offer housing for production, post-production, executive offices, creative space as well as filming.

Hollywood Production center creates a sense of belonging to their tenants and promotes community living among them. Their facility contains fully furnished suites, high-speed internet, a cafe, a hair salon, and a fully equipped gym with a personal trainer. Their staff gives excellent customer service too. They also have a plan for short-term leases which allows movements into bigger spaces or smaller areas depending on the budget.

Hollywood Production Centre has five locations in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and China. Each of the five areas commonly referred to as Hollywood PC serves different roles as explained below:

• HPC1-this production center is located in Hollywood and used by the insiders who require office space for production purposes. It contains individual rooms as well as office suites and it is near Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios. Editors, producers, writers, as well as designers, are the users of the building.

• HPC2- situated in Glendale California, it has six floors and a basement with the target being professionals who are looking for business spaces; mainly the attorneys, PR companies, talent agencies as well as fashion consultants. The areas which are fully furnished vary from stand-alone office spaces to large meeting rooms.

• HPC3- with the location at Glendale, it has three floors and a basement. It targets the professionals in need of the entertainment as well as video and TV production or post-production workspaces. The offices are fully furnished and have skylights, balconies, and private entrance, and it’s open for monthly or longer-term leases.

• HPC4- the two-story building with over 100 office spaces has its location at 6350 Santa Monica Blvd. It has a gym and a conference room available for the tenants. There is an on-site cafe run by Brasil Kiss and the building is dog-friendly.

• HPC5- this building is found in Glendale and has over 100 office spaces. The office suites are sleek and very modern and contain balconies, skylights, and private entrances.

HPC at Tenten- Located at Los Angeles, Tenten Wilshire attracts business-minded people to live, work and enjoy. It is ideal for start-ups and hi-tech entrepreneurs, electronic gaming, legal, fashion, media, advertising, and others. It provides a professional environment perfect for networking and growing businesses.

• Hollywood PC China- HPC is laying out plans to extend to China soon.
HPC has various perfect filming locations that include rooftop, penthouse, in-suite, lobby, catwalk access, conference room, and helipad among others. The center is expanding its production business by including a new sound stage.

Hollywood Production Centre in Century City CA is the home for one of the leading housing facilities that offer individuals in the entertainment industry and other professionals a serene environment to conduct their business.

For more information visit and schedule a tour with them or call 888-298-7887.