Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities near Alhambra CA

Southern California has a lot of great options for television and film production projects, but despite this finding, the perfect filming location for your needs can often be a headache. Most facilities offer great features and services but can be too big or too expensive for many projects, especially one-off film projects or simple TV pilots. Even finding the right one may lead to a long waiting list for usage. Smaller facilities often don’t have as hard of a time getting booked and can be more in line with your budget but they many times don’t offer the kind of features or additional services that your project needs. Now there is a choice that can fit perfectly into the needs of most projects. If you are looking for a great choice for Video and TV Production Facilities near Alhambra CA Hollywood Production Centers is happy to announce that their new studio space is open and available for use.

HPC has long been a part of some of the most successful TV and film productions in the greater Southern California area. They have traditionally offered office and meeting space suitable for everything from a one-man operation to an entire team of dedicated staff. All of their facilities are known for having the highest level of service and features such as stylish decor, top-notch security, well-appointed public spaces, and convenient location to the industry’s hottest addresses. Now Hollywood PC has the ability to not only meet the administrative needs space of production but the sound stage needs as well with this new facility.

This new facility offers not only a variety of filming studios but also post-production facilities, specialized shooting areas such as fully decorated office sets, and more. The facility also offers services such as an on-site gym with full locker room facilities (which can be utilized for filming as well if needed), a masseuse, a yoga instructor, personal security options, valet parking, secured parking lot, vetted janitorial staff, and more. As with all HPC facilitates high-speed data, phone and internet lines are preinstalled and with on-site support staff, all of your production needs will be continuously met. Space can be leased for a short-term or a long-term project so with Hollywood production centers you can go from pilot to your fifth Emmy all-in-one facility. It will grow to accommodate you as your needs evolve.

No matter what your project needs are for sound stage space, Hollywood PC can meet them. Check out their website today to learn more and to set up a free tour. For the perfect place to write, produce, film, and edit your nest TV or Film project, Hollywood Production Center is your partner every step of the way.