Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities in Hollywood, CA

With its many visitor attractions, international credentials, and prime position as the center of global entertainment, it is evident that Hollywood CA is the most recognized suburb of LA. The glitz and glamour that is Hollywood are never complete without mentioning its world-class accommodation fronted by brands like Hollywood PC through its 5 centers. The centers are modeled to provide one-stop entertainment and chic accommodation. These establishments are also strategically located in Hollywood and Glendale, near downtown LA. The two centers at the heart of Hollywood are HPC 1 on Gower Street and HPC 4 in Santa Monica.

Since its unveiling over a decade ago, Hollywood PC 1 has remained the venue of choice for many TV and movie production executives and crews looking for amiable space outside the big city to perfect their work. Besides its proximity to Raleigh Studios and Sunset Gower Studios, the setting is purpose-built to make every visiting guest, including producers, designers, and writers feel at ease. The key attractions here include the private rooms and spacious office suites on two floors. The amenities include private kitchens, a professional reception area, ample parking, and advanced IT infrastructure that include pre-installed data, voice, and High-speed internet.

The other outstanding Hollywood establishment is the new 31,000 sq ft, 2-storey HPC 4. The center boasts 100 office suites with a range of modern amenities, including an on-site café, ready-to-go voice service, patio, high-speed internet, and gym with shower and personal trainer. Since its establishment in 2001, Hollywood Production Center 4 has quickly transformed into one of the most preferred providers of creative space, executive offices, filming locations and post-production spaces in southern California. The locale has also continued to attract several high-powered video and TV productions such as CW’s, Star’s’s’s Crossed, and Defiance, a hugely popular MetaTV, Science fiction series made for TV.

Hollywood establishments 1 and 4 both offer month-to-month and long-term leases to ensure your convenience. This offering is further enhanced by same-day move-in arrangements, access to a professional reception, and 24-hour security surveillance. Another new addition is the purpose-built, state-of-the-art Hollywood Production Center sound stage in Glendale. The center allows production crews to shoot videos, perform video editing, add special effects and perform music scoring as well as other choreography associated with video and TV production. Residents of Hollywood CA can enjoy this and more inducements by calling (888)-295-5890 to schedule a tour and make bookings or visit our website at