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The Hollywood Production Center Near Griffith Park Ca

The Hollywood Production Center caters to the needs and wants of the people who work in the Entertainment Industry. Griffith Park Ca is a short walk to the facility. The offices are decorated and furnished with a professional atmosphere. The friendly customer service staff is there to help you to decide how many offices you will need.
The Entertainment Industry has a choice for selecting a monthly or long-term lease to satisfy the length of time needed to finish or start a new project. The facility was developed and designed to move into the offices the same day when your tour has ended and just start working on your company’s projects.

The clients will welcome the valet parking and the spacious well-lighted reception area. The airy and comfortable meeting rooms with cushioned high-backed lounge chairs and a long and wide high polished table with plenty of elbow space to place your laptops and paperwork.
The Office Ammenities are impressive with the state-of-the-art equipment for high-speed internet access and pre-installed voice-activated equipment. The company has to bring their computers, laptops, and other electronic devices and start working. The office suites have private entrances and are perfect for meetings and entertaining with the private kitchens to prepare a delectable meal. But there’s more, much more.

Production Companies can use the office sets, rooftops, courtyard, patio and a list of other venues to film and edit their projects.
When it’s time for a break, the food trucks will park in front of the HPC building.
The Business Networking Events is a spectacular activity that allows the people in the industry to socialize and create new business relationships and profitable business ventures.

The HPC have a way to keep the body in shape and work off the stress of the day with the use of the in-house gym. The private trainer can assist you and your guests with the workouts.
If working out doesn’t whet your appetite for relaxation, make an appointment with the masseuse and let your mind continue to work on the script, how the production is going, or just let your mind go blank and enjoy the experience of trained fingers soothing the tired muscles and let your body get rejuvenated.
The entertainment community is known for working late into the wee hours of the morning. They can relax and feel safe because of the 24-hour security surveillance of the property in this gated community.

Take the tour of the Hollywood Production Center. There are four of these amazing facilities in California that provide furnished office space, for filming, editing, creative writing teams, producers, and music videos are the One-Stop-Shopping place for the Entertainment Industry.