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Tenant Spotlight with Jonathan Skogmo

Jonathan Skogmo is the CEO of Jukin' Media Inc.
Jonathan Skogmo is the founder and CEO of Jukin’ Media Inc.

Jonathan Skogmo is the founder and CEO of Jukin’ Media Inc. Their content has been seen on Bravo, MTV, and FOX, among other networks. Fans love the popular video “Husky Says No To Kennel,” which depicts a beautiful defiant husky laying down and literally saying “No!” to his masters at every command (watch here). Jon is currently a tenant at our flagship location in Hollywood, and we’re so proud to have witnessed his success and growth.  We recently caught up with Jonathan to learn what Jukin’ Media Inc. is all about and his vision for his company’s future…

Jon, please describe the industry you’re in.
We’re in the digital media industry. And, more specifically, our focus is on-line video.

How would you describe your company in one sentence?
We reward viral-style video creators by monetizing their video content and bringing it to a larger audience.

Your company was founded in 2009. What key changes have you seen take place in the industry since then?
The industry is moving so fast that the changes from year to year are immense, let alone a five-year span. One thing that’s definitely changed is that on-line video consumption has exploded!  Viewership continues to rise and brands and advertisers are shifting serious ad dollars into digital media.
What’s in the future for Jukin’ Media?
Bigger rewards for our members. We are developing new business relationships and strategic partnerships that will be an enormous boost to our member community. Our list of media partners continues to grow, so our members are seeing their videos on more and more media outlets, TV shows, and ad campaigns.