Sarah Palin to Host Outdoors Show on Sportsman Channel

sarahpalinSarah Palin really enjoyed her reality television debut because she is back for more. The former vice presidential candidate will be hosting a new show on the Sportsman Channel come April 2014. Amazing America with Sarah Palin will explore some of the most original and interesting people, places and pastimes connected to outdoor lifestyles in America. Sarah Palin has been portrayed as an outdoors enthusiast in the past, so this new hosting gig is quite fitting for the Alaskan native.

Sarah Palin first made her reality television contribution with Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which aired on TLC in 2010. The show only lasted for one season, but she portrayed her Alaskan spirit and passion for the outdoors and the lifestyle that comes with it. The Sportsman Channel ordered a 12-episode season for Amazing America with Sarah Palin. Other popular programming for this cable channel is geared towards people interested in fishing, hunting and shooting.

Sarah Palin’s television resume also includes her role on Fox News up until late 2012, but then returning shortly after in June 2013 as a contributor. Her political experience includes her role as the Governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009, and the vice presidential nominee in the 2008 presidential election.

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