Spooky Happenings on Friday the 13th

Enjoy your Friday the 13th with a special "Friday the 13th" mini marathon presented by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.
Enjoy your Friday the 13th with a special “Friday the 13th”Mini Marathon presented by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Friday the 13th is a spooky day, but that doesn’t stop people from going out to celebrate it. This time around Angelinos are invited to the Friday the 13th Mini Marathon on, that’s right you guessed it, Friday, September 13th. A collaboration between Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and Street Food Cinema brings you a mini marathon of the Friday the 13th franchise that was first released in 1980. Each movie was released each consecutive thereafter. There are 4 movies in total following the one-man killing machine Jason Voorhees who has become a legend in scary movie history. On this special night, you will also be celebrating Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s release of the Blue-ray boxed set Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection.

The event will take place at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica at 5pm. The night will start with costume and trivia contests before the 7:30pm screening of the original Friday the 13th. After that, Friday the 13th Part 2 will be screened, followed by Friday, the 13th Part III and finished off with Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. This is one of film history’s longest horror stories, and it won’t be one you want to miss!

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