Studio Rentals


It can be easier than you think to find a rental studio near Griffith Park. Many people need to come to the Hollywood area for a variety of reasons. You can complete many business needs while in the area when you have a fully furnished studio space at your disposal. Many people work best when they are in the right environment, and this is what you can find when you take a tour of Hollywood Production Center.

You may wonder what you can expect out of a all inclusive studio space. All of the amenities in the private building you will have full access to the moment you move in. This includes the use of a Hollywood address, which can be very exclusive. One of the things that you may enjoy is ample parking, and this is something that this area often lacks. A gated facility is where you will park your car, with the option of valet services if you desire.

Not only do all studio rentals boast a fully furnished space where you can start work immediately, you will also have a lot to explore on your down time. There is a gym and showers on site that provide you with a place for a quick workout at a moments notice. A personal trainer on site can help you make and achieve fitness goals. A yoga instructor is also on site to lead classes throughout the week. After a stressful week you can also sign up with the masseuse on site that can help to ease the stress away.

Another common reason to visit the area is for film production. You will not have to leave the campus to find many great places for filming. The studios also provide ample room for editing, and some have kitchenettes to make a day more productive.

You will find amenities at Hollywood Production Center that are some of the best the area has to offer. You can easily schedule a tour, and move in when you love what you see. Contact us now to learn more about temporary, luxury living near Griffith Park.