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State of the Art Office Space Rental near Griffith Park, CA

If you need to change your workplace and move it to someplace more serene in Los Angeles, it might not be a bad idea to move it near Griffith Park, CA. This town in LA has a lot of outdoor easy walks and parks including where Griffith observatory is. It’s not hard to get good deals on office space rentals if you rent from us. We have stylish offices with a few extra features included with some of them like balconies and private kitchens. But what’s even better is the atmosphere we have that’s friendly and helps keep you productive.

Filming and office suites for TV executives certainly make for much of our client portfolio, but HollywoodPC does have other business clients as well. Enterprise infrastructure is widely available at our property, and with our offices all having easy access to high-speed Wi-Fi and even dedicated landlines, you have a lot you can use if you’re a business startup. Along with our planning and post-production office space, we have a state-of-the-art filming place at our in-house sound stage. But there’s, even more, you can do such as the hallway and front lobby filming, getting shots by our outdoor pool, or even using our helipad.

Film networking events happen frequently here, and so do other mixers and impromptu activities. You can also take time off from the heavy work grind and use the HPC fitness center, get a massage, or just play a few table games in our recreation room. We have move-in discounts that can be applied to your initial rent rate, and even better is that you don’t have to rent office space here long-term. We can go over our flexible lease terms and show you more of our property if you take our free tour. Schedule this tour by giving us a call at 1-833-472-0404, or by visiting