Sound Stage for Rent

Sound Stage for rent near Sunset Hills, CA

Hollywood Production Center is a popular choice for office rental, sound and filming stage, production space and post-production workspace. Many industry insiders come to us when they need production office space or workspace for their special project. Business owners rely on us to match them up with the most suitable office space for their company. Corporate executives, lawyers, and other professionals contact us to help them find a prestigious office or workspace for their company. We have been serving clients in this area for many years, and we can help you get the right workstation, workspace for rent, or executive suite for your needs.

HPC has the perfect set up for writers, editors, producers and designers, and our property features large office spaces as well as individual workspaces or workstations. Packed with well-designed and lavishly furnished office suites and stand-alone workspaces, this is the perfect location to choose for an executive or business person who wants to convey a professional image. This type of readymade office solution is an excellent choice for talent agencies, attorneys, production companies, filming directors, real estate agencies, and fashion consultants. In addition to the spacious offices that are elegantly furnished, you also have full access to well-equipped meeting and conference rooms.

Our executive suites and production spaces come with balconies, skylights, and private entrances. We offer many plans to choose from, and leases are available on a short-term basis or for longer terms. Production spaces are well-equipped and fully furnished with quality amenities. The overall setting of the office spaces and workspaces is stylish and modern. We have office spaces and production facilities in several prestigious locations, including Sunset Hills CA. All of our locations are within walking distance of restaurants, shopping centers, and recreation facilities.

Janitorial service is available and handled by our management. There is a full gym on-site, a jacuzzi, a rooftop pool, and a masseuse and personal trainer. The entire premises is fully secure, with a 24-hour surveillance system. There is no need to set up your Sound Stage from scratch or buy office equipment for your workspace. We provide copiers, fax machines, scanners, and phones. We have taken care of the essential office equipment, helping to minimize your expenses. It’s not surprising that many big-name companies, business owners, and professionals are choosing HPC as the provider of their executive suites or production and post-production offices. Browse our website, and request a free tour of our production offices, executive suites, and Sound Stage for rent.