Sound Stage for Rent

Sound Stage for rent near Downtown Los Angeles, CA

The highly awaited HPC sound stage has finally been unveiled, this brand new facility is fully equipped to handle all stages of production for movies, music, commercial, video shoots, television and filming, and anything in between. The facility already stands out as one of the best and well-equipped production stages in the entire southern California region. The entire building includes a first floor and mezzanine that cumulatively provides a working area of 6,605ft. The first floor boasts a working area of 5,435 ft and includes an elegant studio, women and men restrooms, audio room, wardrobe, engineering room, and a chic make-up room. The Mezzanine floor covers 1,170ft of space.

One of the features that make this Hollywood Production Center sound stage particularly alluring is the state-of-the-art technology integrated with the finish line. For example, the stage comes complete with silent air as well as amenities like private bathrooms and production offices. The other conveniences include; fully-furnished functional office suites of varying sizes, an on-site gym that comes complete with a yoga instructor, on-call personal trainer, and shower. There is also ample parking, a professional reception area, 24-hour security, and an incredible IT infrastructure that includes pre-installed data, voice, and high-speed internet.

It is instructive to note that for a long time filming and production crews based in southern California have been angling for something new and different and this center provides answers to these questions. The new sound facility is advantageously located at the heart of Glendale and Hollywood, which makes it ideal to serve the entire entertainment community and production crews residing or working in and around downtown Los Angeles CA. Production crews will easily access studio equipment from lightning, camera, and grip equipment to expendable departments to complement their creative production efforts.

To make it easy for clients to operate hassle-free; the Hollywood Production Center provides a month-to-month lease and facilitates same-day move-in. On the whole, the coming into the stream of this facility means HPC has effectively taken advantage of its well-rooted presence in southern California to enrich the entertainment industry. The fully-fledged production center is now able to compete toe-to-toe with some of the biggest industry brands. Clients interested in sound stage for rent can book the facilities by calling any of the establishment’s friendly customer service representatives via 888-298-7887 or visit the company website at Arrangements can also be made in good time to tour the facilities to get a first-hand feel.