Sound Stage for Rent

Sound Stage for rent in Griffith Park, CA

Every great production deserves to be heard. You may have the next greatest idea but without great audio to go along with it, the efforts are wasted. At the Hollywood Production Center in Griffith Park CA, we have created the perfect Sound Stage for all of your audio needs. At HPC we offer the entire package of working, living, and playing accommodations. You can witness this first hand when you take a personal tour through your new Sound Stage for rent.

Finding a quality production center in Griffith Park CA which has all of your work, play, and recreation in one location is now possible thanks to our great innovation. Our new stage is available on the first floor of the building with private bathrooms, wardrobe, make-up room, audio room, control room, engineering room, and studio. Everything you could possibly dream of in a perfect audio sound stage in which to work. The powerful HVAC will keep your production cool regardless of whether you are shooting video, holding meetings, doing voice audio, editing, or creating television content. At our facility, you will definitely wake up looking forward to your day even if you are going to work.

Fortunately, when you are utilizing our sound stage for rent, there is no need to leave the building for your living accommodations. At our location in Griffith Park, you have a choice of apartments to rent in the same location. To ensure your comfort, they all are fully furnished and private with modern appliances and furniture. Each unit has spectacular views and tons of inclusions like private balconies. Call today to make arrangements for your free tour of the property and pick out your favorite.

Every hard-working artist needs a place to unwind and relax. At the Hollywood Production Center, we offer our tenants a number of ways to unwind at the end of the day. Visit our award-winning restaurant, our sociable bar, or sit and relax on the rooftop or admiring the manicured courtyard. Spend some time in the gym, with the yoga instructor, masseuse, or with a personal trainer.

When it comes to having it all, we are here to make sure that you can. At HPC we offer the best in production facilities from faxes to famous singers. Our new audio production facility will help you create the professional audio that your video needs to take over the top. You can create your next masterpiece right here with us in your all-in-one working, living, and playing location at our production center.